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To begin with, I must say that 2022 is a very harsh year for us, the Technoblade fans. We lost our idol to the warmth of heaven forever on June 30, 2022. He owed his sweats to Minecraft, and to comply with the same, Minecraft gave him the most beautiful tribute ever. Read along further to know about Minecraft’s Tribute to Technobolade : The new start-up screen feature and also, do not skip out on the famous Technoblade Texture Pack.

Technoblade was the heart and soul of Minecraft, however, to shower their respects, Minecraft has showered him with nothing but respect and gratitude. Technoblade, unfortunately, left us mid-way and all we have now is his memories, videos, and the popular Technoblade merch.

Continue to read further and see more about Microsoft’s Tribute to Technoblade : The new start-up screen feature, and also, if you looking for another way to reconnect with Technoblade, you must also check out the guide to Technoblade Texture Pack 1.19

Minecraft’s Tribute To Technobolade | The New Start-Up Screen Feature

After Technoblade’s soul left his body up to the sky due to the cause of Cancer, all of his family members, friends, and fans were shattered. Every other human being attached to Technoblade was mourning wholeheartedly .

Minecraft’s Tribute to Technoblade is surely something that could bottle up emotions immensely. To pay their respect to Technoblade, Minecraft recently posted on their Twitter handle expressing their wholesome grief over Technoblade’s passing. They exclaimed, “We have been trying to find the words, but all of us here at Minecraft are heartbroken over the loss of Technoblade. He meant so much to our community and brought so much joy. He will be missed dearly.” This message by Minecraft was indeed a bucket of emotions one could feel through their skin.

Just after a few days, Mojang Studios changed their new start-up screen for Minecraft Java Edition to homage to late content creator Technoblade.

This was all about Minecraft’s Tribute To Technobolade : The New Start-Up Screen Feature. Feelings and tears are surely at peak right now. To know how you can stay connected to the legacy of Technoblade, you must go on further for the Technoblade Texture Pack 1.19.

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Technoblade Texture Pack 1.19 | How To Download Technoblade Pack

Minecraft’s tribute to Technoblade surely left us teary eyed, indeed. Go along further to download technoblade Texture Pack 1.19.

  • Download OptiFine.
  • Tap the Technoblade download link that suits your game version and Minecraft edition.
  • Launch Minecraft
  • Click Options from the main menu.
  • Head on to the submenu ‘Resource Packs’.
  • Tap on ‘Open Pack Folder’ from the bottom left.
  • Drag the downloaded Zip file into your resourcepacks folder
  • The pack will be visible to you on the left side of the resource pack screen. If in case it is not visible to you, you must unzip the file.
  • Look at the pack logo and tap on the arrow pointing to the right.
  • Tap Done.

This is it! You have downloaded the Technoblade texture Pack 1.19 successfully. Make the most of it because technoblade deserves your LOVE.

Minecraft’s Tribute To Technobolade: The New Start-Up Screen Feature is surely one of the most special thing any game ever done for the streamer. Technoblade spent major portion of his life over Minecraft, and undoubtedly, Minecraft made it all worth it. Every fan must also take forward his legacy up in the future years, and to do so, Technoblade Texture Pack 1.19 available is all that you need to download.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about the Minecraft’s Tribute To Technobolade : The New Start-Up Screen Feature. Do check out the ways to download Technoblade Texture Pack 1.19 mentioned above.

I hope all of your questions are answered well in reference to Minecraft’s Tribute To Technobolade: The New Start-Up Screen Feature | Technoblade Texture Pack 1.19 are answered well. Path of EX is an open platform. Come along if you have any queries.


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