Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy Quest | Quest Walkthrough!

Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Welcome to a complete guide for the Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy quest. Although it’s not necessary to the game’s story, it will give you big rewards to progress faster. Our guide has the complete Minding Your Own Business Quest walkthrough to guide you!

There are many interesting side quests like To Solve Follow The Butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy quest, which give you rewards you can’t miss out on. This includes the Dissending For Sweets side quest.

So are you ready for this awesome side quest? Read on for all the Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy quest guide, tips & tricks, and details!

Minding Your Own Business Quest Overview | Summary & Requirements

Since this is an exclusive quest, we expected it to have a few requirements. Here are the requirements for the Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts legacy quest.

Minding Your Own Business quest requirements:

  • PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5
  • 1,500 Gold
  • Quest Level: 25

Minding Your Own Business quest overview:

Here are the steps/overview of the quest:

  1. Speak to Penny, the house-elf, outside the vacant shop in Hogsmeade
  2. Speak to Cassandra Mason
  3. Go back and purchase the shop
  4. Clean and make repairs
  5. Open the mysterious chest inside
  6. Explore what lies below
  7. Entertain Fastidio
  8. Return to the foyer
  9. Explore the atrium
  10. Defeat the Poltergeist
  11. Return to the foyer
  12. Explore the library
  13. Challenge Fastidio
  14. Return to the shop
  15. Speak to Penny
  16. Seek out Officer Singer
  17. Confront Cassandra Mason
  18. Return to the shop

Minding Your Own Business Quest Rewards

Since this is a side quest, it’s not mandatory to progress in the game. So then, why would you pursue the challenge? Well, because of the rewards!

Here are the Minding Your Own Business Quest Rewards:

  • Shopkeeper Cosmetic Set
  • Hogsmeade Shop
  • Felix Felicis Potion Recipe

How To Complete Minding Your Own Business Quest | In Detail Guide

Here’s a full walkthrough of the Minding Your Own Business quest. So if you wanted to know how to solve the quest in detail, I’ve got you covered.

1. Set up Shop in Hogsmeade

Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy

Speak to Penny, the house-elf,.. outside the vacant shop in Hogsmeade. Here, you’ll also need to clean up and make necessary repairs (obviously with magic!) Inside the shop, you will also get a mysterious chest with rewards, so keep your eyes open!

2. Explore What Lies Below

Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Once you open the chest, the room will go dark. Now what you have to do is try to get out of the room. The spells, Lumos and Revelio, will help you find an open door leading to a room with mannequins in it.

Follow the game instructions and head to the rooms asked for. Interact with items like the music box and lanterns.

3. Get to The Double Door Puzzle

Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy Quest

When you reach the double set of doors, you’ll be able to set a hanging lantern on its left. But the right side’s lantern is missing, so the door is dark.

You need to light it up with the missing lantern that you’ll find floating. Maneuver it with Wingardium Leviosa.

After entering the room, dodge the furniture thrown your way. Once that is over, both the right and left doors will open. You can choose to solve whichever you want first.

4. Right Side: Atrium

Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy Quest

If you choose the right set of doors, it will lead you to the Atrium. Your objective here is to explore it. Along the sides of its hallways, you’ll find many dead trees and spiders setting the scene.

On the other side of the room in the Atrium, you’ll find another set of double doors with a lantern puzzle waiting for you. The twist–this time, both the lanterns are missing. Now you need to finish this lantern puzzle, and for that, you need to find both the left and right lanterns.

5. Finding The Lanterns

Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy Quest

To find the right lantern, go to your right and the outside edge of the room. Make a few turns to find a lantern hanging in the air. Move the lantern with Wingardium Leviosa. Find the short set of stairs via the open doorway and climb them. Following this path, you’ll come face-to-face with wizard’s chess. But don’t worry, you only need to solve the maze puzzle.

Hint: Cast Revelio!

When you finish the game, head down the hallway. Use Wingardium Leviosa and place it on the hanger.

6. Left Side: Library

If you follow the given path, it will lead you to a closed door. Follow the path to the left until you see a large statue. Enter the passage behind it to reach a balcony leading to an upside-down room. Cast Accio to catch the lamp looming over you.

Now the door next to you will open. Go up the stairs and pass the door. You’ll reach a room with a lamp floating. Cast Accio again to catch it and take it to the same room.

With the lantern, find a golden statue and enter the passage behind it. When you enter the final room, it will have three doors, out of which the middle one is the right one to choose. After you pass through it, you’ll end up in a corridor where you just walk in circles.

You will find figurines and mannequins to fight. After fighting the mannequins, a door with a lantern will open. Now cast Wingardium Leviosa and take the lantern to the previously closed door.

7. Entertain Fastidio

Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Now you have a little fight with Fastidio, where he’ll fling stacks of furniture and mannequins at you. But all you can do is protect yourself by dodging him by casting Protego.

Following that, return to the foyer and the big door will open. Follow the path it guided you to. Challenge Fastidio but remember that he won’t fight you himself. Instead, he’ll send his monster.

In this finale, there will be three phases:

  • Phase 1: Fastidio’s monster.
  • Phase 2: Monster and mannequins
  • Phase 3: Everything will invert.

8. Back to the Shop


After defeating Fastidio, it’s time to come back to the shop and speak to Penny, the house-elf. Follow the ladder to the west to go back to Hogsmeade (where the shop is.)

Here, you need to seek out Officer Singer (Ruth Singer.) You’ll find them standing by a tree at Hogsmeade Square.

9. Confront Cassandra Mason


You’ll find Cassandra Mason at the same spot you left her in. You have to defeat her by battle. After you defeat her, go back to speak to Penny. If you wish, you can set her free. After you do so, she’ll happily stay to manage your shop.

What Devices Can you Play ‘Minding Your Own Business’ Quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy quest is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms at launch. This means that they’re not available on other platforms like PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Luckily, the quest will be released on all other platforms a year later!

Wrapping Up

Hope we helped you understand how to complete the Minding Your Own Business Hogwarts Legacy quest. Have doubts? Comment to let us know where you’re stuck. For more awesome Hogwarts Legacy Guides, Path of EX is here to help you out!

Happy Gaming!

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