Mustard Sauce Recipe

Mustard Sauce Recipe

The mustard sauce just by listening to this name I felt hungry. It is one of the amazing sauce which can change whole your lazy mood. A little spicy, a little hot, a tad sweet … and has you coming back for more and more for each and every single bite!

My friend said though it is a little spicier and more flavoured but she liked it and sounds good to her! Basically I love fried chicken so eating fried chicken without any dip or sauce feels like something is missing. One day my friend Anushka took me to a restaurant where I had it and I felt amazing… because it was too good. I can’t wait to come home and make this sauce. The very next day I made it and it was so easy and tasty I can’t tell.


Though this dipping sauce is not only just for chicken. This sauce would be killer with fish, fried shrimp, oysters or crabs, as sandwich spread , marinade or basting sauce on grilled chicken , or pork chops, or even a salad dressing! 

At any rate this sauce has endless possibilities! And uses such simple ingredients, that we probably already have them all right on hand … 

I made sure that my recipe make just a small amount, too, so that you can adjust everything to suit yourself 


Mayonnaise 2 tbsp
Whole Grain mustard1 tbsp
Brown Mustard1 tbsp
Hot Horseradish2 tbsp
Cajun Seasoning¼ tbsp
Crushed Red pepper¼ tbsp 
Cayenne⅛ tbsp
Garlic Powder⅛ tbsp
Dark Brown Sugar½ tsp
Dark Brown SugarTo taste

How to Make Mustard Sauce:

Mustard Sauce Recipe
  • Firstly arrange all the ingredients in the table.
  • Add all the ingredients into a small bowl 
  • Stir to blend it well.
  • After that pop it into the fridge and let sit a half an hour or longer so that the flavour can blend.
  • Stir it before serving    
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** 2 tablespoons zatarain’s creole mustard can be used in place of both mustard if you happen to have some on the hand. If using, you might want to adjust the cajun seasoning, crushed red pepper, and garlic powder, as that brand already has little bit in it.


Mustard are excellent source of the trace minerals selenium and magnesium which not only help with cancer prevention but also manage symptoms of asthma , arthritis, high blood pressure, and migraines 

So if you are like me and tire of the same old, syrupy-sweet blah, mustard sauces and would like a spicy little kick, be sure to try this one!

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