7 Modern Family Valentine’s Episodes Perfect For Valentine 2022

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“Here’s the deal. Girls don’t go for all that romantic stuff. They go for power and success, and since you don’t have either one of those things… you’re gonna be the funny guy.”

Happy Valentine’s week fellas!! So, any plans for Valentine’s day with your friends and family? Well, talking about family, can you believe it’s almost 2 years since Modern Family ended?? Seriously, it feels like just yesterday when Gloria ordered Baby Jesus instead of Baby Cheese or when Cam dressed as Fizbo. Well, I think I finally know how to spend this year’s Valentine’s week- watching Modern Family Valentine’s Episodes marathon.

So how’s the new year treating you? And most importantly how’s the family treating you? Well, it’s okay we all are in the same boat, wishing to sail away as far as we could from this year as well as our embarrassing families…Sorry, I got lost !! But since we can’t run from our families(no matter how hard we try)there is one other family that can provide us with much-needed solace and distraction. Yesss!! The modern family though now ended has given us some memorable Valentine Memories to draw upon during these times. 

From Phil & Claire’s Hawaiian Wedding to Cam & Mitch’s Proposal, Modern family has created its mark with its romantic gestures, making this one of the must-watch series during Valentine’s week. So, here’s the perfect Valentine’s schedule- 7 romantic Modern Family Valentines Episodes for 7 days of Valentine’s week. Let’s dive into them-

A List Of Best Modern Family Valentine’s Episodes To Binge This Valentines Week

Here’s a list of a perfect schedule for a perfect Valentine’s week- Enjoy!!

  • Written in the Stars |  Season 09, Episode 14
  • Paris’|  Season 11, Episode 13
  • Heart Broken |  Season 04, Episode 15
  • My Funky Valentine |  Season 01, Episode 15
  • Bixby’s Back |  Season 02, Episode 14
  • Valentine’s Day 4: Twisted Sister’ | Season 06, Episode 14
  • Suddenly, Last Summer |  Season 05, Episode 01

1. Written In The Stars | Season 09, Episode 14

1. Written In The Stars   |   Season 09, Episode 14

It’s Valentine’s day and what’s the best time to spice things up a little bit?? Predicting Gloria is upset about the Ball drop by Jay, Phil makes a suggestion of role-playing to make things interesting. Well, it turns a little more interested than intended when Gloria is mistaken for a prostitute.

While Mitchell and Cameron accidentally end up spoiling Luke’s Valentine’s date by treating him like a womanizer before his girlfriend. Now they are doing anything they can to make it right. Meanwhile, Manny is making Valentine’s Day Card for Gloria.

This is a fun entertaining episode to start the Modern Family Valentines Episode marathon with.

2. Paris | Season 11, Episode 13

For your second day of the Modern Family Valentines Episode marathon, Paris would be a perfect idea. 

2. Paris   |   Season 11, Episode 13

Over the 11 season run, the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan had enjoyed making hilarious scenarios and unforgettable memories over the globe traveling from Hawaii, Australia, Wyoming, and Disneyland to Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and New York.

And for this last family tour, they head to Paris, a city of love, so they can see Jay receiving his Lifetime achievement award. But just when they are happy, his arch-nemesis Earl Chambers swoops in to destroy their happy time. At the same time, Claire gets involved in a secret rendezvous in Paris and Phil wants to turn on the romance with Clive. Of course, it’s called a city of love for a reason. 

This Modern Family Valentines Episode also fulfills Cam’s dream of Fizbo’s becoming a street performer in Paris. All the laughs and rendezvous maki are worth a watch.

3. Heart Broken | Season 04, Episode 15

 Heart Broken   |   Season 04, Episode 15

In this Modern Family Valentines Episode, everyone seems to have a wild Valentine’s planned. Phil and Claire decide to bring Clive Bixby and Julianna, their alter-egos back one day prior to Valentine. But in a series of events, Claire ends up in the hospital and is advised to take things easy and slow. Well, let’s just say easy and slow was the last thing she had in her mind after what she had planned.

Finally, on Valentine’s day, Gloria and Jay decide to re-ignite their spark since the baby but they had to keep their plan on hold. Continuous interruption from the kids, Manny’s change of clothes, and Lily’s intervention make it a difficult evening for them.

At the same time, Cam and Mitch decide to throw a wild Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Party where they invite all their single friends to have fun. But the fun took a turn when they woke up hungover and couldn’t remember anything.

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4. My Funky Valentine | Season 01, Episode 15

This is the first Modern Family Valentines Episode of the show and it succeeded in creating the pedestal for succeeding Valentine episodes to follow.  What made Modern family episodes so amazing is the fact that the writers created alter egos for Claire and Phil as an escape from their “normal” lives for one night.  In this episode, we are introduced to Claire and Phil’s alter egos, Julianna and Clyde Bixby who had a perfect romantic evening planned.

But in a series of misfortunes, Claire’s jacket is stuck in escalators leading to accidental flashing to the entire lobby including Jay and Gloria. Oops..!! that’s a day one can never forget. Whilst Manny and Jay are also having their fun.

Gloria wants to go Salsa dancing with Jay but he has some totally different plans for Valentine’s day, he wants to take her to see David Brenner much to her disappointment. Even Mitchell and Cameron are making their preparations for the V-day.

This Modern Family Valentines Episode highlights how sometimes we just need to give in to things. No matter how much planning you have put into making things perfect, sometimes disasters are meant to happen.

5. Bixby’s Back | Season 02, Episode 14

Another amazing episode to include in your Modern Family Valentines Episode marathon is Bixby Back.

Modern Family Valentines Episodes

Trying to make up for the previous Valentine’s day in My Funky Valentine, Clive and Juliana try a second chance at their role-playing. This V-day’s adventure leads them to their hotel room or to be specific someone else’ hotel room creating amusing and hilarious situations.

Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria’s valentine’s dinner doesn’t go as planned. Jay had a perfect surprise constructed where he’ll pretend not to get a reservation and then surprise her with musicians and a private chef. But it all comes crashing down making the viewers roll on the floor with laughter. And Cam and Mitch are arguing about who Mitchell’s assistant had a crush on.

6. Valentine’s Day 4: Twisted Sister | Season 6, Episode 14

The Modern Family Valentines Episode that claims its position for the sixth day in the Modern Family Valentine’s marathon is Valentine’s Day 4: Twisted Sister. It’s valentine’s day and Phil and Claire have decided upon a low-key date. But as you know, nothing remains low-key when Modern family is involved and Claire surprises him with her alter-ego, Juliana.

Meanwhile, seeing Gloria’s family trying to adapt to her new lifestyle is hilarious, and adding to the fun, Gloria’s sister, Sonia decides to make a visit. And it is no shock that she develops a crush on Jay leading to a burst out catfight over him. Cam and Mitch also find themselves in a perilous situation with Anders.

If bundles of laughs and heaps of love are what you are looking for this Valentine, then this Modern Family Valentines Episode seems like the perfect fit.

7. Suddenly, Last Summer | Season 05, Episode 01

Saving the best for the last, this is not exactly a  Modern Family Valentines Episode but this episode deserves a worthy acknowledgment and a definite place among  Modern Family Valentine’s episodes. After all, you can’t end Valentine’s marathon without seeing a perfect proposal.

One of the biggest romantic gestures on the show is Cam and Mitchell’s proposal. In this episode, both of them are preparing a perfect proposal plan taking help from their friends and family.

But as they say, too many cooks spoil the cake, so much planning and preparations end up sabotaging their would-be perfect night. Though, by the end, Cam and Mitchell still manage to carry their proposals. While fixing the tires, they reminisce about their life and end up proposing to each other. Even though it was simplistic, yet it managed to steal our hearts away and give us the perfect ending to their love story.

Modern Family Valentines Episodes

Now tell me?? Is there any other way to spend the best Valentine’s evening? NO, it’s not !!

Wrapping Up

Modern Family is one of the best American sitcoms that sadly ended in 2020 but within its journey gave us so many memorable episodes that we can’t help watching them again and again. Their engrossing drama, hilarious moments, amusing secrets, embarrassing situations, and so many entertaining memories have created an everlasting impact for which we couldn’t be more thankful. So, let’s pay a tribute to these crazy families this Valentine’s by watching all the  Modern Family Valentine’s Episodes.

I have also prepared for you a list of all the-

Modern Family Christmas episodes for your Christmas vibes, and Modern Family New Year episodes for your New year celebration.

I hope you got what you are searching for. Keep visiting Path Of EX for more intriguing collections.


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