Nebraska signs new 2-year contract with state worker union

Nebraska signs new 2-year contract with state worker union

Nebraska state employees have a new contract that includes pay raises for those who receive a satisfactory rating in their performance reviews.

Gov. Pete Ricketts said the contract reflects “the culmination of six years of culture changes in state government to become a more performance-based organization.” He said the contract will allow state administrators to recognize workers for “excellence in work.”

Justin Hubly, executive director of the Nebraska Association of Public Employees, said the contract represents progress for state employees who worked through “a very hard year” that highlighted the importance of what they do.

“We appreciate the efforts of the governor and his team to work with us to secure a brighter future through a meaningful step pay plan and a higher minimum starting wage,” he said.

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The contract was signed Jan. 15.

The Nebraska Association of Public Employees represents more than 8,000 public employees that work in state agencies.

The new contract includes a merit-based step pay plan. All job classifications will have a minimum hourly rate of at least $12 an hour. Employees on the plan will be raised to the first step or the nearest step above their current hourly rate as of July 1. Employees will have the opportunity to advance steps on their pay plan if their performance in the past calendar year has been scored as at least satisfactory by their agency.

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