New medical cannabis initiative to try a new growing method

New medical cannabis initiative to try a new growing method

Indoor grown medical cannabis plants are going to be made available to purchase in licensed pharmacies around Israel. This new method of growing medical cannabis involves growing the plant indoors instead of in fields, with the plant’s roots suspended in midair, as water and other nutrients are injected directly into them. This allows for a unified and consistent crop in optimal conditions.These conditions also allow the plant to maintain full control over such things as temperature, air filtering and nutrition. There are two breeds that will be available, and they are named Edison and Galileo, with in doses of T20C4, T10C10 and T5C10.In relation, a drone dropped hundreds of bags of cannabis on Thursday afternoon over Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, attracting dozens of confused people, who rushed to pick up as many bags as they could carry. The bags of cannabis were dropped by the “green drone” Telegram group, which advocates for the legalization of cannabis in Israel, with “free love” being the group’s slogan.

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