Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained 2023 | All 15 Jobs Ranked!

Minecraft Villager Jobs

As a miner in the notorious Minecraft World, you might be aware of Villagers and might want all Minecraft villager jobs explained. So, let me tell you- There are 15 such jobs, and Minecraft villagers work at their profession, breed, and interact with other each other and their environment. 

Players can interact with a villager and trade with them using Emeralds in Minecraft that they earn as currency. And although there are methods to breed villagers in Minecraft, it’s a whole other thing to be one. 

So let’s read to learn about all Minecraft villager jobs explained with all the important details. Comment to let us know if you’re just as excited about the new Minecraft game, Minecraft Avatar Legends, as we are!

How Many Villager Jobs Are In Minecraft?

There are many things to keep you busy in the Minecraft world. One of these things is a job. Minecraft Villager jobs can help you survive, among other things. Having a job can help you get food, shelter, and various tools to upgrade your living (much like in real life.)

Minecraft Villager Jobs

There are a total of 15 Minecraft Villager Jobs. Here’s a list of all 15 Minecraft Villager jobs:

  1. Armorer
  2. Butcher
  3. Cartographer
  4. Cleric
  5. Farmer
  6. Fisherman
  7. Fletcher
  8. Leatherworker
  9. Librarian
  10. Mason/Stone Mason (JE/BE)
  11. Shepherd
  12. Toolsmith
  13. Weaponsmith
  14. Nitwit
  15. Unemployed

Lucky for you, we have all Minecraft villager jobs explained in one place for you. 

All Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained | 15 Minecraft Jobs Ranked 

So that you can choose your own Villagers, I’ve decided to rank the Minecraft Villager jobs here. Below I have all 15 Minecraft villager jobs explained in order from worst to best. 

15. Nitwit

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block:

Nitwits Offer: Only aesthetic value

Not to hurt any feelings, but Nitwits in Minecraft is a useless Minecraft villager job because you can’t trade with them or assign them a job. I hope you don’t confuse them with the unemployed villagers because you can assign the unemployed a job. 

Nitwits are probably only kept by Minecraft developers to remind us that the Minecraft world holds only aesthetic value for many people.

14. Leatherworker

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block: Cauldron

Leatherworker Offers: Leather armor, horse armor, and saddles.

The next Minecraft villager job on our list is a Leatherworker. They are not as useful as they used to be because none of their trade items are used as much. However, the Leatherworkers’ job site block is a cauldron and is really useful. You can store water, lava, or powder snow inside a cauldron. 

13. Butcher

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block: Smoker

Butcher Offers: Cooked meat and stew.

Butchers are the most reliable source of food among all Minecraft villager jobs. This is because they provide cooked meat and rabbit stew to Minecraft players. It might even offer 8 cooked chicken pieces for one emerald! 

You can even use their utility block (smoker) for cooking meat in the game quicker than a normal furnace.

12. Wandering Trader

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Wandering traders aren’t really villagers because they don’t spawn in a village. Apart from that, they look and act like villagers, and you can even trade with them for unusual items. This is why we include them in out list of Minecraft villager jobs. The trading offers of a wandering trader are usually random, unlike those of villagers with specific items.

There is no way of spawning a Wandering Trader in Minecraft. They randomly spawn with 2 leashed llamas around you after 1 day in the game has over. They can spawn anywhere within a 48-block radius around your location. So, keep your eyes peeled!

11. Fisherman

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block: Barrel

Fisherman Offers: Cooked seafood, a campfire, and an enchanted fishing rod.

Fishermen are a comparatively newer addition to the game. They are also one of the best Minecraft Villager Jobs available. A fisherman lets you trade fish for emeralds even if you don’t love fishing. Their utility block, a barrel, is great for storing items.

10. Shepherd

Job Site Block: Loom

Shepherd offers: decorative items like colored wool and paintings.

The job of a shepherd in Minecraft is one of the few non-survival Minecraft villager jobs. Regardless, they offer shears and beds. The job site block of the shepherd is much more interesting than the job itself. You can use the loom to create unique patterns on banners with an intriguing in-game editor.

But setting up a sheep farm and finding a Shepherd is a good way to gain emeralds. Villagers take on the Shepherd role when there is a loom nearby.

9. Cartographer

Job Site Block: Cartography Table

Cartographers Offer: Trades maps, frames, and banners

Many players describe Cartographers as the most expensive Minecraft villager job in the game, but it’s worth it. You can get maps, frames, and banners from them. You can use the special maps to find the game’s ocean monuments, woodland mansions, and buried treasure. The job site is a cartography table that can be used to create maps.

8. Toolsmith

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block: Smithing Table

Toolsmiths Offer: Trades tools like a pickaxe, shovel, & hoe.

You can trade with toolsmiths to obtain various tools like a pickaxe, axe, shovel, and hoe, so they make one of the most useful Minecraft villager jobs. It is even possible to obtain enchanted tools at a higher level. You can also use the smithing table to upgrade diamond tools to netherite tools (strongest in Minecraft.)

They may also offer emeralds in exchange for coal, iron, or flint. These gems could then be used to trade back to the Toolsmith in exchange for some tools.

7. Fletcher

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block: Fletching Table

Fletcher Offers: Trades arrows, flint, bow, & crossbows

Fletcher is one of the rarest Minecraft villager jobs, but if you have good aim, you can use them to your advantage. Upper-level fletchers can also provide enchanted bows, crossbows, and tipped arrows. I suggest having two or more Fletchers. 

Note that, sadly, their job site is a fletching table, a table that serves no other purpose.

6. Mason 

Job Site Block: Stonecutter

Mason Offers: Different bricks, terracotta, & quartz. 

The job of a mason is to provide a variety of stones. You can trade for different types of bricks, variants of polished stone blocks, and dripstone blocks at lower levels. 

Those who love creating blocks will love working with the Mason. For those who aren’t, this is still likely the best Minecraft villager job for trading emeralds with. And if you are looking for a quick way to get good-looking Terracotta or Quartz blocks, you will find them at the Expert and Master levels. 

5. Farmer

Job Site Block: Composter

Farmers Offer: High-level food items & ingredients.

Farmer is the most popular and common type of Minecraft villager job in Minecraft. You can trade bread, pie, apple, cookies, cake, and stew at lower levels. The stew from Farmers can have many effects like jump boost, night vision, weakness, poison, and blindness.

Many farms spawn next to composters, which are great for creating bonemeal for your farm!

4. Armorer

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block: Blast Furnace

Armorer Offers: iron, armor, & chain

An armorer is one of those Minecraft villager Jobs responsible for trading armor pieces. This Minecraft villager job is mostly around a blast furnace. You can get pieces of armor, a bell, and a shield from an armorer too. In addition, an expert armorer can even supply you with enchanted diamond armor!

3. Cleric

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block: Brewing Stand

Clerics Offer: Magical items, Redstone dust, & even Bottle o’ Enchanting!

Clerics supply rare magical items. Among all the Minecraft villager jobs, trading with clerics usually results in the most promising & surprising items. And even if you don’t find a cleric in your village, you can easily assign a village this job by creating a brewing stand in Minecraft. 

2. Weaponsmith

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block: Grindstone

Weaponsmiths Offer: Minerals, bells & enchanted weapons.

What makes Weaponsmiths one of the best Minecraft villager jobs is that chests from a weaponsmith can give you obsidian, weapons, and iron. As for trading, they give swords and axes with and without enchantments. Grindstone from Weaponsmiths can be used to fix tools and weapons. In addition, it is one of Minecraft’s most reliable tools for removing enchantments.

1. Librarian

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block: Lectern

Librarians Offer: enchanted books, compasses, clocks, name tags, and more.

On the top of our list is Librarian as a Minecraft villager job. In the game, Librarians make getting enchanted books easy. But that’s not all. Their job site block is the lectern, which is only useful in multiplayer mode. It enables you to place books on it so that multiple players can read them at the same time.

Of course, purchasing powerful enchantments that could reach level five might need you to spend some. The Librarian can be spawned by placing a lectern next to an unemployed villager. So, it’s no surprise that it ranks first!

What Is The Best Job For A Villager In Minecraft?

Based on what Minecraft players around the world say, we’ll have to go with the Librarians on this. 

Being a Librarian is the best job for a Villager in Minecraft. This is because the Librarian can offer you an enchanted book in return for emeralds and a typical book.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have all Minecraft villager jobs explained, you’re ready to make the most out of your survival world. In light of the above discussion, don’t forget to comment on your favorite Minecraft villager job in the comments section. See how many of our Path of EX readers share this opinion!

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