Man shot and killed in SW Oklahoma City officer-involved shooting

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A man was shot and killed in an officer-rinvolved shooting Thursday night in southwest Oklahoma City after an armed confrontation with police.

Officers responded to a “trouble unknown” 9-1-1 call off Southwest 50th Street and Shartel Avenue. A woman was on the phone in a panic.

“She was very upset, she was screaming that a man was there…he was loading his rifle,” said Gary Knight, Public Information Officer for Oklahoma City Police Department.

The woman told police she was concerned with what the man might do with the gun. The man and woman were in a relationship, but it is unclear what kind of relationship at this time. The man decided to go out in the street where he was confronted by two officers that responded to the original call.

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“They ended up in an armed confrontation with the man. He was in possession of a long gun at the time,” Knight said. “This resulted in the man being shot and killed by the officers who arrived at the scene.”

Officers shot and killed a man who was allegedly armed in Southwest Oklahoma City on Thursday evening.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. It is unclear who pointed their guns at who or who pointed them first during the confrontation. No officers were hurt in the shooting.


Neighbors in the area heard it all.

“We heard BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM,” said Tanya Weber, a neighbor down the street.

“I heard a lot of gunshots, so that really scared me,” said Marcelius Davis, another neighbor in the area.

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Weber was on her porch and Davis was laying down trying to sleep as the gunshots rang out.

“There’s about 10 cop cars shooting down the street,” Weber said.

“Next thing you know, I got to wake up, here comes gunshots,” Davis said.

Now, they’re still trying to comprehend what took place just down the street near their homes.

“Everybody knows, everybody on the next-door, you know what I mean,” Davis said. “We’re all friendly and everything and woke up to this, like, ‘Gahh, man.’”

“This is usually a pretty quiet street,” Weber said.

The investigation is expected to go well into the night. As of right now there is no background on the man who was shot and killed. Oklahoma City police are expected to give an update Friday morning.

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