What’s The Meaning Of OOC? How To Use OOC in Texting?

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You might have heard the acronym in a review, a role-playing game, or in an interview, and now you want to know what’s the meaning of OOC. Great! Cause we are here to answer just the same, along with giving you some information on how the term was used initially. So, hop right into this article and understand the exact meaning of OOC. 

Usually, movie and show reviewers use the term OOC to explain the nature of a character. The acronym OOC is quite intriguing. Being used since 2003, we can say for sure that the OOC acronym is still quite popular. However, there are not one but many meanings of OOC. Would you like to know them all?

Let’s not keep you waiting anymore. Quickly go through this complete article on the meaning of OOC and learn how to use OOC in texting. 

OOC Stands For Out Of Character (or Context)

What’s The Meaning Of OOC? How To Use OOC in Texting?

The acronym OOC stands for Out Of Character when used in reviews, texting, and roleplaying games. The hashtag OOC (#OOC) is extremely popular on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok nonetheless. OOC hashtag has 2.8 billion views on TikTok, and that’s huge bro. 

There are good chances that you have seen the OOC acronym on someone’s Instagram reel which made you wonder about its meaning. But, how is OOC used?

OOC or Out Of Character is said at a place where the person or the character is not acting like itself. In many movie review videos, you might have heard “here the character went OOC”. The reviewer means that the character was written in a certain way and in a particular scene s/he did something which was out of their character.

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Out Of Character or OOC is also used by gamers who play RPG and connect over audios. When someone needs to get out of his character to be on a call or go to the loo, s/he simply says I’m going OOC for a while. 

Besides Out Of Character, OOC also means Out Of Context. Suppose you and your friends are talking about food, suddenly a person comes by and starts talking about songs in the middle of the “food conversation”, in that situation you can say “Bro, you are so OOC (out of context)”. Now, this would be totally acceptable in texting too. You can be talking about nuclear-bomb-level important things but some people never give importance to your conversation, you can text them that they are OOC and keep them on read. (Just kidding, don’t ghost anyone!)

Where Does OOC Come From?

Do you think the acronym OOC originated in 2021? No! OOC marks back to 2003 when it was first included in the Urban Dictionary. It says OOC “in fanfiction, signaling that the way the author chose to portray the characters (or perhaps unintentionally portrayed them) may not be consistent with how the characters act, think, or speak in the original work on which the fanfiction is based.” 

What’s The Meaning Of OOC? How To Use OOC in Texting?

How To Use OOC?

You can use the term OOC when you are playing any video game with friends, texting, or in any conversation too. If you really like the acronym then you can also use them as a hashtag in reels on Instagram and videos on TikTok. The OOC hashtag on TikTok has helped many people to gain more views and reach more audiences. That’s a great way to use the OOC acronym. 

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When you are using OOC in texting, make sure you use it in the correct way at the correct time. Slangs like Lol and MK can make sense anywhere in a lot of conversations. However, if you’re telling someone not to be OOC, it really has to be specific. If they are not out of context or character then it might backlash on you. 

If someone is really getting out of context in a meaningful conversation, then you can actually point that out by saying “You can’t seriously be going so OOC” or something like “You are really good at going OOC”. These examples just came into my mind, if you have more polite ways of confronting someone when they are OOC, then do share in the comment section below. 

Other Meanings Of OOC

Other than Out Of Character and Out of Context, sometimes, OCC is used in other meanings. Any guesses? People also say “Out Of Curiosity” in short by OCC. If you want to use it in a sentence then you can say, “OCC, where did you buy your dress from?”. Or anything like that. Hope you get what I mean. 

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Another lesser-known meaning of OOC is Out Of Control. This OCC meaning can be used with living as well as non-living things. You can say “Jake’s temper is really getting OOC” and “My shopping addiction is seriously getting OOC. I am obsessed with Amazon’s sales.”

OOC also means Out Of Cash but clearly, it can only be used in contexts that refer to money or wealth. 

Wrapping Up

Whether a character is OOC or not, you should know the meaning of this acronym no matter what. That was all about this article on “What’s The Meaning Of OOC? How To Use OOC in Texting?” If it was helpful to you then tell us all about it.

Do not forget to share this article with your friends and have a great day babies! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does OOC stand for in texting?

In texting, OOC mostly means Out Of Context. The OOC terminology is widely used by teenagers and young adults. 

What is the meaning of OOC in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, OOC means Office Of Cybercrime.

What does OOC mean in business?

In Business, OOC means Other Operating Costs (financial management), Originating Office Control, Olympics Organizing Committee, and many more.

What does OCC mean in roleplay?

In roleplay, OCC means that a player is getting out of their character for a while. In role-playing games, a player has to act like the character s/he chooses. So, when in a circumstance they have to act like themselves they simply say, “I am getting OOC for a while”.

What does OOC mean in Roblox?

People usually mean Out Of Character when they say OOC in Roblox.


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