Mobile Feat 5e or Sentinel Feat DnD: Which One Is Better?

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Ahhhh… DnD is on FIRE, right? I vividly remember the day when I started playing Dungeons and Dragons. I was extremely curious; a bit scared to start with this. It was an unusual, kinda thrilling sentiment. My mind was eager to know what to do next, Amazing. And after that, there was no looking back. Some of my favorite feats are Mobile feat 5e and Sentinel Feat 5e. They both have contradicting qualities that confuse the player initially. 

Every feat has its own potential features that cannot be marked as Black and White. That is why drawing a reasonable comparison between Mobile Feat 5e and Sentinel Feat 5e can be complicated. Both of them are amazing yet have unique qualities that make them special.

But, which one is better Mobile Feat 5e or Sentinel Feat 5e? Well, you are going to find your answer in this article. Read along to spice up your attack and know all about Mobile Feat and Sentinel Feat DnD 5e. 

I am sure you don’t want to miss this one!

DnD 5e Mobile Feat

Are you not interested in provoking an opportunity attack? or, Do you want to move at a 10x speed? If Yes, then my friend, Mobile Feat is for YOU. 

Mobile Feat allows you to make some additional extra movements and bypass the difficult terrain debuff, deftly. It is a powerful feat that allows the player to avoid opportunity attacks. He can move away, escape, and run as quickly he wants with this feat, in a sneaky way. 

Mobile Feat 5e or Sentinel Feat

Benefits of 5e DnD Mobile feat

With the DnD Mobile feat, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your character is organically speedy and nimble. Your speed is 10 feet greater.
  • When you use a dash moment, the 5e Difficult terrain doesn’t cost you an extra moment on that turn.
  • When a melee attack is made against a creature by your side, you don’t provoke any opportunity attack from that creature for the rest of the turn, whether you hit it or not.

DnD Mobile Feat 5e allows the player to sneak around quickly out of the range after making a melee attack. It is one of the best feats that have speedy quality and an ability to refute both difficult terrain’s speed debuff and opportunity attacks. 

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Classes that have the best synergies with the Mobile feat 5e in DnD are Monk, Rogue, and Fighter. And, Races that have the best synergies with the Mobile Feat 5e in DnD are Tabaxi, Goblin, Variant Human, Aaracokra, and Trion/Locathah. 

5e Sentinel Feat DnD

Find 5e Sentinel Feat on page 169 of a Player’s Handbook.

We have read that Mobile Feat 5e in DnD doesn’t provoke an opportunity attack from any creature. However, in Sentinel Feat, creatures provoke opportunity attacks even if they disengage. This feat ensures the front-line fighter.

Sentinel Feat 5e has three major advantages. They allow you to take advantage of every drop in any enemy’s guard. Check out the following:

Mobile Feat 5e or Sentinel Feat

Benefits of 5e Sentinel Feat DnD

  • When any of your opportunity attacks hit the creature, the speed of the creature drops down to ZERO for their left-out turns. 
  • Creatures provoke opportunity attacks from them even if they take the Disengage action before leaving your reach. It means that if creatures are trying to get away from you, they will fail terribly. 
  • When a creature within 5 feet of you makes an attack against a target other than you (and the target doesn’t have this feat), you can use your reaction to make a melee weapon attack against the attacking creature. This is an amazing defense. It allows you to protect your allies, even if they are involved with the same enemies as you. 

Sentinel Feat 5e in DnD becomes an amazing defensive player when it is paired up with the Polearm Master. It allows you to lay down multiple attacks and damages. Players can use the wall to stop enemies from moving past them. They can also hit the players with reactions and bonus actions. 

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Mobile Feat 5e Vs Sentinel Feat 5e 

Mobile Feat 5e or Sentinel Feat

Drawing a reasonable comparison between Mobile Feat 5e and Sentinel Feat 5e is complicated. Every feat has its own potential features that cannot be marked as Black and White. However, we have drawn a contrast on the basis of the  Opportunity Attack between these two. Consider the following pointers:

  • In 5e Mobile Feat DnD, a player doesn’t provoke an opportunity attack from the creature as he steadily slides himself out of the range after attacking the target. This means that if a Mobile Feat player finds himself in a proble. Lets say he has a enemy in the same room. He can use a melee attack on him to protect himself. And, further, he can use his speedy mobility to quickly slide out of that zone. 
  • However, in Sentinel Feat 5e, a creature provokes the opportunity attack from you even if you disengage. This ensures, that if creatures are trying to escape from you. Like passing by you in a sneaky way. They will be caught eminently. 

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Wrapping Up

DnD Mobile Feat 5e and DnD Sentinel Feat 5e have merely different rules and qualities. If one escapes the opportunity attack after making a hit, the other provokes the creature to make an opportunity attack. However, both of them have some powerful and profound advantages. Each one is picked up according to the character one wishes to roleplay.

PathofEx advises you to choose the DnD feat that inclines perfectly with your mindset. 

Otherwise, write down below if you have any sort of confusion.

We would love to hear what are your thoughts on Mobile Feat 5e and DnD Sentinel Feat 5e. Most importantly, which Feat do you think is the best. Do comment and share your thoughts. I’ll be waiting to hear what you have chosen?

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