Mercy Hospital vaccinates 6,000 people in its largest clinic yet

Mercy Hospital vaccinates 6,000 people in its largest clinic yet

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City will vaccinate 6,000 people this weekend.  

They say it is the largest vaccination event they’ve held so far.  

“It is very exciting that we have so many good vaccines for people…We purposefully chose a large space so that when needed we could scale up for something like this,” said Dr. Alice Mankin, with Mercy Hospital.

Mankin says they are able to vaccinate 250 people per hour and to do so, it takes literally hundreds of volunteers.  

“We need more volunteers. This is going to be bigger than we’ve ever done before…It does take exponentially more volunteers. 450 volunteers both inside and outside to make this work,” she said.

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Initially, the hospital was only expecting to have 5,600 doses, but last minute on Thursday night, they were told 400 more would be available. Almost immediately, all additional appointments were filled.

Mankin says through the multiple clinics the hospital has put on so far, they’ve learned lessons to be able to provide an event this large.

“We’ve had several weeks to perfect the vaccine process. First, we did it with our employees and then we did it on a small scale and kind of got the kinks worked out,” she said.

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Mercy Hospital is donating its time and efforts to the vaccination mission, something Mankin says she is grateful to be a part of.  

“It’s very exciting and I’m so glad that we get to be a part of this and you know, like the sisters of mercy before us, we are so pleased and blessed that we are able to serve our community in this way,” she said.  

Mercy tells News Four it typically is notified weekly of whether or not it will receive vaccines and how many it will receive.

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If you have not been able to secure an appointment yet, more clinics will be coming in the future.

“Everyone signed up really quickly on the state portal and so we’re hoping of course that we get more…We just need to be patient and have a family member who can keep logging on to make sure you get one,” said Mankin.

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