Honest Miko 3 Robot Review: AI Toy for Kids Under 12

A child and Miko 3

Are you wondering what type of robot you need to buy for your kids? Your concern is genuine. Knowing the piracy and duplicity that is available out there in the market, you should be concerned. But don’t worry. I’m here to tell you what should be your first choice. Miko 3 should be your only and lone option. In this article titled Miko 3 robot review, I will explain why it is so.

 Miko 3 is a device with a twist. It has so many features incorporated that set it ahead of all other robots. It is a single device that can be a teacher, a friend, a guide, or a tutor to your kids. Miko 3 performs all these functions. It is an all-in-one device with advanced features and compact hardware. It is one of a kind device that fits in all the parameters and rightly ticks all the squares, thereby making it your ultimate choice.

Miko 3 is an easy-to-use device that performs so many functions without much lagging. To get a comprehensive Miko 3 robot review, read this article in which I have covered all the aspects that pertain to Miko 3.

Miko 3 Robot Overview

kids with Miko 3; Honest Miko 3 Robot Review: AI Toy for Kids Under 12

The Miko 3 robot is an extension of the Miko 2 robot. It has been developed with some added and advanced features, thereby making it all the more reliable and comprehensive. Miko 3 is powered by Artificial Intelligence called AI in simple language. Miko 3 fits in the character of a good friend, a friendly teacher, and a true confidante. 

You can begin interacting by saying “Hello Miko” and proceed ahead with a barrage of questions. One thing that is worth mentioning here is that it doesn’t rely on internet searches for answers. As a result of which, the question-and-answer option is limited. Miko 3, on the other hand, has a list of possible questions that are regularly updated.

What is in the Box?

Miko 3 is an assembled device that is already put together. Once you unbox the device, you will have your hands on a 9-inch tall and two lbs heavy device called Miko 3, besides a user manual and a USB/USB-C charging cable. A device is neither too heavy nor too large therefore, it can easily be adjusted on a bookshelf since it doesn’t occupy much space.

How to Set Up Miko 3 AI Robot? 

Honest Miko 3 Robot Review: AI Toy for Kids Under 12

Having Miko 3 robot doesn’t imply it is ready to use. After unboxing it, the next stage that follows is to set up the device and make it workable. Once installed, it ought to be connected to the secondary devices that will complement the functioning of this device.

Here is how you can set up the Miko 3 to make it a workable instrument.

  • You have to connect the Miko to Wi-Fi to get it started.
  • Download the parent mobile application.
  • Use the app and the phone’s Bluetooth to share Wi-Fi details with Miko. 

The moment the Miko 3 is connected to your Wi-Fi. It means the connection is made, and the device is all set to use.

Specifications of Miko 3

The specification of the latest version of Miko, called Miko 3, is greater and more advanced compared to the previous versions. What are the specifications of Miko 3? The table below illustrates this comprehensively.

BrandMiko My Companion
3Toy figure typeInteractive Gaming figure
4Age group5-12 years
6CameraWide Angle HD Camera
7SpeakersDual High-Performance Speakers
8Weight3.30 lbs
9Dimensions19 x 16 x25 cm
10STEM learningYES
11Coding app and Unlimited gamesYES
12Dual MEMS MicrophonesYES
13Wide Angle HD IPS DisplayYES

Features of Miko 3 Robot

Miko 3 has been developed with some distinctive advanced inbuilt features that add to its smooth functioning. Some of the unique features of Miko 3 are

1. Games: 

This is what children love the most. They search for the games on whatever device they have in their possession. Even on mobile, they swipe to the games section the moment they get hold of the mobile. Knowing the niche the children love, Miko 3 has come up with a huge range of games, puzzles, stories, etc. It has stored more than 1000 games, puzzles, and stories. It has made the choice of games diverse. 

It has an added feature of a subscription plan that gives you access to premium content from Tiny Tusk, Dreamy kid, Out of the World, Da Vinci Kids, and Oxford University Press, among others. 

2. Parental App: 

One of the most distinctive features of Miko 3 is that through an app, it allows the parents to keep a check on the usage of the device by the kids. So it, therefore, has the provision of checks and balances over the activities of the kids hence it enables to curb misuse of the app. Miko 3 allows setting a time limit for the use besides streamlining the content that can be used by kids. Other than this, it allows children to learn skills and values besides customizing the setting according to the wish of parents.

3. Dance: 

Miko 3 is a perfect example of an all-in-one. If you have Miko, you have it all. You don’t need to worry about anything else. Miko has an inbuilt feature of dance master. It comprehensively detects the beats and dances along to the music once the song is played on your device, mobile or iPad, or any other device. You can use present dance routines to involve multiple kids or even adults to have fun. It is surely an entertainer.

Miko 3 robot

4. Learning: 

Since you are not in a fun mood all the time throughout the day. At times you have to be strict with your kids. So it is necessary to provide a good learning atmosphere for your kids.

This device can act as a good motivation. This is the device that kids breathe. Miko 3 entertains them. It, at times, acts as a teacher. Miko 3 meets this requirement of yours. It is a good example of Learning while playing. 

Since Miko covers a wide range of topics from Science to History to Math and much more. Besides, it allows the kids access to coding lessons. Therefore it can safely be said that Miko can act as a good tutor for your kids. A teacher is always in a jolly mood and has a good friendly relationship with his pupils at times playing together. 

5. Emotional Support

Miko 3 Robot

One of the unique and distinctive features of the Miko 3 robot is that it connects you emotionally. Miko 3 has scores of emotions, as a result of which it senses the kid’s mood and replies accordingly. Miko 3 has a great curiosity and eagerness, besides being expressive, and replies to each kid differently. It calls each kid by his name and addresses him individually, which in return gets emotionally attached to it.

6. Reliability:

There is more than one reason to rely on Miko 3. The inbuilt features entail you to go for it hands down owing to the specification and unique features it beholds. It has a stringent privacy policy and entertains end-to-end encryption means that it has taken due care about the protection of the privacy of your kids.

Limitations of Miko 3 Robot

The fact is that in spite of all these positive and good things. This doesn’t mean that Miko 3 is error-free, and there can be no limitations to it. There are many things that are over-exaggerated. What is being displayed and shown in the ad is totally different from what it is in the real sense. What are such limitations? Here are a few limitations listed for you. 

  1. All the movements are controlled. The movements are subject to responses from inputs contrary to the claim as being done by the company.
  2. The answers are pre-loaded, although it is updated frequently. Despite all this, the 

answers are limited.

  1. Since the kids have access to many things online, which otherwise they should not have. It implies that they ought to be a constant check on its usage by the kids.
  2. Being an expensive product already, it relies on subscriptions to reach its full potential.

Comparison Between Miko 2 and Miko 3 Robot

Miko 3 robot

Since Miko 3 is an advance and later on launched product. Therefore it has some added features as compared to Miko 2. But how exactly is Miko 3 better than Miko 2? Here is a slight comparison.

S. NoParticulars Miko 2Miko 3
1ColorMartian redBlue
2Battery1 lithium-ion battery required2 lithium Ion batteries are required.
4Dimensions18 x15 15 Centimeters19 x 16  25 Centimeters
6Storage32 GB internal.No option for SD card32 GB Internal. It can be expanded with an SD card.

Final Review:

Miko 3 is a device that you can have conversations with, play music, and learn from besides so many inbuilt features. This device performs all the functions that you are looking for. You don’t need to switch over to anything else. This device alone can act as a  guide, a sport,  and an entertainer.  It has taken into consideration the matter of privacy by enabling the end to end encryption. In all respect, Miko 3 is better than Miko 2.

Saying all this doesn’t mean that it is beyond any limitation. There are limitations that can’t be ignored either, as discussed in the article above. All these limitations apart, you can go ahead and buy Miko 3 for your kids. It is for sure worth the money it costs.

Miko 3 Robot Review:

Wrapping Up

The Miko 3 Robot is worth the money you spent on a productive and useful device for your kids. Using AI, it eases down the burden that otherwise you were supposed to have. It is the perfect replacement for all sorts of robots since it has some unique features that add value to it and make it a viable alternative. Although there are some glitches and seek some caution when given to kids. Parents need to keep an eye to prevent misuse on the part of kids. Miko 3 robot review only depicts that this is a go-to robot for your kid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is in the Miko 3 box?

Ans: It contains a user manual and a USB cable beside Miko 3.

Q: Is Miko 3 better or Miko 2?

Ans: Miko 3 is better since it has some added features.

Q: Does Miko require a subscription?

Ans: Some things are for free, whereas you have to pay and buy subscriptions for others.

Q: Is Miko a good product?

Ans: Yes, it is a good product.

Q: What age is Miko good for?

Ans: It is good for kids from 5 to 12 years of age.

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