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The Gen Z potential for tapping the Twitch platform is increasing every day. The leading streaming broadcaster has given rise to the male twitch streamers as well as the female twitch streamers. This has led to smooth interaction between the streamers and the audience and created a vibrant and engaging environment all over.

During the pandemic days, the Twitch platform was the best recreational sports activity for the passionate gaming audience. Now, it has become a home for all the athletes to keep their connection strong with their fans. I know you all want to consume the content of your favorite streamers. For this, you have to read my entire article to get the information of the hit list.

Make your time worth spending on the gaming platform and enjoy the creative content by following your favorite athletes. After all gaming and streaming is the best thing to enjoy.

Top 7 Male Twitch Streamers

Top 7 Male Twitch Streamers

Twitch platform gives you access to esports and all the game streaming content. If you want to know about the top players on Twitch, here I will be providing you with the list of the top 7 male Twitch streamers. Go through the list below.

1. Ninja- Richard Tyler Blevins

Ninja- Richard Tyler Blevins: male twitch streamers

Ninja is hitting popularity in games all around the world. He has participated in various tournaments like Halo3, Cloud9, Renegades, and Team liquid. He has also shown her exceptional performance in the H1z1 and Fortnite. He has around 14.3 million followers.

If you will go through his achievements, you will say he deserves to be on the number one male twitch streamers. His achievements in 1st place Fortnite celebrity pro-am tournament e3 201, 1st place PUBG Squads Gamescom invitational, and H1Z1 5s Dreamhack have driven all the audience to his channel.

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2. Tfue- Turner Ellis Tenney

2. Tfue- Turner Ellis Tenney : male twitch streamers

Tfue is one of the famous pro-esports players for FaZeClan. He first started with Fortnite and then he joined Faze. He made a hit on various games like Z1 Battle Royale and PUBG. He has around 7.9 million followers. He first showcased his talent in skateboarding, surfing, trampoline stunts, etc. on his YouTube channel JOGGSQUAD PPJT. He also showed his performance in various tournaments which were conducted by UMG.

He is one of the famous male Twitch streamers and is also linked with esports. He also participated in the Fall Skirmish series and week 6 finale. He is working hard to make the hit in the Fortnite World Cup. He started collaborating with other channels of Twitch like CloaKzy, Tennp0,72hrs, Nate Hill, and SymFuhny. He keeps on motivating his audience to join the Twitch platform.

3. Shroud- Michael Grzesiek

Shroud- Michael Grzesiek: male twitch streamers

Shroud is one of the famous male twitch streamers. He participated in ESEA teams. He has shown his exceptional performance as a super-talented player of CS: GO and showed his remarkable performance in Cloud 9. This allowed him to hit the places in ESL, Cologne, and ESL pro league season 4.

Shroud has around 7. 0 million followers. He also did an amazing deal with the Mixer. This was due to his amazing performance on the Twitch platform by showing the full-time streaming. He is an expert, offers unique categories of games, and plays for more than sixty hours in a week.

3. Myth- Ali Kabbani

3. Myth- Ali Kabbani : male twitch streamers

Myth has around 6.5 million followers and is the team lead of SoloMid’s Fortnite. He is a pro at playing Fortnite due to his exceptional gaming skills. Initially, he had 1k followers, then it started increasing and bombarded the gaming platform with millions of followers. He attracted all the young audience who gets attracted to his game skills.

He is one of the best streamers. He has a fixed goal to come with all the hits in his games. Due to his exceptional skills, he has started collaborating with the brands like Logitech, Geico, and HTC. He is having a good connection with his followers and keeps them engaged with his gameplay.

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5. Summit1g- Jaryd Lazar

5. Summit1g- Jaryd Lazar : male twitch streamers

Summit is one of the top male twitch streamers. He has around 5.3 million followers. Due to his exceptional performance in-game by played for 70 hours a week. If you will go through his channel FPS, is the most viewed on the Twitch platform. He always amazed his audience with his gaming skills. He was a player of CS: Go. He offers a different variety of games and is linked with the brand Monster Energy.

6. TimTheTatman-Timothy John Betar

. TimTheTatman-Timothy John Betar : male twitch streamers

TimTheTatman has around 4.7 million followers. He has shown amazing gaming skills on Twitch. He started showing his skills by playing 40 hours a week. Now, he is one of the famous male twitch streamers. He has played Fortnite game. Due to his exceptional gaming skills, he received the award of Gamers’ choice. He is not only in playing Fortnite but also offers different categories of games. He is enjoying fame on the gaming platform. He has some associations with the brands like Audio-Technica, Monster Energy, and Razer.

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7. Dakotaz

Dakotaz : male twitch streamers

Dakotaz is one of the top male Twitch streamers. He has around 4.2 million followers. He is an exceptional Fortnite game player and has gained huge fame for his catchphrase “be careful”. He did not prefer to use the face camera and only focuses on the gaming skills while keeping talking

.He spends a good amount of time in the games that make his followers go crazy after him. He is continuously hitting the gaming platform and has shown rapid success in his followers’ list. He has some associations with famous brands like Logitech and G Fuel. He is one of the popular faces in the Fortnite game.

Wrapping Up

Now it is time for a wrap-up and your time to start following the male Twitch streamers. Twitch is an amazing platform offering you a variety of games to cut your boredom. You can give your feedback in the comment section below. Keep visiting Path of EX for all the exciting updates. Have a nice day!


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