Misunderstood Royale High Theme | List Of Sunset Island Themes

Misunderstood Royale High Theme | List Of Sunset Island Themes

Royale High is a game that can make you crazy with its multiple features. One such amazing feature of the game is its themes. But do you know that there is a misunderstood Royale High theme too in the game, which is very popular among its players? So let’s jump on and learn about the Misunderstood Theme in Royale High.

Misunderstood Royale High Theme can be anything like a dress or an object, such as a spider. Dress up as a mermaid for Mysterious Mermaids, dress up as a mythological creature, such as a unicorn or a dragon, and dress as either a nature fairy or an ice fairy depending on the situation.

Now that you have hints about the misunderstood Royale High theme, scroll down and check out each misunderstood theme and what players think about it.

List Of All Misunderstood Royale High Themes In 2023 | Sunset Island Theme

Misunderstood Royale High Theme

Royale High is an amazing game with multiple features and themes. And to level up such thrill, It even has misunderstood themes. Scroll down, check out the misunderstood Royale High theme, and create them just for fun.

  • Animal = Dress up as an animal.
  • Anime/Cartoon= Dress up as an anime/cartoon character. (anime means “Japanese animation”) I usually dress up as sailor moon characters, because it’s easy to dress up as.
  • A Pirate’s Life= Dress up as a pirate.
  • Beauty Pageant = Dress up as beautifully as you can. 
  • Birthday Party = Dress up as you would when it’s your birthday or someone else’s
  • Black and White = Dress in black and white.
  • Blue Bliss = Dress in blue
  • Blue and Green = Dress in Blue and green
  • Country Roads = Dress as people in the country.
  • Celebrity look-alike = Dress up as a celebrity
  • Daring Diva = Dress up as a diva
  • Denim and Diamonds = Dress in denim (like a dark blue if you don’t have a fabric pass) Or casual but formal wear
  • Dripping in Gold = Dress in gold 
  • Dripping in Diamonds = Dress in diamonds 
  • Egyptian = Dress up as if you were living in ancient egypt
  • Fairytale = Dress up as a fairytale ( I usually dress as red little riding hood )
  • Flower Power = Dress up with flowers
  • Food for Thought = I mostly dress up as food, but it means something else.
  • Freestyle = Dress up, however, you want to.
  • Futuristic = Dress up as if you are in the future
  • Galaxy/Space Fashion = Dress in a galaxy/space-themed outfit.
  • Green Glamour = Dress in green
  • Good vs Evil = Dress either  as a Good person or an Evil person
  • Gothic Wardrobe = Dress up in a gothic outfit, like edgy and dark colours and purple.
  • Halloween = Dress up as you would for Halloween. 
  • Haunted = Dress up as a ghost or a scary thing you would find in a haunted place.
  • Heroes vs Villains = Dress either as a Hero or a Villain
  • High-End Designer Fashion = Dress in designer fashion brands.
  • Hipster = Trendy, Latest fashions.
  • Incognito = Hiding your identity
  • Kawaii = Cute fashion
  • Light Fairy Vs Dark Fairy = Dress up as either a Light Fairy or Dark Fairy
  • Masquerade Ball = Dress up as if you are attending a Masquerade Ball (It’s a fancy ball with dresses and suits and masks)
  • Misunderstood =  Dress up as something misunderstood like a spider.
  • Mysterious Mermaids = Dress up as a Mermaid.
  • Mythological Creatures = Dress up as a Magical creature like a unicorn or a Dragon
  • Nature Fairy Vs Ice Fairy = Dress up as either a Nature fairy or a Ice Fairy
  • Neon Glow = Dress up in Neon Colors
  • Orange You Glad = Dress up in Orange
  • Royalty = Dress up as Royalty
  • Pastel Perfect = Dress up in Pastel/Light colors
  • Pick An Age: 0-100 Years Old =  Dress up as any age.
  • Playful Purple = Dress in Purple
  • Pool Party = Dress as you would for a Pool Party
  • Pretty in Pink = Dress in Pink
  • Pretty Preppy = Dress neatly.
  • Punk\/Rock = Dress up as a Punk or Rock Star
  • Representing Your Realm’s Fashion = Dress as your oc’s realm fashion. (For example: if your oc’s Realm is heaven then dress up as what angels normally wear.
  • Royal Slumber Party = Dress as you would at a slumber party
  • Silver Slay = Dress in Silver
  • Snowy Day = Dress as you would outside if it was a snow day
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow = Dress in rainbow
  • Southern Belle/Southern Gentleman = Dress as a Southern Belle/Gentleman, (A young woman of the American South’s upper socioeconomic class.) (NOT THE DISNEY PRINCESS)
  • Sporty! = Dress up as you would playing a sport (I usually dress up as a cheerleader because its a sport)
  • Summer Vacation = Dress as you would going on summer vacation
  • Sweet Like Candy = Dress up like someone who looks sweet/nice.
  • Ugliest Outfit Ever = Dress up ugly.
  • Valentine’s Day =  Dress up as you would for Valentine’s Day
  • Vampire vs. Werewolf = Dress up as either a Vampire or a Werewolf
  • Water Fairy Vs Fire Fairy = Dress up as either a Water Fairy or a Fire Fairy
  • When I Grow Up = Dress up as ur dream job
  • Your Favorite Color = Dress in Your Favorite Color
  • Your Signature Look as Genderbend = Your Oc switched genders.
  • Zombie Apocalypse = Dress up as you would for a Zombie apocalypse

Wooh! Here you go all the misunderstood Royale High themes. Grab them and enjoy being weird while playing with pals.

Watch Misunderstood Royale High Theme

Sunset Island Royale High [Theme Misunderstood]

Wrapping Up

This is everything you must know about misunderstood Royale High themes. I hope this article was helpful and would even make you go weird while playing! Let us know in the comments section below which theme you choose to go misunderstood in the game. Check out Path of EX for more gaming-related articles. 

Happy Gaming! 

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