Minion Simulator Codes For September 2023 | Redeem Rewards!

Minion Simulator Codes

Here is the list of active Minion simulator codes for September 2023. So you can get your hands on the newest codes and redeem your freebies. We keep updating the new codes so save this article and you can have easy access to the upcoming new codes as soon as they are generated.

This famous Roblox adventure game called “Minion Simulator” allows you to acquire minions that will go out and gather diamonds for you. Gems can be used to hatch eggs and make superior minions. You can buy upgrades for your pickaxe and mining and collecting abilities with gold.

Let’s explore all the exciting new Minion simulator codes of 2023. Let’s learn how to redeem these codes. So let’s move further to earn new Roblox rewards!

All Minion Simulator Codes Of 2023

Listed down below are the active Minion simulator codes for September 2023 and the expired codes so you don’t waste your time trying them out.

Minion Simulator Codes

Active Minion Simulator Codes | Working In September 2023

These are the active Minion Simulator Codes for September 2023 to spice up your gameplay. Use them before they are expired.

  • GROUP888K – free rewards
  • LIKE210K – free rewards
  • LIKE200K – triple gem booster and triple damage booster
  • LIKE190K – two mega lucky damage boosters
  • GROUP750K – triple damage booster
  • LIKE180K – mega lucky booster
  • GROUP700K – triple gems booster
  • LIKE170K – two triple damage boosters
  • LIKE160K – two triple gem boosters
  • TWITTER60K – triple gems booster and triple damage booster
  • WUMPUS20K – mega lucky booster

Expired Minion Simulator Codes

You can no longer access these codes.

  • LIKE150K
  • LIKE140K
  • LIKE130K
  • LIKE120K
  • LIKE110K
  • LIKE70K
  • GROUP200K
  • LIKE100K
  • LIKE90K
  • LIKE80K
  • LIKE60K
  • LIKE50K
  • LIKE40K
  • LIKE45K
  • LIKE35K
  • LIKE30K
  • LIKE750
  • LIKE500
  • LIKE 250
  • Like2000
Minion Simulator Codes

How To Redeem Minion Simulator Codes?

You have the list of active and expired codes. Now let’s see how to redeem your Minion Simulator codes to earn rewards. 

Steps to Redeem Minion Simulator Codes-

  1. Open the Minion Simulator in Roblox.
  2. On the left side of the screen, click the shop symbol.
  3. To redeem, scroll to the bottom and click.
  4. Put in an active code of your choice.
  5. press redeem
  6. Enjoy your gift!

Wrapping Up

I have mentioned everything you need to know about Minion Simulator and all the active codes for September 2023 to spice up your gameplay. To find out other game codes check out Path of EX. If you have any doubts regarding this article feel free to ask in the comment section below. Have fun with these codes!

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