3 Simple Steps to Kickstart Your Morning Routine For Work

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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I will start working out from today”, “My journey towards a healthy life begins today!” Have you been manifesting these affirmations for years and still find it hard to make out time for it? If yes, then you are at the right place. I have 3 simple steps that will help you kickstart your morning routine for work. 

Are you working so hard every day that even 24 hours don’t seem to be enough? Is your morning, as a result, a blur of unproductive grogginess? If this is the case, then all you have to do is follow these simple three steps and walk towards a healthier life. I won’t ask you to make promises that you will hit the gym at 5 in the morning every day, or ask you to follow a complicated multi-step routine. That’s just setting you up for failure. 

Instead, it’s better to start with a simple routine, and then build on it.

We all have to agree that it can be extremely difficult to follow a morning routine for work. Tell me, who likes to go to the office all sleepy with a hurting head? No One! Below, I present a routine with coffee that will make your mornings more pleasant and productive.

How To Kick Start Your Morning Routine For Work? 

Morning routines vary from person to person. However, when it comes to professionals or workers, having a morning routine for work is a must! You may ask why? 

A good morning routine helps you be sharp in the morning and thereby increases productivity. Once you start following a particular routine, you will feel more in control of your day (we know it’s usually the other way around). 

Are you feeling a little motivated already? Then, let’s get onto the 3 magical steps that will make your morning more pleasant and energetic. 

1. Automate your Coffee Preparation

Automate your Coffee Preparation

What is that one thing that will help you get up in the morning no matter what? It’s coffee. It has been shown that mornings are the most productive time of the day for most working people. To capitalize on this by waking up with a warm cup of coffee. 

We choose coffee because to help you get off your bed, you should schedule a pleasurable activity as soon as you wake up. Plus coffee has the added boost of caffeine. Coffee is a pleasurable activity for most people. According to NCA USA: “7 in 10 Americans drink coffee every week; 62% drink coffee every day. The average American coffee drinker drinks just over 3 cups per day.”

There are many coffee brewing methods to get your coffee ready as soon as you wake up without any effort on your part, you need a coffee machine that can be programmed, such that your coffee is waiting for you as soon as you wake up, and all you gotta do is follow the coffee smell trail with your nose. To maximize the goodness of your coffee, we recommend a brew and grind machine because whole bean coffee is way superior to ground coffee. There are many coffee makers with built-in grinders that can help you complete the task. 

As an added bonus, a coffee machine can save money. Purchasing 3 cups of coffee per day is not good for your wallet or the environment.

2. Meditate Before Starting Work 

 Meditate Before Starting Work

Your struggle for a work-life balance ends here and now. Only if you decide and make it a notion that you will follow this step religiously, can you make great things happen. Meditation should be a regular part of life for everybody, and this cannot be said enough. Taking out time for meditation in the morning is very important. Consider meditation a gift to oneself. There are many benefits of meditation that are worth mentioning. Implementing a 10 to 15-minute meditation session each morning before work is one of the best things you could do for your morning, and for yourself. 

Why Meditation Should Be A Part Of Your Morning Routine For Work? 

  • Research shows that regular meditation decreases anxiety, stress, and depression. This will help you be happier and thereby be more productive.
  • Meditation helps to focus by lengthening and strengthening your attention span.
  • Regular meditation improves sleep.
  • Meditation may reduce age-related memory loss. 

3. Be Consistent 

Be Consistent

If you ever desire to have a healthy morning routine for work, then this 3rd step is the most important for you. If you are not consistent with the routine, then you won’t see any good effects. Making up your mind to be disciplined is definitely difficult, this is why we suggest starting with this very simple routine. But once you surpass that stage, there is no stopping you. 

There are so many things that you can do to make sure that you stay consistent. To help yourself, you can place your alarm far from the bed so that you have to stand up to turn it off (maybe beside the coffee maker?). 

To make a change, your routine, and then a habit, you can always follow the 21/90 days rule. The 21/90 days rule states that it takes only 21 days to make a habit and then 90 days to make it a lifestyle change. Just 3 dedicated weeks of your life can bring a huge lifestyle shift. So, do not give up! 

Wrapping Up 

The few initial days will definitely be hard. You might feel the urge to give up every day. But, trust me, tomorrow will be a little better than today. Stick to this thought and start the change right now. Whenever you start feeling lethargic and tired, remind yourself why you began in the first place. Motivation will take you places! 

Exercise this morning routine for work regularly and make this a part of your life. You will feel more refreshed and productive. Start carving out time for yourself. 


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