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There are various types of file formats you can use for everyday purposes, especially now that we exist in the digital age. One of these common formats includes PDF or also known as Portable Document Format. This format is widely used for storing essential data since the file is universal. 

However, because of specific reasons, PDFs need to be converted to Microsoft Word. If this will be the case, you need to use the most reliable converter tool online. Thus, we would like to introduce the service of PDFBear. This website offers a cloud-based tool for free that allows you to convert your PDFs in Microsoft Word. 

How To Use The PDFBear’s Converter Tool?

If you want an instant solution to convert your PDFs into Word, visit PDFBear’s site and access its PDF to Word converter tool. When you are already on the landing page, upload your PDFs by clicking the “Choose Files” button. Once uploaded, click “Convert” and wait for the process to be completed. 

Once the output is ready, save it on your disc. You can also keep it on your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. You can also share this tool on your social media accounts if you like by copying the link. Let your friends know its greatness. 

Top Features

Because of its overwhelming features, PDFBear has been widely recognized worldwide. This website serves as an all-in-one solution to solve your tedious problems in handling your paperless documents. There are various things that you should know about the site. Here are some of them!

Offers A Simple Converting Process

Converting your PDFs to Word has never been comfy with any other converters you can search online. However, PDFBear makes it easier for people to transform their PDFs to Word in just a few seconds. All you have to do is follow all four procedures: upload, check, transform, and save. Once you have completed these steps, you will have a top-notch file resolution. 

Has A User-friendly Interface

One of the most extraordinary things about the website is the user-friendly interface. PDFBear is structured and straightforward. It’s also simple to locate the appropriate options for your PDFs. PDFBear will never complicate things. This makes them a number one choice. 

Provides Cloud-system

PDFBear will be your best buddy if you are always on the go. Due to its cloud-system, you can get your documents converted anytime and anywhere you wish. This will also save your internal storage since you don’t have to install the software. 

Offers High-quality Results

With the website’s PDF to Word converter, you can have a sense of security while waiting for the full conversion to be completed. You will be using a user-friendly converter that generates top-quality converted documents. The main factor why this converter can create top-notch results is through the support of Solid-Framework.

Other Tools Offered By The Website

Not just a converter tool, but PDFBear also offers various cloud-based tools you can freely use for everyday purposes. Like the website’s converter, these tools also provide easy-to-follow procedures. 

Split PDF Tool

Need to extract some pages from your PDFs? Visit PDFBear now and upload your documents by clicking the “Choose Files” button. The entire process will be much easier and more convenient compared to other similar websites on the internet. 

Page Numbering Tool

To make your documents look like professional-made papers, use this PDFBear’s tool. Either you want to have it seen in the top right corner, or the lower part corner of the page, this website’s tool helps you do the whole task in just a few uncomplicated steps. 

Rotate PDF Tool

The service contains the most reliable tool for rotating your PDFs. With a few taps, you can easily rotate your files based on the angle you want. The rotation tool has convenient methods. Once you access the platform, the entire screen is straightforward to use for their users’ comfort.

PDF Remover Tool

The site also helps you remove specific pages from your document that you believe is pointless. Their PDF remover tool takes pride in offering the simplest and easiest process on the web today. When the documents are posted to the system, they will be safeguarded from possible public scrutiny.


PDFBear helps you accomplish any digital task in the fastest way possible. Whether you want your PDFs to be converted to Word or you want them to get signed, the website can offer you a helping hand. The whole service is free. Thus, you can access it whenever you wish.


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