Motivation is the Key to a Better World

Motivation is the Key to a Better World

Today’s generation lives in the era of confusion rather than development. Different studies show a different level of depression among the youth. Depression/affective disorders range from 1.2% to 21% in the clinic-based studies; 3%–68% in school-based studies and 0.1%–6.94% in community studies. There has been only one incidence study from India which estimated the incidence to be 1.6%. With respect to the risk factors for depression, studies have reported various education-related difficulties, relationship issues with parents or at home, family-related issues, economic difficulties, and other factors. A limited number of studies have evaluated the symptom profile, and the commonly reported symptoms include depressed mood, diminished interest in play activities, concentration difficulties, behavior problems in the form of anger and aggression, pessimism, decreased appetite, decreased sleep, anhedonia, and somatic symptoms.

Well, such people will find respite somewhere. That makes them inclined towards social media. While some people sought peace in entertainment, some other inferior people sought peace in motivational speakers of the time like Sandeep Maheshwari, Nijo Jonson and the like. But it all ends up the way we live our lives. 

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There was a time in the 90s when we used to play outside, did not have access to technology and would tire ourselves to sleep. With time the advent of technology has drastically affected the pattern and the quality of living. People no longer hit the street to play ‘Gali Cricket’ instead they prefer playing on their playstations with as minimal physical activity possible. 

People need to be motivated to return back to the simpler ways of living in order to return peace in their lives. Motivation is the key to all people. Whether people are in a corporate or a confused kid going through it’s teenage years. There are different ways to motivate different kinds of people. Also communicating is the key to keep people away from getting depressed. 

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People face problems and get depressed when we talk them out of it through motivation they tend to solve problems and come out strong. That is the main motive of Motivation. Make people stronger, support them to stand for themselves and face all problems they face living in society. The people need to be motivated to continue living and communication will help them come out of their difficult situation.

Motivation can be sought through communication. That is the key to correcting people of this fast changing world. While we communicate we release a positive or negative vibe to the second person. That can make or break his/her confidence to do better or worse in its life. It is important to communicate with your loved ones to take them out of their misery through motivation.

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Motivation can be a useful tool to take care of the loved ones around us. It can make their lives, take them out of misery and give them a reason to survive in this rapidly changing world. Make use of your words to help your people through Motivation.

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