Most red cities are Arab and Druze, says Arab sector commissioner

Most red cities are Arab and Druze, says Arab sector commissioner

“It breaks my heart to see that most of the red cities are Arab and Druze towns,” said coronavirus commissioner in the Arab sector Ayman Saif during a visit to Abu Snan on Saturday, N12 reported.  Saif’s visit was accompanied by coronavirus commissioner Prof. Nachman Ash.Abu Snan, a local council located in the Galilee in northern Israel, is a mixed town, with a Muslim and Druze majority and a Christian minority.  On Sunday, last week, it was included in the list of towns that were allowed to reopen schools, following a decrease in morbidity rates. However, on Wednesday the town’s designation as part of the “Traffic Light” program changed again, and schools were instructed to shut down. “Our priority is to designate Abu Snan as green and to reopen its education system,” Saif said while meeting with Abu Snan Mayor Fauzi Meshleb. “It should be everyone’s priority, that of heads of Druze and Arab local councils, to think about ways of turning their towns from red to green… and it’s not impossible,” Saif added. Amid the increase of morbidity rates in Arab and Druze towns across the country, N12 reported Saturday that a tight lockdown would be imposed on Ramallah and adjacent villages in the West Bank until March 14, starting effective immediately.

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