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All Mario Games In Order

No genre is more identifiable when discussing video games as a whole than Super Mario and all Mario games in order. For more than 35 years, the grizzled plumber has been a part of our lives, and his plays have made people of all ages smile. The same with all Mario games in order, as these alternatives also do the same justice with people as Mario.

Since the beginning of the series in 1985, it has transformed. The series has grown to include extraordinary 3D platforming adventures in addition to some games where you design your own levels, even though there are still the traditional 2D platformers. It’s entertaining to go back and relive All Mario Games In Order to see how the hero first became the most famous figure in gaming.

The Mario video game series has significantly impacted the whole video game industry. It is because there have been so many fantastic Mario games throughout the years, from the briefer escapades on the Nintendo Entertainment System to the big worlds that Mario all Mario Games in order has explored on the Nintendo Switch. So scroll down and get All Mario Games In Order that you missed.

List Of Mario Games In Order | 20 Mario Games  

A Fare Stake Of Adventures All Mario Games In Order

You cannot say no to Mario, and you can’t say the same no to all the Mario games in order because the game and its alternatives have ruled adventure gaming for more than ten years. 

You can even find that at least one Mario game is produced for every Nintendo game console. Here is the long list of all the Mario Games in order that you can enjoy them with your friends and family.

20. Super Mario Bros (4 April 1983)

All Mario Games In Order

We know we have found the plumber who first appeared in the Donkey Kong game. But unfortunately, the plumber, who again was introduced by Mario, didn’t have a name or his own game until 1985. 

In this Mario alternative, we see Mario find and save Princess Toadstool in Super Mario Bros. Mario must journey across eight worlds and conquer castles (who will later be named Peach). Luigi and Bowser made their debuts in this game as well.

19. Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (3 June 1986)

A Fare Stake Of Adventures All Mario Games In Order

Super Mario Bros, an alternative to Mario released in Japan less than a year later, is known as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels in North America.

The game didn’t launch in the region until 2007, a long time after a separate Super Mario Bros. 2 was made available in North America. Nevertheless, the 2D game is well known for introducing novel elements and significantly more challenging levels. If you play all the  Mario games in order, this one is possibly the hardest.

18. Super Mario Bros.2 (9 October 1988)

All Mario Games In Order

Nintendo decided to port Yume Kj: Doki Doki Panic, to this alternative of Mario Games, a game exclusive to Japan, under the Super Mario Bros. 2.

Players in this game can play each level as Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, or Toad. The game’s primary goal is to protect Subcon from Wart, the frog king.

17. Super Mario Bros.3 (23 October 1988)

All Mario Games In Order

Super Mario Bros. 3 is unquestionably the largest of the Nintendo Mario titles. Although there were eight primary planets in the game, there were twice as many stages in each of them as in previous iterations.

We discover more of Bowser’s seven Koopalings in this alternative game of Mario as they cause havoc in each of the realms they are in, and more common foes are added to the game.

16. Super Mario Land (21 April 1981)

A Fare Stake Of Adventures All Mario Games In Order|20 Games

Super Mario Land was not only the first portable Super Mario game ever but also the only game not created by the game’s developer. In this alternative Mario adventure, Mario explores Sarasaland to save Daisy, a new princess.

An extraterrestrial named Tatanga, an adversary who never again appears in the series, has abducted her. Mario visits a set of four kingdoms, each of which has a distinctive assortment of foes.

15. Super Mario World (21 November 1990)

All Mario Games In Order

In Super Mario World for the SNES, the most fantastic alternative to Mario, we can see that the beloved dinosaur that every Mario fan loves makes his debut. Yoshi helps Mario (and Luigi) on their second trip across Dinosaur Land in search of Princess Toadstool.

Bowser and the seven Koopalings again caused havoc in the 16-bit game, inspiring distinct boss battles similar to the ones in Super Mario Bros. 3.

14. Super Mario Land 2:6 Golden Coins (21 October 1992)

14. Super Mario Land 2:6 Golden Coins (21 October 1992)

This alternative to Super Mario Land featured the debut appearance of the obnoxious but endearing Wario, continuing the trend of introducing popular characters from all the Mario games in order. Wario has taken over command of Mario’s castle in Mario Land as the real villain of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Gold Coins.

To gather the six gold coins that Wario dropped from Mario’s shelter, Mario must travel through his kingdom.

13. Super Mario 64 (23 June 1996)

All Mario Games In Order

This alternative game of Mario completely changed the Super Mario series and 3D platformers. The ability for players to actively explore open landscapes in video games first appeared in this game. Additionally, it marked a turning point for all Mario games in order.

When Mario first visits Princess Peach’s castle in the game, he discovers that Bowser has taken Princess Peach along with the numerous power stars inside the castle. Mario explores several realms depicted in paintings in a bid to gather leads and save Peach.

12. Super Mario Sunshine (19 July 2022)

All Mario Games In Order

 Super Mario Sunshine is different from all the Mario games in order because it is a 3D platform that places Mario on Delfino Island. After being accused of smearing the opulent with gross goo, Mario is forced to utilise a device called F.L.U.D.D. to clean up the mess.

Bowser Jr. made his debut in this game, featuring his own interpretation of the platforming elements initially seen in Super Mario 64. Additionally, each level’s characters provide a unique perspective on the brand.

11. New Super Mario Bros (15 May 2006)

A Fare Stake Of Adventures All Mario Games In Order|20 Games

Nintendo took more than a decade to bring Mario back to his 2D-platforming roots after switching to 3D platforming. Finally, players can once more choose to play with either Mario or Luigi in the New Super Mario Bros. game from all Mario games in order.

The player must free the princess from Bowser Jr. and later his father’s control. The game launched a run of 2D platformers and witnessed a revival of the original Mario world structure.

10. Super Mario Galaxy (1 November 2007)

All Mario Games In Order

Mario scales new heights in one of its games from all Mario games in order Super Mario Galaxy, the third 3D adventure in the series. Mario, who had been invited to Princess Peach’s castle’s Star Festival, witnessed Peach and her castle being taken by Bowser and his accomplices.

In this alternative to Mario’s adventure, Mario first encounters Rosalina as he assists her in recharging her unit so she may assist him in locating Bowser. The gameplay focuses on the levels in which players must hop from planet to planet to reach the star. Additionally, this is the first Wii Super Mario game of all Mario games in order with motion controls.

9. New Super Mario Bros: Wii (12 November 2009)

A Fare Stake Of Adventures All Mario Games In Order|20 Games

Although New Super Mario Bros. Wii and its DS predecessor are relatively similar, the Wii version of all Mario games in order was groundbreaking. This alternative to Mario games allowed four people to play the game collaboratively while simultaneously showing four individual characters on the screen.

Blue Toad and Yellow Toad can accompany Mario and Luigi as they embark on an expedition to reclaim Peach from Bowser and even the Koopalings after they fooled her by disappearing inside a cake.

8. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (23 May 2010)

All Mario Games In Order

Super Mario Galaxy 2 expands on the groundwork laid by its predecessor and offers a little bit more of a level-based advancement paradigm compared to the open-ended nature of other 3D Mario games. It is the first direct sequel to a Mario 3D platformer out of all Mario games in order.

The alternative game of the Mario games gains new features, such as Yoshi’s ability to be ridden.

7. Super Mario 3D Land (3 November 2011)

A Fare Stake Of Adventures All Mario Games In Order|20 Games

Super Mario 3D Land, the first Super Mario game of all the Mario games in order on the 3DS, offers a novel twist on the typical Mario 3D platformer. The game is linear in style with old-school 2D platformers, as opposed to an open world in which gamers would return to a level repeatedly to obtain items. 

Bowser has not only abducted Princess Peach as usual but also made the Super Leaves blow off the Tail Tree. Therefore, the game’s primary focus shifts to this power-up.

6. New Super Mario Bros.2 (28 July 2012)

All Mario Games In Order

This alternative game of Mario games is based on the New Super Mario Bros theme. It is a direct follow-up to New Super Mario Bros., and an oblique prequel to New Super Mario Bros.Wii revolves around the coins which cannot be found in all Mario games in order. 

Mario’s quest to amass a million coins is one of the game’s central themes. The Gold Flower, which makes Mario become gold and collect coins each time he moves, was added to the game to aid in this.

5. New Super Mario Bros. U (18 November 2012)

New Super Mario Bros. U, a notable 2D platforming alternative to Mario game, was released over ten years ago. A wide variety of new skills and equipment, some of which are taken from Super Mario World, are included in the game, which again supports four-player cooperative play like many other games from all Mario games order.

An expansion pack was included to celebrate the year of Luigi in 2013. The New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe release for the Nintendo Switch includes the actual game and the expansion pack.

4. Super Mario 3D World (21 November 2013)

A Fare Stake Of Adventures All Mario Games In Order|20 Games

Super Mario 3D World, a Wii U follow-up to Super Mario 3D Land, advanced the idea of 3D platforming using the traditional Mario model. The Super Bells, which transformed Mario and his buddies into cats, served as the game’s primary plot device that could not be found in any other alternative Mario games.

You could play the challenging 3D stages and fantastic boss fights either by yourself or with up to four others, like all Mario games in order. In addition, the game’s Switch port includes Bowser’s Fury, a brand-new narrative that mimics the format of traditional Mario 3D platformers.

3. Super Mario Maker (10 September 2015)

All Mario Games In Order

In this alternative to Mario, the Wii U’s Super Mario Maker gives advantages to those who have always wanted to create their own Mario levels the chance to do so. Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U were the four game types from all the Mario games in order from which players could choose to create their levels.

Then, using Course World, players could distribute their invention and invite others to play it.

2. Super Mario Run (15 December 2016)

all Mario games in order,

Super Mario Run, the alternative to Mario, the first Mario game ever released for mobile devices, is a 2D auto-running platformer in which players direct Mario down the proper path to advance through the level.

The game offers a free-to-play business model that gives users access to additional items they can buy whenever they want that cannot be found in other games from all Mario games in order. Additionally, there is a warfare mode called Toad Rally and a customizing game called Kingdom Builder.

1. Super Mario Odyssey (27 October 2017)

All Mario Games In Order

Super Mario Odyssey is the first significant Mario game released on the Switch of all Mario games in order. This alternative game to Mario games wowed audiences with its open-world settings and many Power Moons to collect. To prepare for the wedding, Bowser kidnapped Peach and attempted to gather supplies from each kingdom.

To pursue Bowser, Mario must visit each kingdom and collect enough moons. He is joined by Cappy, a spirit that hides in Mario’s hat. This alternative to Mario’s games enables Mario to transform into a beast when he throws his hat at it. The player has a maximum of 880 moons that they can acquire.

Wrapping Up

Wohhooo!!! So you got the answer to all Mario games in order. I hope these alternatives to Mario will make you enjoy the adventure kingdom.

It would be amazing if you share in the comment which Mario is your favorite and when you play these, all Mario games in order.

Till the enjoy in your adventure island of Mario!!

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