Most Commented Post On Instagram | Look Who Is The Secret Winner?

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What makes Instagram so popular? Famous celebs, cute babies, amazing singers, adorable pets, and a lot more. Right? But which among them holds the title of having the most commented posts on Instagram? If you too are interested in knowing who is winning the race of being the most commented post on Instagram, then this post has got the name of the secret winners for you.

Likes and comments play an important role in the Internet world and can change any algorithm. Remember when back in 2019, A post of an egg broke all the records and became the most liked post on Instagram, but sadly, it is only the fourth most commented post on Instagram and not at the top.

He with a single post became the winner of the title. But Wait!!!! What was the post about? How many likes does this post have? Keep up the curiosity and knowledge about this suspense post below.

The Most Commented Post On Instagram

The internet world is very strange!

Sometimes, a small thing can get fame and the bigger one…..Ahhhh, negligence!!

Yes, the list has got the names of popular celebrities like Kylie Jenner, but sorry Kylie! Her post holds the fifth position to be the most Commented Post on Instagram. Dive below to know which posts have more comments than Kylie.

Rank PostsComments
1.Alexandros Kopsialis43.8 Million
2.XXXTentacion 10.4 Million
3.Sidhu Moose Wala 5.3 Million
4.Asorloth3.5 Million
5.One Direction3.4 Million
6.World Record Egg3.4 Million
7.Kylie Jenner & Stormi1.9 Million

1. Alexandros Kopsialis (Giveaway- 43.8 Million Comments)

The Most commented post on Instagram is on the account of Alexandros Kopsialis, a greek influencer/YouTuber.

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You will be shocked to know that the post has almost 44 million comments as of now.

43.8 Million!!!!

That’s a big number.

But, what was so special in this post was that the post is about a giveaway and there were three prizes for the winners.

  • A car Fiat 500 Sport Automatic.
  • An iPhone 12 pro, 128GB
  • A Playstation 5
  • A complete line of La Vie En Rose face and body cosmetics.

2. XXXTentacion (Last Goodbye- 10.4 Million Comments)

The next most commented post will break your heart!

Nothing can compensate for losing a great soul!

And if the death is accidental, all we do is regret that we cannot see the person we like the most in his last hours.

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The sad demise of American rapper, singer, songwriter, and musician, XXXTentacion did the same.

The real name of the singer was “Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy”. He had an Instagram following of 18.9 million. After his death, his followers couldn’t resist but to comment for a good fate in his afterlife. His single post on his account became the most commented post on Instagram with 10.4 Million Comments.

3. Sidhu Moose Wala (Want It To Happen?- 5.3 Million Comments)

An Indian Punjabi singer SIDHU MOOSE WALA with over 5.9 million followers, has set the records with 3 million comments in 24 hours on his Instagram post.

Indians are a great fan of Punjabi music and this craze made his post to be the most commented one!

Confused how?

It was simple!

He asked his Instagram followers to set an aim of 5.3 million comments if they want to release the teaser of his album named “Moose Tape“.

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4. About To Strike! (Pictures By Alexander Sørloth- 3.5 Million Comments)

Do you love soccer?

If yes, there is a pst of your interest! It is a post by Asorloth aka Alexander Sørloth. He is a Norwegian professional football pretty popular for his goals and strikes. The post is bo

This post has become one of the most commented posts on Instagram and has got 182K Likes and 3.5 million comments.

5. One Direction To Be A Family (Campfire- 3.4 Million Comments)

Guys! have you seen the one direction’s recent collaboration?

Ah! Don’t say you missed it!

Damn! Why?

They recently shared a post with Stewie griffin from the family guy. It is an animated picture where you can see the four boys enjoying the campfire with him.

Hm! They might become a family now!

This post has got 3 million likes and 3.4 million live comments by far.

6. The World Record Egg (Egg Picture: 3.4 Million Comments)

Photo of an egg that is also known for the most-liked post on Instagram has a pretty good amount of comments as well!

It has over 3.4 million comments on its Instagram post.

world_record_egg writes in its description:

“Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this ????”.

This photo was posted on 4 January 2019.

7. Kylie Jenner And Stormi (Post of innocence- 1.9 Million Comments)

This mother-daughter duo has been ruling the internet world with their cuteness and one of Kylie’s posts has been the most liked video on Instagram.

Well, seeing her name in the list of the most commented post on the Internet is not a big deal to many.


It is because that Kylie Jenner is one of the most popular celebrities on Instagram with 237Million Followers.

This post is of her kid, Stormi, holding to Kylie’s thumb has over 1.9 Million comments till now since the day of its upload on 7 Feb 2018.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the most commented post on Instagram. All these posts have created a huge difference in the Instagram world.

Well, it is clear that there is a huge difference in comments between the posts at the 1st and the 2nd position of being the most commented post on Instagram. Well, we know the season for such a big difference as well. After all, it was a giveaway and who doesn’t want free goodies, Worth millions.

Now, It’s your turn to, tell us in the comment section which post deserves the best among these. We would love to hear from you and if you loved this post, do share it with your friends and let them end their curiosity about the post with the highest comments on Instagram as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most commented picture on Instagram 2021?

The most commented picture on Instagram by far is of Alexandros Kopsialis. It was a Giveaway post with 43.8 Million Comments.

What is the most-liked Instagram comment?

The most-liked Instagram comment belongs to Skai Jackson. He commented on the post of Cameron Boyce with 480000 likes.

Who has the most posts on Instagram 2021?

Benc4n has set the records with 10Million Posts on Instagram While the second winner is riican1738. This page has 2 million uploads by far.

What is the most viewed reel on Instagram?

The most liked Reel on Instagram belongs to a kid from India. Her name is Shivanjali Porje with 248 Million views.

What Instagram reel has the most likes?

The reel that is ruling the internet world and has become the Most liked reel is a three-year compilation of Stormi’s journey. This reel has got 11.4 Million by far. The reel is not only the most Liked but also has got a lot of comments on Instagram as well.


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