Muni code enforcers file legal complaint against ice rink for too many skaters, not enough masks – Must Read Alaska

Muni code enforcers file legal complaint against ice rink for too many skaters, not enough masks – Must Read Alaska

Code enforcers from the Municipality of Anchorage lodged a complaint against O’Malley Ice and Sports Center for the crime of having too many skaters using the facility, and the skaters not wearing masks.

The complaint was signed March 5, after the emergency order that it was referring to was set to expire, and when the Municipality knew the new emergency order, with fewer limitations, would be in place.

On Feb. 26, 2021, Municipal Code Enforcement Officer Cherie Easley said she saw 10 adults playing hockey in one rink, the complaint states.

Ten adults — and none of them were wearing face masks.

“She saw 31 people in a different hockey rink,” the complaint said.

“Four kids were not wearing face masks or coverings,” the Muni wrote.

Officer Easley spoke with a staff member about some people not wearing face masks or coverings and more than 15 people on a playing surface.

“On Feb. 27, 2021, Officer Easley returned. She saw 34 people in one hockey rink. Four kids and one adult were not wearing face masks or coverings. Thirty people were in another rink. None of them were wearing face masks or coverings.”

That “skating without a mask” is in violation of Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson’s Emergency Order 18, for which the Muni is recommending at $300 per violation fine.

It is unclear if it’s $300 per person in violation of the order, which would be substantial, or $300 for the hosting business. It’s also unclear if the code enforcers have photos of the offense, as they did not provide those with the complaint.

The code enforcers ordered the skating center to immediately require all patrons and employees to wear masks and abide by gathering limitations.

Emergency Order 18 was replaced by EO 19 days later by the Anchorage Assembly, beginning on March 2.

The mask mandates are still in place. Capacity limitations have been lifted but social distancing mandates of six feet are still in place. Skaters may not come within six feet of each other.

For organized sports, mask mandates are in place, while prohibition against competition has been lifted.

Typically hockey games, including referees and coaches, involve about 35 people.

The complaint will be heard by an administrative judge. The owners of the rink have 15 days to answer the complaint.

“I’m going to defend against the complaint,” said Steve Agni, one of the co-managers and member of the limited liability corporation.

Anchorage has been in under emergency orders starting with the “hunker down” order EO 3, which was signed by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz on March 20, 2020. The current EO 19 has a defacto capacity limit on businesses since it requires spacing of at least six feet between patrons, which places a cap on the number of people who can participate or attend any indoor event or venue.

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