Tennessee: 9 Most Beautiful Towns And Cities To Visit Soon

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The state of Tennessee is rich in cultural and scenic values. It is the home of blues and country music and brings people together for the love of music worldwide. The scenic beauty of Tennessee and its geographical landmarks distinguish the state from any other. The lush green and beautiful valleys tucked near the Smoky Mountains make each location breathtaking. So, if you want to experience the famous southern hospitality and experience music and nature all in one place, Tennessee is the go-to state. For this purpose, we have made a list of the top 9 cities and towns you must visit while in Tennessee.

  1. Franklin 

The small town of Franklin is a few kilometers away from Nashville. This town that hugs the Harpeth river has a wonderful small-town charm to it. The downtown streets of Franklin are filled with bars, restaurants, and boutiques for you to explore. However, the main reason why this charming small town is a huge attraction in Tennessee is because of its history. There are battlefield sites that date back to the civil war and historical sites that mark the fierce battle that took place in that area.

  1. Pigeon Forge 

Pigeon Forge, also known as the gateway to the beautiful Smoky Mountains, is a family-friendly destination that can offer you the chance to explore nature. You can find many rental cabins and hotel rooms that offer a scenic view of the Smoky Mountains. Apart from enjoying the mountain ranges and national parks, there are many things to do in Pigeon Forge. You can visit the Ripley’s Aquarium and enjoy shows there. You can enjoy going on shopping sprees in all the boutiques and shopping malls in the city. You can trek in the mountains and national park during the day and go for a go-karting race by night.

  1. Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area 

Sometimes, you get tired of the metropolitan bustle and just want to enjoy nature. The appropriately named area known as ‘Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area’ is perfect for you in such a case. You can relax in the natural sceneries and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. You can explore the different habitats, wetlands, forests, landscapes, and long stretches of shoreline in that area. There is a rather wild feel of the forests in this area, making your nature retreat all the more perfect.

  1. Gatlinburg 

The small resort town, surrounded by mountains all around it, is the perfect spot for a family vacation. Gatlinburg resides at the foot of the Smoky Mountains and features a national park named after these mountains. There are many outdoor activities you can enjoy in Gatlinburg, like hiking trails or skiing in winter. When you explore the town, many go-karting tracks and arcades are scattered around the town to entertain families.

  1. Knoxville 

Knoxville happens to be the third-largest city of Tennessee, and it was the former capital of the state. If you want to enjoy some time with your friends, you can enjoy the city’s numerous restaurants, bars, and breweries. One of the city’s biggest attractions is the football games by the University of Tennessee, as these games are celebrated like an event. Apart from that, Knoxville is also culturally blooming, with many events, music shows, and art festivals taking place in the city throughout the year.

  1. Chattanooga 

Chattanooga, which was always considered the main railroad station, lies by the Tennessee River. Chattanooga is part of the list because of the city’s historical and geographical value. As it was an important transport hub, there were fierce battles to gain control of the city during the Civil War. Due to that, there are many battlefield grounds, historical sights, and museums to explore its history. Apart from that, Chattanooga is a very scenic and beautiful city, fully surrounded by mountains and lying on a riverbank. As a result, there are many outdoor activities to offer here that range from rock climbing to water sports.

  1. Memphis 

Memphis, the birthplace of blues music, is a musical hub of the state. For this reason, you can find numerous clubs and bars where you can enjoy live music. To honor this theme, Memphis has many monuments around the town and museums that honor several musicians. Memphis happens to be a bright and lovely town that attracts music lovers from all over the world. To accommodate tourism, many great bars, shops, restaurants, and clubs have opened up in the city.

  1. Nashville 

You cannot talk about Tennessee and not mention Nashville. While being the capital of Tennessee, Nashville is also the capital of country music. Hence, you can find plenty of music festivals and live music venues to enjoy in the city. Despite being known as the ‘country music’ capital, Nashville has many layers to it. The city has become an important cultural and commercial center of the state. There are many historic sights nestled in vibrant districts for you to explore. And when you get hungry, enjoy the trendy restaurants and bars.

  1. Clarksville 

The busy and bustling city of Clarksville is one of the oldest cities in the state of Tennessee. You can visit the historical trails of the Civil War at the Civil War park. Apart from that, you can enjoy outdoor sports like hiking and cycling if an active vacation is what you are looking for.

Tennessee is a beautiful state full of culture, music, and history. The natural scenery of every city and town of the state is breathtaking. So, if you are planning a nature retreat to reconnect with the wilderness and enjoy the simplest things in life, Tennessee is the best state to visit. Once you have your fill of the natural scenery, you can return to bustling cities and enjoy the rich musical culture the state has to offer. In conclusion, you can find a perfect vacation spot in Tennessee that offers you a blend of all the elements you are looking for.


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