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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Twitter has millions of users globally who come to the platform to read global content related to various topics. Among them, you would find content creators who work on niche topics. They work on hilarious memes. These memes are funny and kill all the stress and anxiety you have from the day’s hard labor. These Meme Twitter accounts regularly update their content and keep you boosted. 

Memes are pretty popular on all social media platforms apart from Twitter. Memes also involve political and global issues. Hence, they are acceptable in all age groups. Most of the time, you also find memes in your social media comment. 

I find some accounts quite hilarious and have unique content. They never fail to surprise me with their memes. So, I am sharing some meme Twitter accounts in the list below. Please look yourself; I am sure you will also love them and might follow some meme Twitter accounts as I do!

10 Best Meme Twitter Accounts

There are many accounts on Twitter that handle memes. We found most of them incredible. Among them, we have selected a handful of the stuff which generate unique and great content on Twitter. Please have a look at the list mentioned below. 

1. Ancient Memes

Ancient Memes

Ancient Meme is the place for you when you are a millennial or like throwback memes for the 90s. They have more than 950 followers and 160 likes. They regularly post many meme contents on this account. So, people from the old school can follow this account to get their daily dose of laughter on Twitter.

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2. Memeland by 9GAG

Memeland by 9GAG - TWITTER MEME

When you want to get loads of funny memes, visit Memeland by 9GAG. Their meme account on Twitter has animal and life-related content, which is pretty humorous. They have 9371 likes and 302k followers.

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3. 9GAG Love Memeland

 9GAG Love Memeland - Twitter memes

9GAG has another account on Twitter posting memes relating to animals with relevant content. They have both photo and video-based memes. They have a massive 16.6 million followers and 8117 likes. 

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4. Wholesome Memes

Wholesome Memes - titter meme

Twitter users highly love wholesome memes. They generate pet-based memes, which are humorous and capture funny moments by the pets. The memes generally have the central characters as pets. They have 2.6 million followers and 69.9k likes. 

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5. Condescending Wonka 

Condescending Wonka - twitter memes

Condescending Wonka is one of the significant choices for meme lovers across Twitter. They generally post memes based on fictitious characters. They even post memes relatable to adults. They have 386 followers and 891 likes. 

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6. The Dark Lord

The Dark Lord - memes on twitter

The Dark Lord meme account is based on Harry Potter-based humor. This account is famous for its dark humor, which is understood well by Harry Potter fans. They have 1.4 million followers and 2368 likes. 

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7. Name

Name - memes on twitter

Name is a meme Twitter account that provides content that covers all genres. So, you will find something according to your taste. You would find 26.9k followers and 498 likes.

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8. White People Humour

white people humour -  memes on twitter

White people humor posts memes and funny quotes from people around the world. Real events inspire all the memes. They also contain topics related to adults. There are 52.9K followers and 239 likes. 

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9. Introvert Problems

INTROVERT PROBLEMS -  memes on twitter

Introvert Problems are new compared to the ones listed above. They provide content relatable to people who are not too social in expressing their views and thoughts to others. All the memes are hilarious and depict the non-sociable nature of introverts. They have 6218 followers and 157 likes. 

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10. Memes com

memes.com - twitter memes

In Memes-dot-com, you would find various memes covering all types of topics. They meme Twitter accounts of animal memes, work-related memes, nature memes, and more, but they do not get much attention from the audience on the platform. They have 175 k followers and 79 likes. 

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Wrapping Up

When you feel lonely or need your daily dose of laughter, visit these meme Twitter accounts, and I am sure you will get rid of boredom. I have a personal favorite among them, and I even share their content and recommend others to visit their profile. Hence, I listed some of them for you. Enjoy laughing to your heart’s content!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a meme twitter account?

Meme Twitter accounts are accounts on Twitter that have hilarious memes on them.

Are there any memes related to fictional characters?

The memes include characters like animals, adult-related memes, global topics, and more. 


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