5 Most Retweeted Tweets In The Entire History Of Twitter World 2022

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Smriti Razdan
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Be it spicy news, an exciting announcement, movie release, disaster, laughter, or any other, Twitter has become the hub for all. It is the most engaging social media handle with billions of tweets. But, have you ever thought, which are the Most Retweeted Tweets and why they became so? If you are nodding in a yes, we have done the research and got the 5 most retweeted tweets to date.

Just like the other leading social media handles, Twitter has a huge user count. From the supreme leader Barak Obama to everyone’s heart robber Robert Downey Jr, all are active on Twitter with a huge following. But, their tweets are not the one among the top 5 of the Most Retweeted Tweets.

It was the tweet by Carter Wilkerson, that made the records before, but ….. But what? How the tweet of a giveaway get so many retweets and not only once, but twice? And, which tweet is at the third? Forth? and Fifth? Wait!!! Keep up your curiosity as this post has got the answers to all the questions popping in your mind. Read along to know who are the top 5 and why they deserve to be at the top.

Most Retweeted Tweets Till 2022

5 Most Retweeted Tweets In The Entire History Of Twitter World 2022

The Twitter world is affected by every single post.

Be it about the bitcoin stealing by the hackers or an informative tweet about the vaccine, this is the most active platform. No matter you are the famous celebrity on the earth with millions of followers on Twitter or a common man, it allows you to share your thoughts, pictures, and videos without brooding.

That is why it has become a microblogging site where million of new statements are tweeted every second. Amongst all those tweets, which is the one that grabbed people’s attention?

S. No. Most Retweeted Tweets of all TimeRetweets
1Giveaway 100 Million Yen4.18 Million
2Giveaway 1 Million Yen3.59 Million
3A man needs his nuggs3.28 Million
4The Last Goodbye3.01 Million
5The picture at the Oscars3.01 Million

1. Yusaku Maezawa @yousuck2020 | 4.18 Million Retweets

Giveaways are always special.

And, Why not?

The giveaways let you win exciting goodies in exchange for subscriptions, comments, likes, and on Twitter, with retweets.

The giveaway by Yusaku Maezawa took the hype and made him be at the top of the list of the most retweeted tweets in the entire history of the Twitter world.

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Yusaku Maezawa is a Japanese art collector and Billionaire entrepreneur (the 22nd richest person in Japan) and the owner of Zozotown. Being the entrepreneur, he announced the ongoing greatest New Year’s sale that made him a profit of 10 billion yen. That’s too much!!

So, to return the favor to all who made the big thing happen, he announced a huge giveaway worth 100 Million Yen.

Yes, it is not a joke!

Complete 100 Million Yen, too in cash.

100 people were supposed to get 1 million each. All, they need to do was to follow him on Twitter and re-tweet that particular tweet. Yeah, that’s it. After the period completes, he will be messaging the winners directly.

This huge giveaway was posted on January 5, 2019, and got more than 1.2 million likes.

2. Yusaku Maezawa @yousuck2020 | 3.59 Million Retweets

Again a tweet by Yusaku Maezawa!

And, it is about a similar giveaway, in which Yusaku Maezawa announces to give 1 million yen to 1000 people after he got a profit of 1 billion yen. A lot to give! the interested people need to follow him and retweet his tweet. But, the purpose and the details about the winner were explained on his YouTube channel.

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This tweet by Yusaku Maezawa became the second among the most retweeted tweets with more than 3.59 million retweets and 1.2 million likes.

3. Carter Wilkerson @carterjwm | 3.28 Million Retweets

“A man needs his nuggs”
Yes, “A man needs his nuggs”

Hey, why are you shocked? It is simple “A man needs his nuggs”.

This tweet by Carter Wilkerson made people on the internet go crazy. He made a deal! A deal in which he demanded free chicken nuggets from the fast-food chain Wendy, in exchange for the retweets.

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This tweet has got 942.8K likes and 3.28 million retweets.

I think the chicken nuggets are worth it!

4. Family Of Chadwick Boseman @chadwickboseman | 3.01 Million Retweets

Remember when people trolled Chadwick Boseman when he lost a lot of his weight?

Well, nothing can compensate for losing a great soul!

And if the death is sudden, all we do is just regret it.

Regret of not being able to see the person for the last time, in his last moments, in his last breath. And, the sad demise of an eminent avengers star Chadwick Boseman did the same to people out there on Twitter.

The last tweet from his Twitter handle was from his family. In the tweet, they announced that Chadwick was battling Stage III colon cancer since 2016. The disease took away everything from him, his acting career, good health, and lastly life.

The Black panther fame King T’Challa got a lot of retweets on this last note by his family. But, it was not just because of the death news, but because of the regret in people who trolled him in his bad last days.

RIP….. RIP Chadwick Boseman.

This single tweet got 7.4 million likes and 3.01 million retweets by far. He was trending on Twitter for a lot of time after his family announces the bad news.

5. Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow | 3.01 Million Retweets

Who not know that Ellen DeGeneres is running her successful show TheEllenShow since 2003! A pretty long time!

Like seriously?

She always adds on an element of fun and crazes in her every single interview be it with a famous star or a Lil kid. She is just fab.

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But, this time she is on the list of the most retweeted tweets with one of her tweets about Oscar night. She posted a star-studded picture from the night with a bunch of talented stars and tweeted, ” If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars”.

Oh my God, She is really funny!

Do you know how much did this tweet have?

Well, if you don’t know, this tweet of her got more than 2.1 million likes and 3.01 retweets.


Wrapping Up

So, these are the top 5 of the most retweeted tweets on the Internet. Be it the 100 million giveaway tweet or the announcement of the departure of a beautiful world, all these tweets have a definite meaning to add to Twitter and the people using it.

Now, the turn is yours, tell us which is your favorite tweet among these mentioned ones and if they deserve to be on the list or not.

Till that enjoy to the fullest!


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