Minecraft Launching Season 3: Dungeons Fauna Faire | Release & Platforms

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It’s Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire seasonal festival adventure! Players of Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC may start the third seasonal adventure, Fauna Faire, and participate in it to gain a variety of gifts. Let’s dig in more on this Minecraft seasonal festival.

Only a few details regarding the next third seasonal adventure have been made public by Mojang because it won’t be unveiled in its entirety until the Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire festival day itself. But I have gathered some useful information like the release date and some new gift items. Let’s find out below.

Each Minecraft game gets added with new items and gets on Minecraft Live mob 2022 event. This also applies to this year’s Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire event. Fauna Faire is a brand-new seasonal adventure. Let’s learn some more useful facts like this below.

Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire Release Date | Minecraft Season 3 Launch

Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire Update | Release Date & New Items

October 19, 2022, is the Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire release date which will be available on multiple platforms for players around the world.

The Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire event updates focus on pets and mobs. So expect to see many more of the game’s well-known Minecraft species as well as some brand-new ones, such as roosters, red pandas, and several kinds of penguins.

Additionally, the update will broaden the fun multiplayer Tower game mode. Four players are now able to participate, and completing this task will require much more teamwork than before.

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Platforms Launching Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire

Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire Update | Release Date & New Items

Players can access the Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire update on multiple platforms as mentioned below. The list of platforms that support the Dungeons Fauna Faire update on Minecraft is as follows –

  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • PC
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • PC Game Pass subscriptions.

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Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire Update | Release Date & New Items

Wrapping Up

So that’s it for today. We looked at the known and sneak peek details on the Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire. Make sure to check back this article for more updates. And don’t forget to visit Path of EX for any queries. 

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