5 Common Menstrual Cup Myths and The Truth Behind Them

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Periods are never a good time for females, and for making their experience hassle-free, comfortable and hygienic, it is pretty essential to choose the right sanitary products for yourself. While sanitary napkins and tampons are obvious options but they are not cost-effective and sustainable.

There is a way to get through the monthly cycles comfortably and safely without spending a lot of money? It is true if you are using menstrual cups. They are safe, cup-shaped, and quite sustainable devices to be inserted into the vag*na during menstruation.

One menstruation cup can also last for years thus is an inexpensive method. Despite their benefits, there are a lot of misconceptions around using menstruation cups and are considered not so good for menstrual hygiene. But that’s not the case. Buying from a brand like Moxie menstrual cup will ease out all your worries in a single usage.

There are many myths about menstruation and menstrual cups. Let’s know about the myths related to the menstrual cups and the truth behind them:

Myth 1:

If the cup is complete, the blood flows back towards the uterus.


It’s not the case, the blood flowing into the vag*na, thereby into the cup. It is never possible for blood to flow back to your womb, even if you lie upside down. The uterus muscles push the blood from the uterus actively, and there are no chances that the blood can reverse its direction even if the cup is full.

Myth 2:

You do not need to remove the menstrual cup every time you visit the washroom.


It’s incorrect as you don’t need to apply for withdrawing the menstrual cup before using the restroom for bowel or urination movements. Urine will never be collected with the blood, and you need to lean forward for the urination. It will seem like a comfortable option as some people will remove it once it is filled or go to the washroom and reinsert it after washing it.

Myth 3:

You cannot travel while wearing a menstrual cup.


You can travel as you will be using a public toilet, but you may not have access to the clean water for washing your cup. On using a public restroom, you can empty the cup in the bathroom and then wipe it correctly with the toilet paper. On arriving home, wash the cup with water and soap and use hot water to boil your cup at the end of your menstrual cycle.

Myth 4:

Many women think that their vag*na is too big to use a menstrual cup.


Knowing about the right fit can be confusing as it is never about the vag*na’s width. Instead, it is related to the cervix height. Your vag*nal canal length usually is 7 to 12 cm, and it depends upon how high or lows your cervix is sitting. Try inserting a couple of your fingers inside your vag*na to know the cervix length and best you do after or before menstruation as their cervix is lowest.

If your longer finger fits around the knuckle, you have a high cervix, which means that you need to use a large cup even if you do not have a heavy flow. Also, you may require a larger cup if you are a mother, as often the pelvic muscles are weak and can experience stress incontinence.

Myth 5:

Many women think their periods are too heavy for a menstrual cup.


Large menstrual cups for size 2 caters to the heavy flow. You can wear it for up to 12 hours, and you should empty it and then clean it before using it again. Most females lose up to 16 teaspoons, i.e., 80ml of blood, and the menstrual cup is made well to handle the same. In case you have an excellent night-time flow, then empty it before going to sleep.

The above-listed myths and truths will help you find the right menstrual cup for you during your menstrual cycle. There are many myths surrounding menstrual cups’ usage, but they are one of the best in helping women in the most difficult of the month. Do check the review of the brand you are buying.


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