What is the New ‘Achievement’ Badges on Instagram Reels

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Instagram is still not over the reel craze! The new add-on to the application is new ‘Achievement’ badges on Instagram reels. Where putting up the reels is always considered a dose of fun, getting rewarded for the same would be a good idea undoubtedly.

Head on through this article and see what is the new ‘Achievement’ badges on Instagram reels. Also, learn the kind of ‘Achievement’ badges we have on the application for the users.

What is the New ‘Achievement’ Badges on Instagram Reels?

What Is The New 'Achievement' Badges On Instagram Reels

The new ‘Achievement’ badges are surely going to make a hit. It was spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer of reverse engineering apps. As per his recent observation, he strongly believes that a new ‘Achievement’ element could be coming to reels on Instagram very soon.

The new Achievement badges on Instagram reels are a kind of reward to the users who will invest their heart and soul into their reel content. A user who will be posting the reels more often will be offered new ‘Achievement’ badges.

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What are the Kinds of New ‘Achievement’ Badges on Instagram Reels?

There are mostly two types of Achievement badges awarded on Instagram reels. They are:

  • Trendsetter Badge: A trendsetter badge is awarded to an Instagram user who shoots a trendsetter reel on Instagram and hits the trending video on Instagram.
  • Creative Streak: Creative streak is awarded to the creator who indulges himself in a collaboration video and remixes with another individual’s reel.

Will the ‘Achievement’ Badges on Instagram Reels Visible to Other Users?

While it’s a great feature, the users want to know whether it will be visible to their followers. The surprising part is No. The Achievement badges on Instagram reels will not be visible to other users and will only be visible to the creator of the reel.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about the ‘Achievement’ badges on Instagram reels. Read through the article thoroughly, and do drop your experiences in the box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Achievement Badges on Instagram?

Achievement badges are a kind of award and reward offered to reel creators who either set a trend or put their creativity into their content.

2. What are the Kinds of Achievement Badges on Instagram?

There are two kinds of Achievement badges on Instagram: Trendsetter and Creative Streak.


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