10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK (2022)

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You might have wondered who are the famous personalities in London, but have you thought about who are the popular journalists in Great Britain? From politics to entertainment these men have their influence everywhere. Don’t you want to know who are the Famous Male Journalists in UK? If yes, then you will know all about them in this article. 

Journalists have had great power in every era and every scenario. The profession is looked up to with great respect but not everyone earns it. Many journalists struggle every day to make their name in the media industry, but these people have done it so efficiently. Everyone in the UK knows who these names are, but if you don’t that’s alright. 

Some famous male journalists in UK are Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and Piers Morgan. But they have come on the big screen for quite a long time now. Many started their journey as journalists but now they are holding positions in government ministry offices. Want to know who they are?

Without any further ado, let’s begin this article on Famous Male Journalists and checkout yourself about their careers and controversies.

10 Famous Male Journalists in UK 

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: Radio Times

Media has always been the hub of controversies, and as you might have guessed, many people from this list have been involved too. But do you know about it? Who was involved?

Worry not!! You will have all your answers. Check out this table of the most famous male journalists in UK and then know all about them.

Milo Yiannopoulos36Kent
Jeremy Clarkson61Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire
Piers Morgan56Newick, Sussex
Richard Hammond51Solihull
James May58Bristol
Michael Portillo68Hertfordshire
Michael Gove53Edinburgh
Richard Coles59Northampton
Chris Harris46Buckinghamshire
Adam Curtis66Kent

1. Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos is a Public Commentator from Kent. He is quite a famous personality more often because of his controversial statements. So much so that it is primarily because of his outspoken nature that he got fame in the first place. Milo worked at Brebait from 2014-17. 

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: Vox

When he was at Brebait, his voice on the Gamergate Controversy made him a prominent speaker. Soon in 2016 Twitter permanently banned him, because he harassed Leslie Jones online on the app. 

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Because Milo has his “Right” POV, he openly ridicules Islam, opposes feminism and social justice. Milo has also advocated pedophilia in a video. After which Milo was fired from Breitbart. All these things made him a Famous Male Journalist in UK. 

2. Jeremy Clarkson

Who doesn’t know Jeremy Clarkson! He’s a popular journalist and a show host. Clarkson got his fame as a presenter of Top Gear. His first show was aired in 1988. Since then, Jeremy Clarkson is continuously on our TV screens.

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: The Verge

Jeremy Clarkson even presents his own shows for airing them on BBC and many British channels. All of this happened because of his tongue-in-cheek way of dialogue. How can he not be on the list of famous male journalists in UK? 

It is because of Jeremy Clarkson that Top Gear became one of the most popular shows on BBC.

3. Piers Morgan

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: Variety

Piers Morgan started his career as a writer for various British tabloids. Of course, you know him as a fabulous journalist who fearlessly gives his opinion. But did you know Pies Morgan was the youngest editor for a British newspaper, News of the World

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After being the youngest editor in Britain, Piers Morgan has hosted a lot of TV shows and even judged America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent. 

Piers Morgan was involved in the popular phone hacking scandal in 2011. Even after he denied all the allegations, the verdict by Brian Leveson commented “He (referring to Piers Morgan) was sufficiently unembarrassed by what was criminal behavior that he was prepared to joke about it.”

4. Richard Hammond

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: Irish News

The fourth in our list of Famous Male Journalists in UK is Richard Hammond. You might already know him from co-hosting Top Gear. He has even hosted many TV shows in his life. In 2016, Richard started presenting the TV show, The Grand Tour. 

He also launched his automotive website, DriveTribe. Here he often uploads content for his community ‘Hammond’s Fob Jockeys’.

5. James May

If you know Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, you obviously know James May. He is most popular for co-presenting Top Gear. He was also the director of W.Chump & Sons, which is a production company. 

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: The Guardian

 What many people don’t know about May is that he wrote columns for a daily newspaper. Yes, it was from 2003-11 that he wrote weekly columns for The Daily Telegraph. Because of all his fame, he is on this list of Famous Male Journalists in UK. 

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6. Michael Portillo

Michael Portillo is famous for quite many reasons. Firstly, he is a British journalist, secondly, he is a former politician. He was also a member of the British Parliament. Before coming into politics he appeared weekly on BBC’s political discussions This Week with Andrew Neil.

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: Jersey Evening Post

It is because of his strong political views that he became a Member of Parliament twice. He has also made documentaries on various capital punishments and mental health issues. All of this leads him to be one of the most famous male journalists in UK. 

7. Michael Gove

Michael is a big name when it comes to politics. Right now he is the Minister for the Cabinet Office. Michael Gove also holds many more important positions in office, but how did he land up there? 

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: The Guardian

Gove wrote a column on The Daily TelegraphI by the title ‘Peterborough’. He also worked as a reporter for Scottish Television. After many years of working with renowned names like BBC and The Times, he shifted his career to politics.

We can surely say he is a really great politician. But that wasn’t possible if he wasn’t among the famous male journalists in UK. 

8. Richard Coles

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: The Guardian

Richard Coles is a can do-it-all. He is a journalist as well as a musician, radio presenter, and priest. He is originally a media person, with more than half of his life having been in radio stations. Coles has been on BBC many times. His most entertaining show was Celebrity Mastermind

He has been a very respected person in Britain and that’s one of the reasons why he is one of the most famous male journalists in UK.

9. Chris Harris

Primarily a British automotive journalist and a TV presenter, Chris Harris is a quite popular name. Chris Harris has been one of the main presenters of Top Gear since 2017. His main career focus has always been on Cars. So much so that Chris Harris became a racing driver too. 

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: AutoEvolution

Chris Harris has worked with many web-based digital platforms for his love of automotive. He writes opinions on the performances of cars and gives his reviews about them. His passion has led him to be one of the most famous male journalists in UK.

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10.Adam Curtis

10 Most Famous Male Journalists in UK
Source: Tribune

Adam Curtis has made several documentaries for BBC in the 1980s and 90s. Many of his films have won BAFTAs. He strongly believes in Orthodox Marxism and has written that he is not a leftist and believes that, “If you ask me what my politics are, I’m very much a creature of my time. I don’t really have any. I change my mind over different issues, but I am much more fond of a libertarian view. I have a more libertarian tendency”.

All his documentaries have won worldwide appreciation and have made him one of the most famous male journalists in UK.

Wrapping Up

That was all about the famous male journalists in UK in 2022. Hope you like this article, if you did then comment below your views. Share this article with anyone you know who’s interested in Journalism. This might inspire them more. Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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