Why Do You See Netflix Error Code M7361? Reasons and Fixes

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Netflix knows how to win hearts. Its services, movies, originals, shows, everything are larger than life. Still, they touch the lives of millions of viewers worldwide. Today, every home has Netflix and its fans. From housewives to children to working professionals, everyone can grab their dose of entertainment at their time. You don’t have to rush home simply because you will miss a show. But, wait! Did you just see Netflix Error Code M7361 on your streaming device?

Nevertheless, Netflix offers great shows, and some minor bugs or tweaks in the connection can ruin the entire browsing experience at the weekend with your partner or family. It can be really frustrating to see such codes when you are all set with good food and good company for your favorite show on Netflix. 

Netflix - How to Fix Network Error ...
Netflix - How to Fix Network Error on iOS 14

Like every problem has a solution, every error code has a fix and reason associated with it. Similar is the case with Netflix Error Code M7361. Here is the possible reason for the appearance of this code on your screen and the fixes. 

What is Netflix Error Code M7361?

Why do I See Netflix Error Code M7361? Reasons and Fixes

Netflix Error Code M7361 is a common issue that occurs while watching movies on your favorite OTT Streaming Platform. To fix any sort of code, there are a few common steps and reasons that are similar to all most all error codes. Let us figure out the meaning, reasons, and fixes.

If there is an error in your network connection, you can see Netflix Error Code M7361 on your streaming device. If you are streaming Netflix through a web browser, there is a possibility that this error code will appear. It clearly means that the issue is with the servers. 

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Why do I See Netflix Error Code M7361

To be clear, there are three reasons that can cause Netflix Error Code M7361.

Why do I See Netflix Error Code M7361? Reasons and Fixes

1. Netflix and the Browser are not compatible with each other. You need HTML5 to make Netflix stream on your browser. 

2. Cookies and Cached data are not clear. Cached files tend to create interruptions while streaming.

3. Your browser is unable to catch up with the speed of Netflix streaming. Normally people accelerate their Hardware, but it can actually cause Netflix Error Code M7361.

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How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7361?

So, as we have figured out the possible reasons for our error code, let us know how to fix things and continue browsing Netflix.

Why do I See Netflix Error Code M7361? Reasons and Fixes

1. Update your Google Chrome

The first step, undoubtedly, has to be this. You need to update your browser. If an older version is running on your Windows or device, it needs an update to support Netflix. We can serve a dual purpose by updating the chrome. Besides Netflix, we can fix various other vulnerabilities that can erupt due to an outdated version of the browser. 

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2. Start your Browser Again

Why do I See Netflix Error Code M7361? Reasons and Fixes

In case you are using an upgraded version of your Chrome, try restarting it. This is the most basic step to fix the error Netflix Error Code M7361. Once you have Netflix on the browser, ensure that you exit the browser completely by exiting from all the active web pages or apps. Then, restart your browser.

3. Change your Browser

If the browser you are running does not support Netflix, you can consider changing your browser. You need a browser that supports HTML5. This works very well with Netflix. The purpose of developing HTML5 was to fix compatibility bugs and issues in HTML4 to support the appearance of web pages.

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4. Clear the Cached Files

Why do I See Netflix Error Code M7361? Reasons and Fixes

The most significant fix for Netflix Error Code M7361 is clearing the cached files. There is an end number of cookies and other data stored in the browser’s cache.

You need to clear it at regular intervals so that it does not intervene with Netflix’s smooth operation. Relate how our simple phone gets slow due to stored photographs, songs and videos. The same is the case here. So, if you have Google Chrome, clear cookies and cache to avoid error codes.  

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5. Hardware Acceleration 

Why do I See Netflix Error Code M7361? Reasons and Fixes

We use Hardware acceleration to boost the quality of the hardware, like our laptop or computers, so that the browser can perform the functions of running videos or downloading efficiently.

However, it can cause a barrier for Netflix to stream properly. So, in case you have already enabled hardware acceleration, disable it; if you have disabled it, activate it for Netflix to stream hassle-free.

Note: We generally write Netflix Error Code M7361. The complete code is Netflix Error Code M7361-1253.

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Why do I See Netflix Error Code M7361? Reasons and Fixes

Wrapping Up

Netflix runs on various devices and operating systems. It runs on browsers also. So, you have varied options to access an unlimited dose of entertainment. However, if the speed or performance of your web browser is compromised, it will ruin your streaming time by causing Netflix Error Code M7361. You can try the above possible fixes at your end. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Netflix Error Code M7361?

This code is related to hardware and networking connections.

Why do I see Netflix Error Code M7361?

If the device you are using to watch Netflix has Hardware Acceleration enabled/disabled, it can cause Netflix Error Code M7361.

Can clear the cache files solve the problem?

Yes, clearing cookies and cached files can fix Netflix Error Code M7361.


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