Mash it smash room all the rage

Mash it smash room all the rage

Stress can rear its ugly head in many forms, especially now as many work from home and face the great loss and health risk presented by the coronavirus pandemic. Andrew McFarlane decided to tackle this matter with a hands-on approach, allowing customers to release their emotions in the ultimate smashing experience.

Since opening in December of last year, Mash It Rage Room has been all the rage among those looking to unleash their wrath creatively. “The smash it or rage room is nothing new to the world. It came out in about 2008 in Japan. But this is the first one in Jamaica. After being on lockdown for months, the idea came to me in June of last year, and six months later, I was opening the Mash it Rage Room to my first customer,” McFarlane told Living.

When it comes to partaking in this experience, guests are given the options to book a reservation or walk-in during their opening hours of Friday to Sunday and wait for an available room. He prefers the former, highlighting that once you are scheduled, you are guaranteed your slot.


Once you arrive, you register and sign a waiver (liability) form. Then you go through hand sanitisation and right into your protective gear; this includes gloves, overall suit, helmet and goggles. From there, you are sent to the room. You have the choice of playing whatever music will get you pumped in the moment, and there is also the opportunity to record your rage session as you flex those muscles with either a sledgehammer or a metal bat. The demolition materials can range from old computers and televisions to keyboards, bottles, tiles, car doors and microwaves. You name it; they can find it to smash.

McFarlane said the response thus far has been phenomenal. “Customers have been so receptive to the process that they are now calling in and offering items, extended as either donations or inclusion within the mash-up, so you can smash your own breakables.” Some are sceptical about going in initially, but they usually come out smiling, he said. He has also encountered customers who start with small items, and once they get in there, request bigger, more heavy-duty items to smash.

With hopes of expanding to several locations islandwide and venture out regionally, McFarlane is happy to know that he has provided another avenue for people to de-stress or have fun differently. “The room [wasn’t] created to cure your rage, but it does give you temporary relief. And it is definitely something fun to do with your friends, family members or your partner. You can express yourself freely without anyone judging you. We have a lot of surprises coming,” he said.

Ready to smash in the Mash it Rage Room? Book a session at their location, C and C South Beach, 2 Brompton Road or follow @mashitrageroom on Instagram for more information.

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