Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough | Murder Mine Good & Bad Ending

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough - Good Ending Guide

Welcome, brave adventurers, to the thrilling, scary, and mysterious world of Murder Mine in Roblox! Are you prepared for a bone-chilling quest filled with twists, turns, and secrets waiting to be discovered? In this Murder Mine Roblox walkthrough guide, we’ll go through the treacherous depths of Murder Mine, dodging deadly traps and solving puzzles.

This Roblox game will have you on the edge of your seat as you explore a scary mine filled with danger and secrets. My walkthrough guide will lead you step by step through the mine’s corridors, teaching you how to avoid the murderer and unlock hidden pathways to find your way out.

So get ready for insider tips and tricks to outsmart the murderer, collect rare artifacts, and ultimately emerge as the hero of Murder Mine. Grab your virtual pickaxe, put on your best detective hat, and let’s embark on this adventure together!

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough – Good Ending Guide

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough

After you start and enter the game, follow this step-by-step guide closely to get the good ending in Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough.

1. Find the Key

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough

The first thing you need to do after entering the game is explore around to find a key. This key will be useful shortly when you need to unlock a padlock.

Where Can You Find the Key in Murder Mine Roblox?

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough

You can find the Key in Murder Mine Roblox either in a house upstairs when you enter the game or in an abandoned bathroom’s wooden seat.

Now, use this key to unlock the padlock in a nearby locked door.

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough

2. Go to The Elevator

Since the main goal in the Murder Mine Roblox walkthrough is to reach the mine, you need to go to the elevator. These steps will help you reach the Mine’s elevator:

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough
  • After entering the house, when you unlock the padlock, you’ll find a puzzle of wooden boards.
  • Step on each board lightly till all except one board falls down.
  • Repeat for the next set of boards and cross the puzzle.

You’ll find a fuse board with switches on your left side. Flip switches to this pattern to solve the puzzle as shown below in this order (R, L, R, R, L)

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough

Next, head back outside, and you’ll see a red button. Push the button to open the shutter to the Mine’s elevator. Go through the doors and upstairs to remove the object blocking the elevator’s mechanism.

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough

Head back down and get in the Mine’s elevator to enter the mine.

3. Clear Path in Mine

For the next step in the Murder Mine Roblox walkthrough, you need to repair the rail tracks and clear the path in the mine. To clear the path in Murder Mine, you need to do the following throughout the Mine:

  • Collect any wooden planks you see.
  • Collect explosives/dynamite.
  • Collect missing rail tracks to repair the broken rail track.
  • An axe stuck in an almost dead station master lying on the floor.

Once you enter the mine, pull the lever next to the trolley to move it. Go through the mine’s corridors to find a table with tools lying on it and pick up the screwdriver.

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough

Next, you’ll find a couple of mesh doors that you need to unscrew with the screwdriver you just collected.

Near Norman’s Domain mesh door, you’ll find the trolley. Put your collected explosives in it, then pull the lever, and explode.

Next, walk through the mine till you find a wooden maze path like this:

Find your way through the maze to find a doorway covered with planks, and use your axe to break your way through.

Wait for the bridge heading your way and step on it. You’ll find a dangerous puzzle with fast blades. Cross the puzzle.

Head up the wooden planks after the puzzle to reach a room with a table containing tools. Pick up the blue drill (you’ll need it to get out of the mine.)

Once you pick up the drill, head back through the dangerous puzzle and back across the bridge.

Now, go through the mine’s corridor to find a wall with an on-and-off switch. Turn the switch on and use the drill to unscrew the door and open the mesh door leading to the wooden plank path.

Now use your collected wooden planks to complete the path. Cross the path, and you’ll be led out of the mine.

4. Beat the Radioactive Spiders & Webs

Once you cross the wooden planks, you’ll find yourself in the radioactive spider part of the Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough. You need to fix broken wires, get rid of the webs, and find your way out of the spiders’ cave.

Fix broken wires wherever you see them like this:

Find cans of gasoline and petroleum gel in the spider webs:

Now, head back to the starting point of this cave, where you see a table with an on-and-off switch and a peculiar machine. Pour your cans into the container beside it.

Turn on the switch of the machine and then collect the flammable mixture created by the machine.

You can now use this flammable mixture to burn off all the webs in the cave. Once that’s done, make sure you’ve fixed all the broken wires. Once you do that, find this switch and flip it to scare the spiders away.

Next to the switch, you’ll find a spider scuttering away from a body with a pickaxe. Pick up the pickaxe.

Through the cave, you’ll find a wall blocking your way outside (as shown in the picture.) You need to use this pickaxe you just collected to dig your way through it.

Next, head outside.

5. Find the Train to Freedom

To finally escape and conclude the Murder Mine Roblox walkthrough, you need to escape heavy boulders falling from the top.

Once you escape the boulders, you will find a clear path leading you to the train to freedom. All you need to do now is to board the train to get the good ending in the Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough.

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough – Bad Ending Guide

In the Murder Mine Roblox walkthrough’s bad ending, everything is exactly the same except for the very ending. In the bad ending, you, unfortunately, miss the train, and it leaves without you. And yeah, then you die. Oops.

Wrapping Up

With my complete Murder Mine Roblox walkthrough with both the good and bad endings, you can complete this Roblox game like a Pro. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to reach out to me at Path of EX!

Happy Gaming!

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