Man suspected of drugging, raping 2 women accused in third case

Man suspected of drugging, raping 2 women accused in third case

TOKYO (TR) – A 30-year-old man in custody for allegedly drugging and raping two women last year has been accused in a third case, police have revealed, reports TV Asahi (Jan. 13).

Over the night of October 31 and the next morning, Kenshiro Maruta, a former employee at Recruit Communications Co., is alleged to have sexually assaulted the third victim, a college student in her 20s, at his residence in Shinjuku Ward.

Prior to the incident, Maruta allegedly plied her with a sleeping powder mixed into a drink.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of quasi-coerced intercourse on Wednesday, Maruta declined to comment on the allegations, police said.

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Kenshiro Maruta (Twitter)

Dozens of women

Maruta got acquainted with the victim through an app that connects students looking for a job with working people. On the app, Maruta pretended to have graduated from a famous national university.

Maruta then lured the victim out to dinner for a job consultation, saying that she had failed to complete a document. After dining and drinking at an izakaya restaurant, he took her to his residence. He then induced the sleeping powder into her drink.

Police first arrested Maruta last November. In June, he allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted another woman, aged in her 30s.

An examination of the smartphone of the suspect by police showed him sexually assaulting dozens of women, police said previously.

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In the second case, Maruta allegedly raped a college student in her 20s at a hotel in Minato Ward over July 21 and 22.

Maruta has already been prosecuted in the first two cases.

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