22 Most Expensive Things In The World | Gems To Dead Animals Worth Millions

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Smriti Razdan
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The Rulers and emperors all over the world have possessed innumerable artifacts, ornaments, palaces, and God knows what not. Although democracy ceased their rule, their obsession with expensive items is still prevalent in the wealthy club. From owning the world’s best technology to having the “Most Expensive Things In The World”, the bourgeoisie class knows how to get their hands on the rare masterpieces. 

The Royal households take huge pride in possessing and showing off their wealth by the means of expensive assets. However, it is not only the Royal people who love to show off their possessions but also the elite (self-made) billionaires who have acquired some of the most expensive items in the whole world. You might be surprised to know that while most of the billionaires love to show off their assets, some haven’t revealed their identity after buying these “things”.

The things or assets we have mentioned are the only masterpieces ever made. No one can even attempt to copy them or recreate the originals in any way. Does that make them so expensive or is it something else? Most of the time, there’s some controversy or insider theory about the artifacts which makes their bids higher and higher.  

22 Most Expensive Things In The World

21 Most Expensive Things In The World

Would you buy a dead animal worth millions? Or are you interested in historical mansions? Whatever it is this list is going to bring that WHAT!! the expression on your face. So, be prepared for getting either shocked or amazed.

From paintings to sculptures to gems, there are many precious items that are should be known by all. Have a Look!

1. Yacht History Supreme

Cost- $4.5 Billion

The History Supreme is an exceptionally expensive yacht with equally astounding features. It is reported that the $4.5 Billion worth yacht is 100 feet long and covered with precious gems. About 100,000 kg of gold, platinum, and jewels are used to make it the most expensive thing in the world.

Mind you, the interiors of the History Supreme Yacht are even more stunning. The master suite is entirely covered with the T-Rex’s bones. Even the wine glasses are made up of 18-carat diamonds. 

Can You Buy History Supreme?

The History Supreme is currently owned by Robert Kuok. He’s a billionaire and a businessman. This sleekest item is currently his only. Unfortunately, until and unless Robert Kuok decides to sell the History Supreme no one can buy it. 

2. Antilia in Mumbai, India

Cost- $2 Billion

Antilia is the dwelling place of Mukesh Ambani, who is the richest man in India. The momentous home is nothing but an extraordinary place worth $2 Billion, that can only be imagined by the richest minds of the world. 

If you are asking why Antilia is among the most expensive items in the world, then the answer will surely stun you. The 27-storey gigantic glass building is set across the parameter of 400,000 square feet. Antilia is made in such a way that it is completely earthquake safe and defines the definition of luxury. The place has a two-story home gym and private movie theater and over 100 parking spots. Besides all this, there is also a huge amount of outdoor space left. 

Antilia has 3 helipads and can survive an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 easily. It even has a snow room, where it will rain artificial snow whenever you want. Well, I guess the Ambanis are the perfect example of Crazy Rich Asians who have the most expensive things in the world. 

Can You Buy Antilia?

Since Antilia is the private property of Mukesh Ambani. It is not just an asset, he currently lives there, it is not very likely that he will sell his home, ever. 

3. Eclipse Yacht

Cost-$1.5 Billion

Eclipse has refined the whole system of creating a yacht. After reading about its features, you would want to spend the rest of your life on Eclipse only. The exceptional yacht is 533-foot long. 

Eclipse has been ranked third on the list of most expensive things in the world and there are many reasons behind it. First of all, Eclipse has an intruder detection missile system. Secondly, it has two helipads. Thirdly, there are 24 cabins, a ballroom, and a mini-submarine and the list is truly endless. Eclipse even has armor plating and bulletproof windows for extreme safety. 

Eclipse is a perfect yacht for celebrities who fear the paps every second of their lives. It has an anti-paparazzi shield along with sweeping laser beams. What more could anyone expect from a yacht? This beauty was designed by Terence Disdale and was built by Blohm and Voss. 

The cost of Eclipse is precisely $1.5 Billion and it is well-deserving of this number for sure. 

Can You Buy the Eclipse Yacht?

Eclipse is currently owned by Roman Abramovich. He’s a Russian Billionaire. As long as he doesn’t decide to sell this precious masterpiece, you cannot buy Eclipse. 

4. Villa La Leopolda

Cost- $1.2 Billion

Villa La Leopolda is an enormous villa with a very rich history. Surrounded by the breathtaking hills of France, this mansion was constructed in 1902. Villa Leopolda was gifted by Belgium’s King Leopold II to his mistress. What a lucky woman!!! The villa has been used in various movies. Since it is situated on the French Riviera and is vintage in every way, it lands on the list of most expensive items in the world. However, calling this massive mansion an item would be a sin in itself. 

Villa La Leopolda is built across 29,000 sq. feet (only including interior space). It was even used in the Second World war as a hospital to treat the soldiers. Although it is nothing like a hospital, this villa has done its part in serving humanity. 

Villa Leopolda is set across 18 acres of land and has been a home for many monarchs over history. It has been sold multiple times in history and the present cost of Villa La Leopolda is $1.2 billion. This makes it one of the most expensive things in the world. 

Can You Buy Villa La Leopolda?

The current owner of Villa la Leopolda is Lily Safra. She bought this vintage historical mansion in 2008 by paying $750 million. Now, when its cost is $1.2 Billion, if the owner wants to sell it, no one would refrain from buying this beauty. 

5. Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi 

Cost- $450 Million

Possessing historical artifacts such as paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci should be illegal. However, many rich royals have somehow managed to get their hands on the invaluable beauty of Salvator Mundi. It is the legendary art of one of the greatest legends in the history of time.

There are many conspiracy theories about Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, which contribute to making it one of the most expensive things in the world. In 1763, Salvador Mundi had gone missing and around the 1900s it was retrieved back. No one knows who possessed the painting between 1763 and 1900. After being missing for almost 150 years, the demand and hype of Salvator Mundi were raised exponentially and that’s why even today it is worth $450 Million. 

Also, the fact that Salvator Mundi was created at the time of the Renaissance brings another spark to the rich minds who want to own it. 

Can You Buy Salvator Mundi?

Salvator Mundi is currently possessed by the Saudi Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud. He bought it at a public auction for $450 Million in 2017. Since the royals love to possess classic artifacts, good luck buying Salvator Mundi from the Saudi Prince. 

6. The Great Star of Africa I/Cullinan Diamond

Cost- $400 Million

The Great Star Of Africa I is nothing less than a piece made from the gods themselves. It is, by far, the largest-cut fine-quality colorless diamond in the world. It shines every day in the Tower of London under the protection of The Queen. It is officially named The Sovereign’s Sceptre and is one of the most expensive items in the world. 

The Cullinan Diamond is a 3,106-carat diamond and it is a part of the Crown Jewels of the UK. I hope you understand the significance of this jewel. It was discovered in South Africa in 1905, which means it has been on earth for more than many centuries. It was found by Frederick Wells, but was owned by Sir Thomas Cullinan, and hence the name. Later, the Cullinan Diamond was gifted to King Edward VII.

There’s a funny story related to this one-of-a-kind diamond. When the Cullinan Diamond was to be sent to England the decoy was dispatched in a fully guarded ship. However, the actual diamond was mailed in a box. The original uncut diamond was so big that it was cut into 9 pieces. All of the 9 pieces were used in different jewelry pieces of the Royal Family. 

Can You Buy The Cullinan Diamond?

The question is bizarre in itself, Since the Cullinan Diamond is officially possessed by the Royal Crown, it will never be available for buying purposes. So, you will never be allowed to buy this most expensive item from our list.  

7. Willem de Kooning’s Interchange

Cost- $320 Million

As I already told you, the demand for paintings by renowned artists and philosophers never ends. The same is the case with Interchange. It’s an oil painting by the famous Dutch-American expressionist William de Kooning which makes it one of the most expensive things in the world. But there are many reasons involved behind its high price.

Firstly, Interchange was completed by de Kooning in 1955 and was possessed by various rich men in history. Secondly, the painting is an abstract masterpiece by the legend, so if anyone can possess it, why not? After 66 years of its creation, Interchange’s current value is $320 Million. The painting was once called the most valuable painting in the whole world, but the title was soon replaced by Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi. 

Can You Buy William de Kooning’s Interchange?

Today, Interchange is displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago and is an official possession. So, no, you cannot buy de Kooning’s Interchange at all. At least until the Art Institute of Chicago wants to sell it, which is not likely to happen in this era.

8. ‘The Card Players’ by Paul Cézanne

Cost- $260-275 Million

22 Most Expensive Things In The World | Gems To Dead Animals Worth Millions

The Card Players is a set of five oil paintings. The renowned French Impressionist Paul Cézanne depicted many card players in his paintings during the early 1890s. One of the five paintings of “The Card Players” was sold to the Royal Family of Qatar at around $250 in 2011.

The idea behind the creation of ‘The Card Players’ was to depict the daily life events of peasant families, like smoking pipes and playing cards. 

9. Alberto Giacometti’s L’Homme Au Doigt Sculpture

Cost- $141.3 Million

On the list of most expensive things in the whole world, here comes a sculpture. L’Homme Au Doigt Sculpture was made by Alberto Giacometti. It was made in 1947 and is bronze in color. The sleek sculpture is often called a rare masterpiece. In fact, it is also named Giacometti’s most iconic and evocative sculpture.  

L’Homme Au Doigt Sculpture is the most expensive sculpture in the entire history of mankind as it was sold for $141.3 Million in 2015. It was secretly bought by Steven A. Cohen who still owns it. 

10. Garçon à La Pipe by Pablo Picasso

Cost- $104.1 Million

Who doesn’t know the artistry of Pablo Picasso! The legend has given enough masterpieces to the world to make him immortal. His painting style of elongated faces still remains unique. Garçon à La Pipe was painted by Picasso in 1905 when he was just 24. The name of the painting translates to ‘Boy with a Pipe’.

In 1994, the Garçon à La Pipe was bought by an anonymous bidder at an auction. It was bought for $104.1 Million. In 2021, its price should be around $150 Million. The name of the buyer is still not confirmed but sources say that Guido Barilla was the owner.  

11. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

Cost- $80 Million 

On the list of most expensive items in the world, here comes the famous blue diamond, Wittelsbach-Graff. The diamond has been passed in the royal families from generation to generation but there’s something more exciting about it. Just like Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond was missing for almost 300 years between 1664 and 1962. 

While we are wondering who kept the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, it is important to know that originally there was one big blue diamond discovered in the Golconda Mines of India. The original piece weighed 112 carats, but the blue diamond was cut into two pieces. One became Hope Blue Diamond and the other became Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond. 

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond was trimmed by a jeweler because of which it lost 4.52 carats. The Gemological Institute of America has graded it from “fancy grayish-blue” to “fancy deep blue”. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond is currently owned by Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani who is the Father Emir of Qatar. It is on display at the National Museum of Natural History.

12. Pink Star Diamond

Cost- $72 Million

Pink Star Diamond had had its share in gaining a lot of attention for its rose-pink luster. It is valued at $72 Million making it one of the most expensive things in the world. However, the Pink Star diamond was bid at $83.2 Million at an auction. But Issac Wolf, who previously bid for the diamond had defaulted, so it was returned to its previous owner. 

Pink Diamond weighs 59.60 carats and is internally flawless. It is graded as IIA. Mined in South Africa, the diamond initially weighed 132.5 carats. However, in 2003, it was possessed by Steinmetz Group, who cut and polished the diamond and gave it the shape it has today. Pink Star Diamond is one of those most expensive items in the world that have been bought by anonymous buyers.  

13. 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO

Cost- $70 Million

Just like diamonds, there are many who are perplexed by the beauty and thrill of cars, which brings us to the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO. It is not only one of the most expensive things in the world, but also the most expensive car in the world with a value of $70 Million.

The iconic 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO has won Tour de France and its chassis number is 4153 GT. The masterpiece 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO was built between 1962 and 1964. The fact that there were only 39 models of  250 GTO made at the time, makes the car even more precious than it is today. The 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO is currently owned by David MacNeil, the founder of WeatherTech. 

14. Graff Diamonds Hallucination Watch

Cost- $55 Million

This is by far the only thing in this list that is still up in the sale, so if you want to buy the $55 Million Hallucination Watch, Hurry!! 

The watch is literally made up of colorful diamonds. And mind you, the diamonds involved in making the Hallucination Watch are rare in themselves. 110 carats of diamonds in various colors such as pink, blue, orange, green, and yellow are used to make this one. 

When talking about the features of diamonds, it is said, “A simple clasp is hidden once the bracelet is closed and only opened when the pressure is applied on a specific diamond.” The watch was made by Laurene Graff who owns more than 50 Graff Diamonds stores all over the world. If you want to buy this one of the most expensive items in the world, then you better contact Graff Diamonds now.

15. 1963 Ferrari GTO

Cost- $52 Million

The smallest of differences between the 1963 Ferrari GTO models had led to a massive price difference of $20 Million. The Ferrari 250 GTO in the color red is worth $52 Million, while the same model of the car in silver-blue is worth $70 Million. 

The red model of 1963 Ferrari GTO was last bought by Paul Pappalardo who restored it and used the car for various heritage races. It was also speculated that the car was bought by an anonymous person with a 50% hile at its price. Such beauty can never be missed in the list of most expensive things in the world. 

16. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

Cost- $48.5 Million

The obsessions withholding the most expensive items in the world are never-ending. Do you know there’s a diamond-studded phone? A phone, particularly iPhone 6 has a big pink diamond attached to its back cover. By now, Nita Ambani, wife of Mukesh Ambani, owns this phone. 

Would you buy a $48.5 Million phone if you had that amount? 

17. Limited Patek Philippe Watch

Cost- $26 Million

Okay, now this one’s actually worth the money. There are only 7 pieces of Limited Patek Philippe Watch. It was made on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the big brand Patek Philippe. 

While $26 million can buy you a penthouse in New York City, some rather want to own the classic Limited Patek Philippe Watch. The Patek Philippe has been owned by the Swiss Stern family since the time of the Great Depression. 

18. Chopard 201-Carat Gemstone Watch 

Cost- $25 Million

Who would have thought the world’s blingiest watches are also among the world’s most expensive things. The next one on our list of a Chopard 201 carat breathtaking watch. The 201-Carat Gemstone watch has 874 stones put together to make a timeless art piece. You might wonder if the stones are randomly set or if there’s a pattern. 

Well, in the center of the 201 Carat Gemstone watch there are 3 heart-shaped brilliant diamonds. (Fancy Pink, Fancy Blue, and D-Color) If you press any diamond on the watch, it will reveal the watch at the center which is normally hidden under the gemstones. What brilliance would it have taken to create a watch like this? 

19. The ‘Perfect Pink’ Diamond

Cost- $23 Million 

The Perfect Pink is truly the perfect tint of the rose color. According to research, in the past 244 years, only 18 pink diamonds have appeared that are over 10 carats. That fact alone makes them super expensive. Talking about the ‘Perfect Pink’ Diamond, it weighs 14.23 carats and there’s nothing like it in the whole wide world.

In 2010, the Perfect Pink Diamond was bought by an anonymous bidder in Hong Kong. Its value of $23 Million makes it one of the most expensive items in the world.  

20. Diamond Panther Bracelet 

Cost- $12.4 Million

The Diamond Panther Bracelet is the first thing that ignited the romance between the two royal people, Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. It was made in 1952 in Paris by Cartier. More than its diamonds, its design is what makes it one of the most expensive things in the world. 

The two marquise-shaped emeralds in the eyes of the Diamond Panther speak for themselves. Many people ask why did Cartier use a panther? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Panther symbolizes femininity and fierce independence. 

The Diamond Panther Bracelet was sold for a price three times its original price. This should give you an idea of its market value. There is no information about the current owner of the Panther Bracelet, but you can be sure that whoever has it is definitely one of the luckiest people on the earth.

21. ‘Dead Shark’ Tank

Cost- $12 Million

Dead Shark is a highly valued art piece of a dead tiger shark. It is kept in a tank which is filled with formaldehyde. The shark is in an almost perfect state. You can see her teeth and even the fierce facial expression clearly. The reason why the ‘Dead Shark’ Tank is so expensive is unclear, but it is what it is. A dead shark worth $12 Million. 

Would you have guessed it in the list of most expensive items in the world? Maybe not!

22. Gold-plated Bugatti Veyron

Cost- $10 Million

Bugatti is already one of the big names in the car industry. This time it is about a very precious car with a cost of $10 million. It is one of the most expensive things in the world. The Bugatti Veyron car is currently owned by Flo Rida. The other models of the car are owned by some billionaires. 

Wondering about the speed of Bugatti Veyron? It jumps from 0 to 100 in freaking 2.8 seconds. I am not even sure if that’s humanly possible, but I guess that’s the worth of $10 million. 

Wrapping Up

Not all of us dream about buying the “Most Expensive Things In The World”, but even the thought of holding them in our hands gives us goose-bumps. An old stone worth $400 Million, a dead shark worth $12 million, and people have actually bid for all these things. What are your thoughts about it?

Thank you for reading it up here! Tell us in the comment section about your favorite items from the list. Share this article with your friends and family and fascinate them with the most expensive items in the world. 

Have a Great Life!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive thing in the world?

History Supreme Yacht with a worth of $4.5 Billion is the most expensive thing in the world.

What is the 1 most expensive thing in the world?

Villa La Leopolda is the only one-of-a-kind most expensive thing in the world with a worth of $1.2 Billion dollars.

How much does the world cost?

The cost of the world lands between $100.3 and $125 trillion dollars.


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