Most Commented Video on YouTube In 2021 | BTS Rocks The List

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Want can be a better video streaming platform than YouTube? It has become a free video portal for all with tons of videos available in each genre. Among so many videos, you might know about the most liked video, but have you ever wondered which is the most commented video on YouTube? Curious to know? If yes, then keep up the curiosity as we have got the list for you.

From famous celebrities to the common man, YouTube has a platform for all. Well, long gone are the days when YouTube was just considered a hobby. Now people are making a career out of this well-established stage. Many people, regardless the age have dropped out of their stable lives and started pursuing YouTube to earn a lot.

Yes! T-series, Justin Bieber, and Cocomelon have a huge subscribers base, but among millions of videos being uploaded daily on Youtube, the video that has become the Most Commented Video on YouTube is not of them. Instead, it belongs to Amir Tataloo with 18.1 Million comments on one of his videos.

But what is the video about? How many likes does this video have? What about the second? And third? And fourth? Butterflies in the stomach? Hang on! There is a lot! A lot to talk about. Read along to know all about them.

Most Commented Video on YouTube

Most Commented Video on YouTube In 2021 | BTS Rocks The List
Source: Reddit

YouTube is the most viral video platform that is packed with tons of videos.

But, no one knows which video can make each sky and make you a viral sensation. Ahhh! It can be your 1st video or 5ooth on, no one knows, after all, it depends upon the audience. You can be a star overnight or nothing will happen.

However, what we know is which are the Most Commented videos on YouTube in 2021 and why? Dive below to know these in an interesting way.

The most commented videos on Youtube are:

S. No. VideosComments
1.Ye Saram Be Ma Bezan18.1 Million
2.DNA Official MV6.4 Million
3.Boy With Love6.1 Million
4.Gangnam Style5.2 Million
5.GAME5.1 Million

1. Ye Saram Be Ma Bezan By Amir Tataloo: 18.1 Million Comments

A channel with a mere 280K subscribers has left every popular singer far away in the race to be at the top of the most commented video on YouTube with 18.1 Million active comments.

Hang on!

What’s the video about?

This video is a Hip Hop/ Rap genre song in Urdu. The interesting thing is that the video is uploaded 10 months ago. In such a short span the video has made new records. That’s incredible!!!

Channel: Amir Tataloo
Views: 1.1 Million
Likes: 10K
18.1 Million

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2. DNA Official MV By BTS: 6.4 Million Comments

The next video has been in trend since its upload on the app. It is nonother than DNA by BTS.

UHHH!!! What to say about BTS! The BTS Army loves them so much that this particular video has the second most comments on the app. If you wonder what is so special about its video? Then the answers would have been their cuteness.

After watching these cute men and their strengthening bond, your heart will melt and can take you to the Awww zone.

This music video was uploaded on the channel on Sep 18, 2017, but this video became the hot hit by BTS when it reaches a milestone of 1 Billion on July 2, 2021

Views: 1.3 Billion
19 Million
Comments: 6.4 Million

3. Boy With Love Ft. Halsey By BTS: 6.1 Million Comments

Yes! Again a sing by the cuteness-loaded BTS!

Oh! there is seriously something with them, that everyone is getting attracted towards them.

Why not?

They are a bundle of cuteness with a lot of talent.

Without a doubt, BTS has been trending on all social media platforms. This shouldn’t be a doubt! Obviously, it’s so much popular that the band appears two times on the list of the most commented video on Youtube by far.

Boy With Love Ft. Halsey By BTS has got 1.2 Billion views on YouTube by far with 23 Million likes and 6.1 Million live comments.

Views: 1.2 Billion
Likes: 23 Million
Comments: 6.1 Million

4. Gangnam Style: 5.2 Million Comments

From Gayle to famous celebrities, you must have seen them grooving on the famous Gangnam move to celebrate happiness.

This song by PSY has made people go crazy up to a level as huge as it became a trend.

Well, do you know what is Gangnam?

Gangnam is a territory. Yup, a territory in Seoul, Korea. This song is the depiction of PSY about Gangnam. He describes Gangnam as noble in the daytime and going crazy at the nighttime. No matter you listen to this because of the lyrics or because of the beat, Ahhhh! You will always find yourself dancing a little in its crazy style.

That is why this video by Psy has got 4.1 Billion and has been on the list of the most commented video on youtube with 5.2 Million comments on the official video.

Channel: officialpsy
Views: 4.1 Billion
Likes: 22 Million
Comments: 5.2 Million

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5. GAME : 5.1 Million Comments

The last one on the list of the most commented video on Youtube is a video by a popular Punjabi singer, Sidhu Moose Wala.

He is a man of ethics and that is why his songs portray him. The turban man from the soil of soldiers knows how to make people listen to his songs in a loop on repeat. Be it a desi DJ party or a concert, this song will definitely take your heart away.

GAME has got 5.1 Million Comments on YouTube and 1.8 Million Likes.

Comments more than the Likes!

Pretty Impressive!

Channel: 5911 Records
Views: 82 Million
Likes: 1.8 Million
5.1 Million

Final Wrap Up:

So, these are the top 5 most commented videos on Youtube.

Well, it is clear that Ye Saram Be Ma Bezan By Amir Tataloo has been ruling the list of the most commented video on YouTube with a huge difference in comparison to the second most commented youtube video. But the rest are giving a tough fight to each other.

Now turn is yours. Tell us in the comment section, which is your favorite video among these. We would love to hear from you.


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