What’s The Meaning Of TBF? How To Use TBF In Texting?

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Smriti Razdan
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Where did you read TBF for the first time? Reddit or Tumblr? There isn’t any heated debate on the internet that is complete without the acronym TBF. If something of the same sort brought you here then you have come to the right place. We are going to talk about “What’s the meaning of TBF?” along with some tips to use TBF in texting. 

TBF is used in places where people think something particular needs to be pointed out, or when they need to give an honest opinion. The acronym TBF helps to bring out a balance in conversations and that’s exactly why you should know its meaning. TBF first got popular in the early 2000s, just so you know the acronym TBF hasn’t been made by Gen Z. 

We aren’t going to keep you waiting anymore. Quickly jump to the next sections and know all about the TBF meaning and its use. 

TBF Stands For To Be Fair

What’s The Meaning Of TBF? How To Use TBF In Texting?

The acronym TBF stands for To Be Fair. Widely used in online discussions or conversations, TBF is a great way of bringing a valid point into the discussion, that was ignored otherwise. You can use TBF to refer to either people or ideas. Also, just to let you know how popular the slang is, hashtag TBF has more than 22.9 Million views on TikTok. Along with TikTok, #TBF or #tbf is also widely popular among other social media platforms

But how is TBF used online? People use popular hashtags like #tbf to gain more views on their Instagram reels and get more hearts on their TikTok videos. Also, whatever content we get under #tbf is truly amazing and mind-blowing. Don’t believe me? Just check out hashtag TBF once and you will know what I am talking about. 

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Where Does TBF Come From?

The words, to be fair are used for decades by people all over the world, long before it was turned into an acronym. In the late 1900s and early 2000s, when the internet became a “thing”, people started to use to-be-fair as TBF. The acronym was first defined officially on Urban Dictionary in 2005. Today, it is used more like a short form of to-be-fair than a proper acronym cause you know, GenZ-ies are lazy people.

Also, in the age of modern texting and online chatrooms, it’s more convenient to write TBF rather than to be fair. But you would have to know the exact TBF meaning for that.  

Other Meanings Of TBF

Besides ‘to be fair’, the other meanings of TBF are-

  1. Too Busy Fu*king
  2. Temporary Boy-Friend
  3. Turkish Beast Fu*ker
  4. The Boy-Friend

While all these TBF meanings are totally different, you can still understand their meanings from the context they are being talked about. 

How To Use TBF In Texting?

Next time when you want to express your unbiased opinion without the fear of anyone, speak out loud and the TBF acronym will help you with it. Suppose a friend of yours is bitching about someone to you, to which you can reply, “TBF, you were pretty mean to him too.” Here TBF means To Be Fair. You can use TBF in both lowercase and uppercase, it would never change its meaning. 

Also, you can use TBF to refer to both objects and people. Use it in historical discussions and debates. For instance, if someone says, “Mark didn’t deserve to get fired so soon”, you can reply “TBF, he never completed his work. He got what he deserved.” I hope you get what I am trying to convey.

Wrapping Up

TBF is a pretty nice acronym to use if you love participating in online rants and deep debates over super important stuff. It’s just crazy how indulged you can get in those debates. To make your points clear and firm, use strong terminology that sets you aside from the person you’re talking to. 

TBF doesn’t only mean To Be Fair, but it also means “The Boy Friend”, “Too Busy Fu*king” and “Turkish Beast Fu*ker”. You can use any of these TBF meanings but make sure you use them incorrect situations. 

If you liked this article then let us know all about it. You can comment below your opinions about the different meanings of TBF. How did you find it? In a conversation, in a debate? We want to know everything! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TBF mean slang?

The slang TBF means To Be Fair. It is commonly used by teenagers and young adults for being the devil’s advocate and bringing out a point in a debate (or conversation) that wasn’t noticed before. 

What does TBF mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, TBF means To Be Fair. The #tbf has more than 22.9 million views on TikTok. So, using #tbt in your TikTok videos can help you a lot in reaching more audiences on the app. 

What does TBF mean on social media?

On every social media platform, TBF means To Be Fair.

What is TBF health?

If we are talking healthwise, TBF means Total Body Failure.


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