Microsoft Bing NCAA Bracket Predictions in 2023 | Can AI Win You The Contest

Bing NCAA Bracket

This is March Madness! Many like me love to predict the winner. After all, we watch the tournament every year. Our analytics are sharp. Although, unpredictability is the essence of the NCAA. ‘Bing NCAA bracket predictions‘ is the story of the day. People are already using ChatGPT to predict the March Madness bracket. And cousin Bing isn’t lagging behind.

Unlike ChatGPT, Bing boasts information on this year’s teams. Some people say it is more likely to give a more appropriate prediction than ChatGPT. Whatever they say, chatbots are doing things we only imagined once. The sci-fi has gotten real. Coming back to the topic, Microsoft’s Bing is based on the GPT-4 AI system. So, Bing and ChatGPT will have similarities.

Bing NCAA Bracket predictions. How accurate can they be? Are these predictions worth your while? I will answer these questions as well as evaluate Bing’s responses regarding the NCAA bracket. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Is Bing NCAA Bracket Prediction Possible?

Microsoft Bing NCAA Bracket Predictions in 2023

Yes, you can use Bing to create your March Madness bracket. See, Bing cannot predict the entire bracket in a single response. The chatbot can predict by rounds, region, and teams. You can talk to Bing about college basketball for hours. You can use its predictions to make a bracket for NCAA 2023 and arguably yield good results in your pools.

When asked about Duke vs. Oral Roberts, Bing picked Duke. The explanation that Bing gave was that Duke is the No. 5 seed and has 9 wins in the past, including the ACC Tournament title. Bing also talked about the offensive rebounding and height advantage of Duke. Well, Duke did win against Oral Roberts.

Using such responses, I filled my bracket. This is what the Bing NCAA bracket looks like:

NCAA Bracket Prediction

How Does Bing NCAA Bracket Prediction Work?

Microsoft Bing NCAA Bracket Predictions in 2023

Bing’s response varies with the question’s phrasing. If you ask which team would win, you might not see upsets in the bracket. What I did was asked the bot to win a bracket pool and account for potential upsets. I also asked it to use current information about the tournament because, in spite of its ability and access to current details, Bing often incorporates past seasons’ data. Voila! This time the men’s bracket contains upsets.

When asked for a full bracket, the bot answered that it is a tough question to answer, owing to the fact that a plethora of factors affect the outcome of the NCAA tournament. Nevertheless, Bing NCAA bracket prediction amounted to a list of possible contenders for the best men’s March Madness bracket, 2023.

Bing AI’s final four are 1. Alabama from the South, 1. Houston from the Midwest, 1. Purdue from the East, and 3. Gonzaga from the West region. This analysis is a bit chalky. It is generic yet not completely refusable. But going all chalk doesn’t get you money. So, does it make sense to take gambling help from an AI?

Bing vs ChatGPT

Microsoft Bing NCAA Bracket Predictions in 2023

Okay, why am I using Bing to help me gamble? Yes, artificial intelligence is used for all sorts of things nowadays, and tech companies are trying to incorporate AI strength into all areas of business. But why am I talking about Microsoft’s Bing when we have ChatGPT?

It is because ChatGPT’s data set is till September 2021. In contrast, Bing has access to current data. So, it is more logical to ask Bing to predict something from the proximate future. Although, the difference in results is debatable.

Bing NCAA Bracket | AI And Match Predictions

Expert mathematical sports forecasts cannot be defeated by anyone. Not even AI. At least not yet. Keeping up with live sports data has always been a struggle for Microsoft. Taking AI’s help for match and tournament predictions is as good as taking help from a dilettante who predicts wins based on teams’ mascots. Have you seen people doing that?

But Bing might be right. You know, we will have to wait and see.

Wrapping Up

For me, Microsoft Bing NCAA Bracket predictions are as good as any amateur prediction only until I start to see going all chalk would have been a better idea. It depends on how you phrase the question. So, it is rather unpredictable and very shaky. One day, surely, AI will become our nightmare. But as of now, there is no reliability in sports betting. See you next lime. Adios!

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