Mark Text As Spoiler On Discord: Android, iOS & PC | 4 Easy Steps!

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Srishti Thukral
Srishti Thukral
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Confession Time: Discord is my new Instagram. Whether I am eating or drinking, I need to have Discord in my hands. While appreciating all the goodness in Discord, we can never ignore one more quality of Discord. It is marking text as a spoiler on Discord. You can always send a hidden message on Discord. To know how you can do it, move on further for the ultimate guide in order to Mark Text as a Spoiler on Discord in 4 simple steps. 

Just a piece of friendly advice that you should really work on your Discord theme now. Defaults are too basic for this quirky Discord family. You must check out our write ups on the same. It includes how to add Discord themes and which of these are the most enticing ones in the list. I dare you to skip this. 

Now before you start flying in the sky with excitement, read along. Below are the steps to send a hidden text on Discord: Desktop/ Mobile. Have a look and reveal what goes behind those black bars in the text message. 

Mark Text as Spoiler on Discord: Desktop/Website

Operating Discord on Desktop or website puts the mouse and keyboard on a job. Further are the 4 steps you need to undertake while working on Desktop or Web. Check them out:

1.  Open Discord Channel and fill in the space of text you wish to mark as a spoiler.

Mark Text As Spoiler On Discord

2. Double-click on your respective Text > Tap the eye icon to mark your text as a spoiler.

Mark Text As Spoiler On Discord

3. As the text will be marked with gray shade, this will confirm your text as a spoiler.

4. Users need to tap on the black bar in order to reveal the spoiler message. 

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Mark Text as Spoiler on Discord: Android/IOS

If you are operating your Discord on Mobile, be it Android or iOS, you need to follow the following instructions to comply with the same. Read out loud and thank me later:

1. Open Discord Channel and look for the space of text you wish to mark as a spoiler.

2. Look out for the ‘|’ sign on your keyboard. Type your text message between the two ‘| |’ signs, like || XYZ ||. 

Mark Text As Spoiler On Discord

3. Tap Send to send your text message as a spoiler. 

4. Give a long press to your text, as the menu pops out, click Mark as Spoiler.

Mark Text As Spoiler On Discord

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Wrapping Up

Shh…Never reveal your private messages this easily. You need to comply with the above steps to mark your text as a spoiler. We have listed 4 simple steps in order to do so, whether you are operating your Discord on Desktop or Mobile. Try them out and reach out to us in case of any confusion or suggestions. 

Also, in case you are looking for ways to start with a new Discord read only channel, Click here. Read-only channels helps you to escape the continuous spam of messages by the group members. With this, you will focus more than usual.

Adieus, Gamers!


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