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When money and YouTube are heard in the same sentence, you know Mr. Beast has made another spectacular news that is gonna be the talk of the town for weeks! Where his recent Real Life Squid game made all the fans crazy, his MrBeast Burgers were a super hit tasty delights. Where his Willy Wonka-inspired Chocolate factory Competition unfurled a wave of excitement, his MrBeast Shrek Quisadilla lured all his fans to taste this quirky new addition. And now, his another amazing venture is on the horizon- his New MrBeast X Shrek Collection merchandise that will soon have all the fans jumping and rushing to his stores and online website. 

Jimmy Donaldson, an American YouTuber Known by his fans as MrBeast is an admirable philanthropist and a famous internet sensation known for his extraordinary gestures. While some love him for his creative YouTube videos, others admire him for his selfless charities. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain we all are a fan of his unique and creative ideas. And if you are a MrBeast fan, you are gonna love what is yet to unfold.

Recently MrBeast launched a new Chocolate brand MrBeast Bars, and while we were waiting for his Chocolate Factory Competition updates, he announced MrBeast collaboration with Shrek. Moreover, when people from all over the world were dying to taste his newly launched- MrBeast Shrek Quesadilla, he added to the excitement by launching his own customized MrBeast Shrek Collection Tee- shirts and hoodies. Excited to know more? Well, read along-

MrBeast Collabs With Shrek 

When it comes to surprises, we know MrBeast will break all his previous records and surprise us with an even bigger surprise and’ll leave us flabbergasted. Maybe it is his name or his creative ideas that attract fame from all over the world. Irrespective of gender, age, or nationality, he has always been successful in creating his buzz among his fans. And now, his new business venture of the collab with Shrek has stolen the show. 

We all loved the flavorsome Mr. Beast Burger and enjoyed Mr. Beast Bar chocolate goodies. And now, to top it all off, MrBeast has introduced  MrBeast Shrek Quesadilla’ by collaborating with Shrek cartoon animations.’s true! Remember those Green weird-looking ogre who rescues Princess Fiona? Well, now he is gonna rescue us from hunger with his delicious ‘Shrek Quesadillas.’

On Tuesday,  15 March 2022, MrBeast announced the launch of limited edition item called-  ‘MrBeast Shrek Quesadilla’. It is a green-colored stuffed Quesadilla created by DreamWorks Animation. The tweet hinted that it is a limited offer deal by tagging it as- “taste the green before it goes far, far away” 

MrBeast Shrek Quesadilla

Adding another brand to his name, MrBeast has now joined hands with the animated Shrek to launch a new line of MrBeast Shrek Quesadilla. Intrigued what it is about? or where to buy MrBeast Shrek Quisedillas? move along- 

“It’s a beautiful thing, really… two smashed crispy beef patties with house seasoning, American cheese, diced white onions, pickles, and caramelized onions, all wrapped in a crispy spinach tortilla.”

MrBeast Shrek Quesadilla is a delicious Quesadilla with the signature Shrek Green color that is packed in a fluorescent green packaging.

For vegetarians, the MrBeast Shrek Quesadilla also offers a meat-substitute option.

Price of  MrBeast Shrek Quesadilla: $10.49

Where to buy MrBeast Shrek Quesadilla– Order from the Beast Burger franchise through online Delivery apps.

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MrBeast X Shrek Merch Collection

Just when we thought MrBeast has his hands full with MrBeast Shrek Quesadilla, he threw in another intriguing product- MrBeast and Shrek Merchandise collection. 

This newly launched MrBeast X Shrek collection is the brand new line started by MrBeast in collaboration with Shrek to fulfill our quota of Trend. With the rapid increase of MrBeast Dream product’s popularity, his brands are reaching peaks of fame. 

After his announcement of MrBeast Shrek Quesadillas, MrBeast is now starting his own customized line of MrBeast Shrek T-shirts and hoodies. His Instagram bio displays a newly added link that refers to his official website- SHOPMRBEAST. This contains MrBeast Shrek Merchs that he has launched in collaboration with Shrek. Since it is tagged with – AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! You need to avail them as soon as possible before they run out-

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore this MrBeast Shrek Merchandise and take note of all the important factors-

Where can you buy MrBeast Shrek Merch T-shirts?

You can buy MrBeast Shrek Merch easily on the official Website- ShopMrBeast.

P.s– A reminder- MrBeast Chocolate Factory competition is about to begin! Hurry and Buy MrBeast Chocolate Bar to increase your chances of Golden Ticket.

Beast and Shrek Joining Hands For A New Business Venture | FAQs for MrBeast Shrek Merch

When will the MrBeast X Shrek collection will be launched?

The Shrek x MrBeast T-shirts and hoodies have already been launched on their official. But the shipping of these MrBeast Shrek Merchs will begin from April 21.

When will the MrBeast X Shrek collection will be delivered?

Shipment of all orders for the MrBeast x Shrek collection will start on the 21st of April. After that, your orders will reach you as per the standard delivery dates.

For US shipments – It will take 2-9 business days. 

For International shipments– It will take 4-20 business days

Is MrBeast and Shrek Collection available outside USA and UK?

Yes, Dreamworks Shrek© DWA LLC, the creator of  MrBeast and Shrek collab, is supplying internationally to most countries worldwide. 

If somehow they are not delivering to your area, you will be informed at the time of checkout.

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Beast and Shrek Joining Hands For A New Business Venture | FAQs for MrBeast Shrek Merch

How much does MrBeast and Shrek T-shirts shipping cost?

Shipping costs of Shrek x MrBeast Merch are displayed on the checkout page and are calculated based on weight, shipping method, and destination.

How to track your MrBeast Shrek Merch order?

According to the official website, tracking information will be sent to the contact information that buyers will provide. This will be sent via E-mail/SMS when the order has been fulfilled. 

For specific tracking details, you can also contact the carrier directly for the most up-to-date information, including any carrier or regional delays.

Can I exchange items once I’ve placed my order for MrBeast Shrek Hoodies and T-shirts?

No, unfortunately, you cannot exchange your Shrek x MrBeast Merch orders. Since the website operates on a pre-order concept with limited stocks, all the orders are non-exchangeable.

Also, the website does not offer size exchanges or item exchanges once you have purchased the goods. You could cancel your order or cancel items within that order if you made an error.

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Can You Return MrBeast Shrek Collection after you have ordered?

Yes, returns are accepted if there is a fault with the product upon delivery. But no consolation is given if you want to return or exchange the normal perfect product.

Also, returns are also accepted if the items are still unopened. In these cases, they will issue a full refund including shipping costs. For the process, please contact customer support and provide your order number and reason for return.

Can you cancel or change your order of MrBeast x Shrek?

No, you can’t make changes to your final order, but you can cancel an order provided you notify them immediately after you place your order. Please contact customer support with your order number and reason for cancellation.

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Beast and Shrek Joining Hands For A New Business Venture | FAQs for MrBeast Shrek Merch

What payment methods are accepted for buying MrBeast x Shrek Collections?

ShopMrBeast website accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. They also accept PayPal and prepaid gift cards from all major banks.

P.s- They do not accept any form of cryptocurrency.

Wrapping Up

This is all the information you need while buying MrBeast X Shrek Merch Collection. This brand new offer is available for only a limited amount of time, so make sure you grab the benefits before the clock runs out..or I should say Shrek runs out! Now, go watch Shrek on Netflix and Hulu

I hope you found all that you were looking for? Keep visiting the Path of EX for such insights. And do share your thoughts and feedback.



  1. My son ordered a sweatshirt right before the deadline, and we still haven’t received any information on delivery. Can you verify that he will still receive the sweatshirt?

    • You can track your MrBeast Shrek sweatshirt using your order ID or the Track order link. For further information, try contacting the customer service on their Official Website ShopMrBeast


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