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my deezer year wrapped 2023

As the 2023 year is coming to an end, I am pretty sure you all are getting excited to watch your My Deezer Year Wrapped 2023. This wrap-up is a collection of all your favorite singers, artists, songs, and albums you have spent your complete year on. Let’s see what this My Deezer Year 2023 brings to your table and what new things we can expect this year. Head on!

Year Wrap is a new trend of today’s times, where every application strives to be creative for its community. Who isn’t aware of the Spotify Wrap? I am pretty sure we all are! I still remember how this wrap blasted over the gram last year. Everyone was sharing their year wraps over their stories. 

And to keep up with such craze and match the excitement, My Deezer Year Wrapped 2023 is already here to steal the show. Let’s delve deeper through this article and learn what this wrap is all about and how you can find this My Deezer Year on the platform. 

What is My Deezer Year?

my deezer year wrapped 2023

My Deezer Year is just like a Spotify wrap that breaks down the list of your top songs, albums, artists, and much more that you have invested your time in throughout the year. It is like a summary of what has been on your preference list since the beginning of the current year. 

We all are aware of Spotify Wrapped, which has managed to be the ‘Favoritee’ among all the users, and hence, to own some share on their platform, My Deezer Year is here with its exclusive version. Let’s discuss further what you can expect from My Deezer Year 2023. 

What is the My Deezer Year Wrapped 2023 Release Date?

The most-awaited My Deezer Year Wrapped 2023 was already got released on 28th November 2023, which means the wrap is already waiting for you in the application. Open Deezer NOW and get your hands on the wholesome package of fun. 

Where Can You Find My Deezer Year Wrapped 2023?

It is an easy task to spot your My Deezer Year Wrapped 2023. Click on Homepage or explore tabs in the Deezer app. You will find your wrap ready to be seen. You can also stream your My Deezer Year on your browser by heading to the My Deezer Year Channel and signing into your account.  

My Deezer Year Wrapped 2023 brings many facts and figures depending on your complete 2023 journey. Let’s move ahead and see what the wrap will look like. 

What Can You Expect From My Deezer Year Wrapped 2023?

my deezer year wrapped 2023

As per Deezer’s stats and figures, global users listened to around 112 new artists and 519 songs the entire year. My Deezer Year Wrapped 2023 theme is inspired by tarot cards that will feature a perfect wrap of all the songs, albums, and artists you have listened to the most. It will also include your total listening hours. Adding more to it, you will get a personalized music quiz on the basis of your listening habits.  

You can also look out for your stats and plan your playlist for next year. Let’s see what is included in your My Deezer Year 2023 Wrap in detail. 

1. Your Most Streamed Artists on Deezer in 2023

Well, Yes! You will get the highlights of all the artists you have streamed on the most this year. As per the reports, Taylor Swift has been ruling worldwide with her beautiful collection of songs. The Weekend has also crawled its way up to the top among the most streamed artists globally. The top 5 artists worldwide include:

  1. The Weekend
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Imagine Dragons
  4. David Guetta
  5. Ed Sheeran

2. Your Most Listened Songs on Deezer (2023)

You will also get a club of all the songs you have vibed on in My Deezer Year 2023 Wrap. According to the data on a global basis, Miley Cyrus has made her exclusive spot at the top with her Flowers song. Let’s learn about the top five spots worldwide:

  1. Flowers: Miley Cyrus
  2. As It Was: Harry Styles
  3. Another Love: Tom Odell
  4. I’m Good (Blue): David Guetta x Bebe Rexha
  5. Cuff It: Beyonce

3. Your Most Listened Albums on Deezer (2023)

Although Beyonce is in the fifth spot in the category of most listened-to songs in 2023, she is still on the 1st spot in the list of most listened-to albums on Deezer worldwide. Here are the top 5 albums in 2023 globally. 

  1. Beyoncé: Renaissance
  2. Metro Boomin: Hereos & Villians
  3. Bad Bunny: Un Verano Sin Ti
  4. Harry Styles: Harry’s House
  5. SZA: SOS

4. Artists You Can Stream in 2024

Lastly, the M Deezer Year Wrapped 2023 also guides you for the range of artists you can look out for in the coming year. The list includes Kenya Grace, Isabel La Rosa, Young Miko, Nia Archives, & KHAID. 

Where Can You Share Your My Deezer Year 2023 Wrap?

There will be a share icon at the bottom of every card in My Deezer Year. Click on it, and you can share your card on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, iMessage, SMS, Snapchat, and Twitter. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about My Deezer Wrapped 2023. Give this article a thorough read, and look out for your top favorite artists, songs, albums, and much more. This wrap aims to lighten up your day with a beautiful year-end. So make sure you don’t skip it and drop your experiences in the box below. Path of EX aims to serve you with the best, so let me know if you have any more doubts, and I will get back to you ASAP.  

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