10 Most Followed Accounts on Pinterest in 2022 You Must Not Miss

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Do you know Pinterest has more monthly active users than both Twitter and Snapchat combined? I guess not. Pinterest has gained a huge audience over the years and it wasn’t possible without the Influencers. Pinterest top Influencers cover almost 20% of Pinterest’s total audience, and that is a huge number. Read this article on 10 Most Followed Accounts on Pinterest in 2022 to know about them. 

Pinterest, as a social media platform, is the most different from the lot. It has features like pins and boards that are unique to it. A user on Pinterest can follow either a board of someone or his complete profile, it’s his/her choice.

But why is Pinterest so popular? The reason behind Pinterest’s success is that it doesn’t work on original content. It thrives on sharing links and appealing images from all over the Internet. But mind you, a lot of artists and content creators on Pinterest have completely original content just like the people on this list. 

10 Most Followed Accounts on Pinterest in 2022 

If you are on Pinterest then we are practically making you follow these amazing profiles. But even if you are not, here are all the reasons you should be on Pinterest. You will learn a lot from the platform.

Check out all the most followed Pinterest accounts and follow them now!

10. Christine Martinez Loya | 5 Million Followers

Christine Martinez Loya was an interior designer who dropped her career and rather made better money from social media. The niche that made her reach tenth in the most followed accounts on Pinterest is Quotes. Christine shares beautiful words with a monochrome background, and that made her Pinterest account have 5 million-plus followers. 

Christine’s most-followed board, Words to Live By has 4.49 followers alone. I’m sure once you check out her profile you’ll surely save a few pins on your board. 

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9. Veanad | 5.2 Million Followers

Pinterest loves beautiful wallpapers, and Veanad Pinterest Influencer has a lot of them in its profile. Veanad is majorly an architect account with a lot of amazing pictures of indoors, you should really check it out. But what is surprising is that Indoor pictures aren’t the most popular board on Veanad’s Pinterest Profile.

It is the board named Beauty that has 5.12M followers and Veanad is not the only one from indoor photography having the most followed accounts on Pinterest. 

8. Pejper/ anna k | 6.8 Million Followers

Pejper Pinterest Influencer is a Swedish blogger who is popular on Pinterest largely because of her extremely soothing wallpapers. She captures beauty with such elegance. Pejper’s most followed board Love Living mainly has pictures of women with flowers that will steal your heart away. 

If you are a fan of aesthetic Instagram stories, then you’ll love this one. Pejper’s Pinterest Profile has the most amazing aesthetic pictures, so if you want some you should definitely visit her profile. You will instantly know why she is one of the most followed accounts on Pinterest. 

7. HonestlyWTF | 7.1 Million Followers 

HonestlyWTF is a Pinterest Influencer Profile curated by Erica Chan Coffman. She uploads anything and everything that she likes, maybe that image of her not being in a box got her 7.1 million followers on Pinterest. Erica is well deserving to be on the list of most followed accounts on Pinterest.

DIY is the most followed board on HonestlyWTF with more than 3.5 Million followers on this board alone. Besides DIY, she also has some other super useful boards namely DIY Upholstered Frames, Flower Hack, and an awful lot of other stuff.  

6. Bonnie Tsang | 7.1 Million Followers

Trust me there are no better wallpapers than Bonnie Tsang’s. I really don’t know why she has only got 3.51 million followers on her Living Spaces board.

What I mean is, no doubt she has some of the best indoor photography skills, but her other boards deserve some more followers too.

Besides photography, Bonnie Tsang also shares recipes and is currently number sixth in the most followed accounts on Pinterest. 

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5. Jane Wang | 7.7 Million Followers

Jane Wang Pinterest Influencer isn’t a Chinstrap Penguin as her profile says. Instead, she has one of the most followed accounts on Pinterest with more than 7.7 million followers. Jane has some really interesting stuff uploaded in her boards namely Books, health, Photography, Dog, Yoga, Natural Wonders, and a lot others. 

Out of all of her mind-blowing and useful boards, Delicious has the most followers on 6.41 million on Pinterest. In this board, you see a lot of Salad, Veggies, Breakfast, Soup, and cooking recipes. 

4. Mamas Uncut | 8.5 Million Followers 

Mamas Uncut is an Influencer profile on Pinterest with more than 8.5 million followers. Mamas Uncut is a parenting site for moms, parenting news, and trends. 

The account not only covers new moms of the world but also has some cool hacks and stuff targeting other audiences. Like the board on Tattoos. But its most popular board is Baby, Lifestyle, and Inspiration. It will give powerful insights to all the women on how to educate their babies. In short parenting hacks made this account one of the most followed accounts on Pinterest. 

3. Maryann Rizzo | 9 Million Followers

Maryann Rizzo’s board on Pinterest, Everything gives some cool indoor lifestyle goals and that’s why she is on rank third on the list of most followed accounts on Pinterest.

From recipes, home decor ideas to literally everything, her account deserves to be on one fo the most followed Pinterest accounts.

2.  Poppytalk | 10.5 Million Followers 

Poppytalk on Pinterest is an Influencer profile with more than 10.5 million followers. This profile is super creative and features some of the best DIYs, Decors, Crafts, Nutrition, and more. 

If that was not enough for you Poppytalk has a board on Entertaining + Fun, which has 6.49 million followers. Why? Because it got recipes for food and party decorative ideas that are totally unique. Don’t forget to check out Poppytalk, the second most followed account on Pinterest in 2022.

People might be making money on Instagram and other apps, but Poppytalk surely has profited a lot after gaining the numbers.

1. Oh Joy | 15.2 Million Followers

With a massive number of 15.2 million followers, Oh Joy is an Influencer Profile that tops the list of most followed accounts on Pinterest. Joy Cho is a blogger from Philadelphia and she is superb with her social media. You can see by checking out her profile that she has made so many boards covering topics for a larger audience than everybody on this list. 

Her mouth-watering board on recipes will make you desire that food, literally it’s appalling to the core.  

10 Most Followed Pinterest Accounts

RankMost Followed Pinterest Accounts (2022)FollowersPopular Board
1Oh Joy15.2MRecipies
2Poppytalk10.5MEntertaining + Fun
3Maryann Rizzo9MEverything
4Mamas Uncut8.5MBaby, Lifestyle, & Inspiration
5Jane Wang7.7MDelicious
6Bonnie Tsang7.1MLiving Spaces
8www.pejper.se6.8MLovely Living
10Christine Martinez Loya5MWords to Live By

Wrapping Up

Pinterest makes everything look beautiful and aesthetic, no doubt it is a go-to place for all aesthetic lovers. If you liked this article on 10 Most Followed Accounts on Pinterest in 2022, then do comment and share it with your friends. Have a nice day!


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