Most Liked Video On Instagram 2024: Kylie Or Ronaldo Who Is At The Top?

Most Liked Video On Instagram

You must have heard that the picture of an egg has broken all the records by becoming the most liked post on Instagram, but do you know which is the most liked video on Instagram? If you too are curious about this, we have got the answer to this exciting topic.

Instagram is undoubtedly the hub of a lot of activities. From stories to IGTV, this social sharing network can do anything for you. That is why new people are getting attached to this platform each day. But with so many people as a constant audience, there is a race among many to fetch more likes and views, and why not?

The most-liked Instagram video is by the makeup world Queen Kylie Jenner with her sweet little daughter. No! If you think that it is about any makeup look, then you are wrong this time. In actuality, People love to see the original side of celebrities. What they do in original life, how they vibe, their engagement announcement, a prominent professional move, or the sad demise of a humble soul this what makes people more connected.

There is no doubt that Kylie owns the tag of the most liked video on Instagram. After all, she has a following of more than 325 million followers. She has become the youngest billionaire in the world by selling her makeup line via Instagram. But, if her makeup is not the reason for her crown of most likes on Instagram videos, then what? Let’s find this out below.

Top Most Liked Video On Instagram

The mother-daughter combo of Kylie and Stormi has always had a particular room in our hearts, then how couldn’t the video of Kylie sitting on her lap of Stormi can?

The cuteness of the little bundle of joy, Stormi, made everyone go AWWWWW!!!! Just like us!

In the video, when Kylie puts her head on the little one’s lap, Stormi melts every heart by saying, “don’t be afraid mommy.”

She is such a pretty soul!

This single video has 14.5 Million likes, and 120K comments out of the 59.2 Million views.

Do you know that back in 2018, Kylie deleted most of the Stormi pictures from her feed and decided to no longer share something about her daughter!!
Yes, that is true!

But her innocence made her change her decision quickly. Now, her feed is filled with Mother-daughter selfies, the poolside fun times with her daughter, and getting ready photoshoots that people love to watch.

Click here to see the Instagram post.

What About The Second Most Liked Video On Instagram?

Which is the Most liked video on Instagram?

Is it about another celebrity?

Yes, it is!

The second most liked video on Instagram is of famous soccer player Cristiano Ronald, who is showing his new look and has the caption “Stay home and keep Stylish.”

In this video, his wife has become his personal hairstylist and is seen cutting his hair, and he is pretty much excited. Well, this trend was taken up by a lot of other celebrities and players as well, and Instagram had these videos all over.

This particular video of him is trending all over the internet with 12.3 Million likes and 172k comments.

Woooo! That is a considerable number.

He stands his ranking at not only number 2 but also a third, fourth, sixth, and seventh.

The videos are mostly about his personal life, his sons, training pieces, and family fun.

The videos that made up the list of the most liked video on Instagram are:

Most Liked Video On Instagram 2024LikesComments
@kyliejenner: She said, don’t be afraid mommy14.5 M123.26K
@cristiano: “Stay home and keep stylish #stayhomestaysafe”12.2 M169K
@cristiano: “My beautiful training partner! #stayactive #stayhome”9.5 M96.9K
@cristiano: “Like father like son 🙂 Happiness above all “9.1 M72.1K
@kyliejenner: “it’s getting hot out here kylieskin”8.7 M 79.1K
@kyliejenner: “this is Glendale”8.6 M78.1K
@cristiano: “Happy birthday to me!!”8 M 184K
@cristiano: ” No excuses”7.6 M50.2K
@kyliejenner: “a visual representation of how my friends are gonna have to”7.8 M27.8K

Wrapping Up

There is a tough fight between kylie and Ronaldo to own the crown of the most liked videos on Instagram.

Though Kylie has won the title with her adorable picture but is still the macho soccer man, Ronaldo has more comments on his posted video.

Now, it’s your turn. Tell us what your thoughts are on this. Also, tell us your favorite Instagram video in the comment section.


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