Minecraft Wild Update 1.19 Release Date Confirmed | 7 June

Minecraft wild update release date

Minecraft 1.18 update is out on the roll and has been a major attraction for the gaming community. With such positive feedback on the ongoing update, the expectations from Minecraft Wild update 1.19 have been touching the skies. Through this article of ours, we have brought you all the information you need on Minecraft Wild Update Release Date and much more about what the new update brings to us.

So, what can we expect from the Minecraft Wild update? Not only does the new update bring us a new habitat, we are even expecting to see a new weather system, new Minecraft Seeds, various new blocks and structure and of course, various new mobs in the Minecraft Wild Update 1.19. 

Minecraft Wild update 1.19 is in a major hype and the fans are eagerly waiting for more and more information on the update. So let’s not waste time and move on with our article on Minecraft Wild Update release date. Do tell us in the comments if our article helped you even a bit.

Minecraft Wild Update Release Date 1.19 Confirmed

Minecraft wild update release date

As per our legitimate sources and according to Minecraft developers Mojang, the Minecraft Wild update release date has been finally confirmed as June 7, 2022. For those who can’t wait anymore for the new update, the developers have come up with a pre-release version of Minecraft Wild Update 1.19.

At What Time Will The Minecraft Update 1.19 Release?

When Will Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update Release?

The time of release of Minecraft update 1.19 is not definite as of now. However, what we can do is take an estimated time from the previous releases. Minecraft update 1.18 was launched on all devices at around 10:00 AM PST (10:30 PM IST). So we are expecting that Minecraft Update 1.19 will also be released by the same time. But for your ease, we would also be keeping you updated in case we get any information about an early or delayed release. Hence, keep checking our website for the latest updates on Minecraft Wild Update release date.

Minecraft Wild Update 1.19 Features

Minecraft wild update release date

Minecraft Wild Update 1.19 quite successfully justifies its name; it definitely has gone wild this time! Below mentioned are a few new things that you would be able to witness in Minecraft Wild Update 1.19. Let’s have a look at our Minecraft wild update release date and other features!

1. Deep Dark Biome 

Minecraft wild update release date

To be spawned underground in the Deepslate layer, this new biome would be able to spawn things like Ancient cities and also, the Warden.

2. Mud

Minecraft wild update release date

Mud blocks can now be made by pouring water on dirt and can be used for draining moisture out in order to obtain clay.

3. Boats with Chests

Minecraft wild update release date

With the new and improved boats that would come with chests, you can go explore the wide rivers without having to think about your safety.

4. Allay Mob

Minecraft wild update release date

This is a fairy-like creature, blue in color, that would help you collect stuff for your inventory and also, loves to dance.

Is The Minecraft Update 1.19 Divided into 2 Parts?

The Entire Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update in Less Than 11 Minutes

According to some sources, Minecraft is to be divided into two parts, like the previous Caves and Cliffs update. If we think about it, the two different parts would actually be pulled off real good, keeping in mind that the Wild update plans to bring back pretty much all the biomes in Minecraft. However, it cannot be said for sure as unlike the Minecraft Wild Update release date, the developers haven’t confirmed anything as of now.

Which Devices will Receive the Minecraft Update 1.19?

An amazing news for all the Minecraft fans out there! All the devices which could support Minecraft Update 1.18 will be receiving  Minecraft Update 1.19. Unfortunately, the game hasn’t really planned on expanding their platform base for now, hence, the following is the list of devices that will receive Minecraft Update 1.19:

Minecraft wild update release date
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Switch
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • macOS (Java edition)
  • Linus (Java edition)

Fans must note that the Windows players would be able to enjoy both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft update 1.19, which actually makes sense keeping in mind that Minecraft developer Mojang falls under Microsoft.

Will Minecraft Java And Bedrock Get The Minecraft Update 1.19 Simultaneously?

Minecraft wild update release date

Another good news is that both the editions – Java and Bedrock – would receive the Minecraft update 1.19 at the same time, thanks to the now improving uniformity between both the editions. However, we are expecting that the beta updates and snapshot release dates might differ from each other. 

Wrapping Up

Minecraft is like a legacy for the gaming community. There is no count on the number of new players that are being added to this huge family. This is what motivates the developers of the game to keep their fans happy and satisfied with new updates and stuff. That is all you need to know about the Minecraft Wild update release date for now. Make sure to check our website from time to time to get more latest updates regarding the same. If you have any query related to this, drop a comment and we will reach out to you!


1. What Was The Name of Minecraft 1.23 Update?

Minecraft 1.23 update was named as Arsenal Update.

2. Who Are The Developers of Minecraft?

Minecraft developers are Mojang Studios, Other Ocean Interactive, 4J Studios and Xbox Game Studios.

3. Who Owns Mojang?

Mojang Studios is owned by Microsoft.

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