10 Must-Have Helper Tools For Instagram To Gain Extreme Popularity

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Meenakshi Thakur
Meenakshi Thakur
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Today’s Lifestyle has made all of us sit on our beds. We spent most of the time online. And why not? After all the digital world offers a sign of relief for all from all the buzz around the globe, especially Instagram. From Trending reels to setting up a virtual shop, it is your one-stop solution. That is why there is a race to be at the top. Sadly, After trying so hard to get fame and followers all we get are mere chunks. But not now, as here we have the must-have helper tools for Instagram that can help you in gaining popularity.

Every single individual has tried either baking a cake or making art to utilize the quarantine time. Even I did! Social media like Instagram has become the platform for them to show it to the whole world. Posting such amazing content daily created the seed of becoming the best influencers in the field. And why not? From Everyone’s favorite Ronaldo to Kylie Jenner all have gained fame from this master app.

From posting a picture to marketing it, everything needs to be perfect on Instagram. That is why there is a bundle of helper tools for Instagram that can help you to grow in the right direction. These helper tools can make your Instagram account quite popular in a short span of time. That is why most of the influencers use them.

So, what are these tools? How to use them? What are the features? And, What about the price? Wait! Below you will find the answer to all such questions. So, without due, let’s start our ride to know about these must-have helper tools for Instagram.

Designing Helper Tools for Instagram

All of us while scrolling through the Instagram feed must have saved some of the stunning pictures of our favorite stars (we see it again or not, it’s a completely different question. Lol!).

Those compelling photos reside in the saved section, either because of the quality or the editing of that image. But, while seeing those images, do you also ponder if you could do the same or not?

Yeah, we all know that they have a proper editing team that works on the specialized software that takes a lot of effort and requires huge time.

Ahhh! Why?

Why are they so expensive?

Also, they had a huge team, that you cannot have such a huge team initially. Not only the editing even the graphics as well as the color combination needs to be perfect.

But, you need to think is “does editing require you to be an artist?


Well, the answer is no. There are a number of designing helper tools for Instagram that make designing fun and very easy even if you are a beginner in the field.

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1. Snapseed

snapseed: Must-Have Helper Tools For Instagram

As newbies, most Instagrammers feel it convenient to use the editing and filter options available in Instagram itself.

So, is it really efficient?

Obviously, No! Instagram edits the picture as a whole.

Instead, Snapseed gives an extremely exclusive feature of using its specialized brush tool. What is the difference? Well, the brush lets you edit a single portion of the picture at one point of time. It allows you to save your favorite look and tunes all the effects with precision.

Snapseed’s advanced editing levels will definitely make you feel like a pro.

Key Features:

  • Has 29 Tools and Filters including RAW Develop, Tune Image, Details, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, White Balance, Brush, Selective, Healing, Vignette, Text, Curves, Expand, Lens Blur, Glamour Glow, Tonal Contrast, HDR Scape, Drama, Grunge, Grainy, Film, Vintage, Retrolux, Noir, Black & White, Frames, Double Exposure, Face Enhance and Face Pose.
  • Opens JPG as well as the RAW files.
  • Firstly, Save the personal looks and then apply them to new photos later.
  • Has got the selective filter brush
  • All styles can be tweaked with fine and precise control


This is a free tool and runs effectively in IOS, Android, MAC, OS as well as in windows.

2. Canva

canva: Must-Have Designing Helper Tools For Instagram

Think, What if creating mind-blowing graphics, infographics, logos, and editing images become a 2 or 3 step work?

Yes, this is possible with Canva. Canva is a one-stop solution for each and every graphics-related work that makes them look easy. Also, It has pre-made thousands of ready-to-use templates in-built in the library.

Canva is an extremely useful complete platform that has a highly organized handling section. Now, this makes it easier for a new person to style and design the simpler stuff creatively.

Not to forget, the different templates are designed according to the size of the images. Either an Instagram story or a post, you can be a pro in anyone.

Key Features:

  • A number of templates for a Logo designer, book cover, invites, Instagram Story, flyers, quotes, brochure, resume, presentation, posters, Facebook cover, Instagram post.
  • Over 1 million Simple free images for editing.
  • Options of picture frames, shapes, photos, charts, text, background, and uploads are present.
  • Photo collage maker.
  • Free Instagram short video and movie maker editor; edit video templates.
  • 100’s of fonts.
  • Drag and drop image feature.
  • Tutorials and courses for professionals.


Canva is a free tool for personal use. But if you are going for professional Work it charges up to $12.95 per user on a monthly basis and additional images included at $1. And can be used as a web page, IOS, Android app.

These two designing helper tools for Instagram are much appreciated for their best performance and easy usage. VSCO, Afterlight, Photoshop express, and pic flow can be the best possible alternatives.

Video Editing Helper Tools For Instagram

With time, Instagram has also changed drastically. Firstly the post, then the Igtv, and now the reels. The Instagram world mostly has youngsters as the users who are shifting from the written content to the vlog one very fast.

Moreover, we too love watching videos that have a proper backdrop, sound, and quality. But most people fail in getting this and think that it hardly makes a difference and costs Also, Video editing does not mean that you all need to invest a lot of money and time to learn new skills in editing videos over an app or software.

Just like a Magic wand, all you need to have is to go for these must-have tools for Instagram for video editing.

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3. Life Lapse

lifelapse: video editing Helper Tools For Instagram

Life-lapse is an app that saves time and simplifies the creation of the stop motion.

What about the personalisation?

Yes, You can personalize time-lapse videos from your phone without any heavy setup.

Also, the videos look extremely mouthstuck in terms of quality.

Either you want to make a travel video or a food one, this app can do wonders. It is sure that you might be thinking that this would be difficult to learn the skills. If yes, then you will be amazed to know that it offers free tutorials within the app and you can be a pro in a few minutes.


Key Features:

  • Offers Ghosted Image/Opacity Sliders
  • High range of filters and has multiple projects at a time.
  • Customize size along with each size dimensions ( 9×16, 1×1, 3×4, 16×10, 16×9)
  • Re-alignment, speed adjustment, and music
  • Automatically assemble photos into clips and unique videos.


Life lapse is a free editing tool and is available for both androids as well as IOS.

4. Kapwing

kingwap: video editing tool for Instagram

Making engaging videos, clips and even GIFs with this powerful tool has become a matter of ease with Kapwing.

Kapwing can be used without signing up either from your phone or on the web. Millions of the influences and vloggers rely on Kapwing. It offers a number of pro editing features like animations and transitions along with screen and webcam recording.

Key Features:

  • Creates clips, videos, and photos.
  • Offers a lot of slideshow videos option to explore from.
  • Customizable video sizes with pre-made templates and tutorials
  • Slow video and fast video option.


Though Kapwing is a forever free tool without watermarks you can upgrade to its pro version at a cost of $17 per month billed annually or $204 once a year.

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Marketing Helper Tools for Instagram

With the shift of the audience on the social network, the traditional way of marketing has shifted to these platforms. Especially Instagram is much popular among U. S. teens.

The question is why not Marketing?

Marketing offers people to watch what you got for them even if they are not intended to. According to stats, 1.5 billion people use Instagram every month…

Isn’t this huge?

Even if you want to promote a cute pet video or a huge e-commerce store, Instagram is a one-stop solution. But, how would someone know if the content posted is reaching the right followers or not?

The must-have Marketing tools for Instagram will definitely help you to be the next Instagram sensation:

5. Repost

repost for instagram: Must-Have Helper Tools For Instagram

Though Instagram has gained popularity among its users in a short time span yet, it lacks in some of the aspects. One among them is the Reposts.

Reposting other’s popular content is an effective and most common strategy in Instagram marketing, but unfortunately, it is not possible with the app itself.

Ah! Thankfully we have the Repost for the Instagram app.

Repost for the Instagram app makes reposting your favorite videos and pictures with captions easy too without any Copywrite issues.

Why? The reason being, it gives credits to the original content creator as well.

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Key Features:

  • No login
  • Simple and no need to leave Instagram
  • Easy downloading of photos, videos
  • keeps the original Instagram videos and pictures intact while reposting through our feed.
  • Authentic.


This is a free tool with a watermark to give credits to the actual Instagrammer which could be adjusted anywhere and could be used in IOS as well in the androids.

6. Autohash

autohash: Must-Have Helper Tools For Instagram

In order to gain a lot of engagement on the post, hashtags play a crucial role.

If you know about the Instagram algorithms, the post that ranks on specific popular hashtags is considered to be better.

Not only this, that post is also featured in the search section and makes you gain more popularity. But searching for the perfect hashtags can be truly a headache.

Then what?

Don’t worry you have autohash.

Autohash has proved to be the best solution for this. It shows the location-based hashtags.

In technical terms, this app uses super-smart computer vision. the technology works on the idea of image recognition. Depending upon the objects in the image, it provides the best possible hashtags. Now make the hashtag game fun and easy with autohash.

Key Features:

  • Counts the no. of hashtags as Instagram allows only 30 hashtags in a single post.
  • Gives preference to the favorite hashtags.
  • Copy to clipboard option.
  • Share directly to Instagram.


The Instagrammers, Autohash is a free tool for Android users while the in-app purchase is Rs. 70/- per item.

eCommerce Helper Tools For Instagram

Another interesting feature of Instagram from where people are earning huge revenue is Instagram eCommerce.

If you are someone who runs or owns an eCommerce store then you can go for these helper tools for Instagram for eCommerce.

But How?

Well, Instagram a few moments back came up with an updated version of the app.

The latest version offers the checkout feature by which the person can visit the site even without leaving the app. This move will help all Instagram-based stores.

If you have a clean and simple website linked to your Instagram account, it can help you in generating money. On a large scale, you can earn from all over the world without any worry.

7. Foursixty

foursixty: eCommerce Helper Tools For Instagram

Do you too wish of turning your Instagram into an eCommerce store?

If yes, your wish for a shoppable portfolio or gallery for your online eCommerce store can be fulfilled by Foursixty. It allows you to connect your Instagram pictures with a presentable website. Foursixty makes your profile look more captivating and impressive.

Key Features:

  • Posts scheduling.
  • Mobile and e-mail support.
  • Connects Instagram with the home page and cart page of the website.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Ecommerce analytics.


It is a free as well as a paid pro tool costing $300 per month and $500 per month depending upon the features offered with a 21 day free trial. Available on the web and for Android.

8. Have 2 Have It

have to have it: Must-Have Helper Tools For Instagram

Instagram insights make it clear that the posts do wonders during a specific time frame. Most of our followers are active at that time.

Have 2 have it is not only a platform that makes your Instagram feed easily shoppable but also creates photos and videos. Helps in scheduling them, and post as well on the selected time make it convenient to use Instagram professionally.

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Key Features:

  • Shoppable Instagram feed
  • Different layout, colors that suit your brand’s color scheme
  • Schedule in advance
  • Tagging other accounts


This tool is exclusively free for IOS users

Analytics Helper Tools For Instagram

The question you might have in your mind right now might be, Do we really need to know about the helper tools for Instagrammers for Instagram analytics?

Instagram shows the insights quite well. Why do we need to go for a second app if we have Instagram?

But the sad truth is that Instagram insights are not much reliable when it comes to page insights. This counts for the reason as to why you too should know about the must-have helper tools for Instagrammers for Instagram analytics and opt for them.

9. Sprout Social

sprout social: Must-Have Helper Tools For Instagram

In addition to scheduling and connecting the Instagram posts, Sprout social also offers the analytics option and creates a detailed custom presentation. The detailed custom presentation is a report that compiles all the data which matters to you the most.

The analysis of the posts trending on the popular hashtags is also shown by this app.

Key Features:

• Manages all of the social feeds from one application
• Complete Social and Brand monitoring
• Can send updates to all social networks
• Schedule, draft, or queue messages to send at a later time
• Views reach, clicks and retweets
• Assigning personal or team tasks for follow-up


It’s a paid tool that can cost $99, $149, $249 per month depending upon the features.

10. Iconosquare

iconosquare: Must-Have Helper Tools For Instagram

The last one on the list is Iconosquare.

It is best for the brands and companies that hold multiple Instagram accounts.

Handling multiple accounts at a time, cannot be done at once.

This tool is highly recommended for all. Iconosquare offers hashtags and page growth tracking with an Instagram audit. It is able to analyze the performance of the previous 30 posts giving a clear picture of the growth.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Instagram Insights
  • Post Scheduler
  • Multi-Account Management


It is a free tool.

Now it’s time to use these must-have helper tools for Instagrammers to change their casual account to a professional one and be a perfect Instagram influencer.

Wrapping up:

So, these are the best helper tools for Instagram. All these apps are tested to give proven results. So, what’s the wait? Try these apps and get your Instagram reach skies.

It’s your turn now, tell us in the comment section which apps suits best for your Instagram. Your suggestions means a lot to us.



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