11 Confident Male Instagram Influencers You Need To Follow Now!

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Smriti Razdan
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Be it fashion, fitness, or beauty, the men in 2021 are changing the whole world in every profession and we all should look up to them. Whether it is art designing or beauty modeling, there’s nothing stopping these men. Let’s talk about the “Male Instagram Influencers” who are bringing a change every day. 

When it comes to the most followed accounts on Instagram, only four are among the top ten. However, many little-known men are as worthy of admiration as anybody else. Some are into fitness, some are into fashion and some are into food. Whatever they are into, you can be sure you are missing out on some really great stuff if you don’t follow these men. 

Do you know? One of these gorgeous male Instagram influencers attended the Met Gata 2021. His look was absolutely charismatic, and the makeup, Ahh! On point! Can you guess his name? Well, if you have, then scroll down and read all about him. Let’s not keep you waiting anymore. Go through all these people below and I am sure you will have your mind blown.  

11 Male Instagram Influencers You Should Follow RN!

11 Confident Male Instagram Influencers You Need To Follow Now!

The everyday crap on Instagram is just too consuming. There are irrelevant pieces of information just flowing through the app and sometimes it just gets too much to handle. In these scenarios, you should follow people who are fulfilling and useful to you. And none of these accounts of the following male Instagram influencers will disappoint you. 

You will enjoy going through their profiles without even realizing that you have become addicted to them. 

1. Jack Morris | 2.5 Million Followers

Genre: Travel/Lifestyle

Don’t you just love aesthetic travel pictures? I know you do and that’s why Jack Morris had to be the first male Instagram influencer on our list. He’s a travel influencer and you will be absolutely stunned by his Instagram profile. I promise!

The Instagram feed of Jack Morris is aesthetically pleasing as he edits every single picture he uploads. Moreover, he maintains a single tone in all his posts which makes his profile even more appealing. If you love good looks and beautiful destinations, then Jack Morris is a one-stop shop for you. 

Jack Morris has been traveling since 2012 and while we are writing this he’s clicking his next Instagram posts in London. An entrepreneur by profession, Jack Morris gives huge travel goals to all of us. 

2. Eugene Lee Yang | 2.1 Million Followers

Genre: Fashion/Lifestyle

A producer who started from Buzzfeed and now he’s an actor, director, writer, and a digital producer. Eugene Lee Yang has earned his name and fame the hard way. Since he was gay, everything was double tough for him at every step. However, he kept doing what he loves and now he’s amongst the top male Instagram influencers right now. 

When I tell you Eugene Lee Yang is an exceptional scriptwriter and a storyteller, you have got to believe me. There’s a YouTube video of him with the title ‘I’m Gay’ there’s no dialogue in the video and he only acts his way to tell us his struggles. 

Eugene is massively loved for his colorful style and sense of humor. He has 2.1 million followers but we can easily see him grow to new heights in the near future. 

3. Adam Gallagher | 1.8 Million Followers

Genre: Fashion

Adam Gallagher is full of elegant style and minimalistic fashion and we love him for it. Adam Gallagher is a male Instagram influencer that is followed for his trendy style of clothing. Do you think only we call him an influencer? You cannot be more wrong!

Adam Gallagher has received the award of “Best Men’s Fashion Blog” by Bloglovin. Right now, he has only 22 posts on his Instagram and he has a following of 1.8 million. Adam’s aesthetic stories and posts are widely adored by his followers (including us). 

Living primarily in Los Angeles, California, Adam Gallagher has collaborated with many brands like Calvin Klein, Belstaff, and more. 

4. David Chang | 1.7 Million Followers

Genre: Health/Cooking 

If you have ever visited or heard of Momofuku (a restaurant group) then you probably know the man behind it. David Chang is a reputed cook, a great restaurateur and along with it, he’s also an author. His daily life cooking tips seem to be loved by people. 

David Chang posts about his favorite recipes, tips, and tricks to follow in the kitchen, parenting hacks, and a lot more. Since he recently became a father, again, you will also see a little more of his kids than usual.  

David Chang loves to share the BTS of Momofuku and his cherishing personality makes everything better. Is that why he’s a male Instagram influencer? Maybe that’s why he has 1.7 million followers on the app. 

5. Kevin Curry | 1.6 Million Followers

Genre: Health/Fitness

The username FITMENCOOK is perfectly fitting on Kevin Curry. He’s the next male Instagram Influencer on our list and I am quite sure you will love his enthusiastic personality. Kevin Curry loves food more than anyone else on this planet and we know that by his posts.

Every post of Kevin Curry is about healthy and yummy food besides a few, where he talks about mental health. If you want to take care of yourself, take care of your body and your mind, then you must follow Kevin Curry on Instagram. He’s the vibe you need in your life. Besides, his bio says, “Food. Fitness. Kicks. Faith. Mental.” and that tells you everything about this amazing man.

I promise you, you won’t stop yourself from making the same mouth-watering food that he makes in his Instagram reels and posts. 

6. Quin Schrock | 1.3 Million Followers

Genre: Travel/Photography

When I tell you that Quin Schrock is a superb nature photographer, I mean breathtaking clouds over mountains, sheer sea green spread over oceans and lakes, and underwater piano videos. Doesn’t that fascinate you? If you aren’t familiar with the exceptional art of Quin, then I am sorry Jon Snow, you know nothing.  

Quin Schrock knew he was going to travel the whole world when he was just a kid from Oahu & southern California. His massive followers of 1.3 million make him an outstanding male Instagram influencer.

Quin Schrock has some of the biggest clients like Adobe, Sony, Nintendo, Apple, and GoPro. I hope it tells you how successful he is in his career. If you want to grow your Instagram into millions too, then you should learn it from Quin. 

7. Alex Moe | 925k Followers

Genre: Food/Lifestyle

Alex Moe is a Starbucks barista who has 925k followers on Instagram. What! Why? Did you ever think a barista would be a male Instagram influencer? Probably not! But, Alex Moe from Austin has used this platform for making a name and earning millions through Instagram.  

The famous Starbucks barista posts regularly reels. He shares his favorite Starbucks drinks with a little twist and it turns out, fans have tried them and it is yummylicious. Alex Moe also posts about his wife and two dogs. However, Starbucks drinks are his primary focus on the platform.

From Iced Mocha to Java Chip ‘Frappe’ his little list of ingredients can make your drink heaven on earth. Do try it once and you’ll see yourself ordering his drinks more often.  

8. Nickelson Wooster | 867k Followers

Genre: Lifestyle/Fashion

Age is just a number and Nickelson Wooster is living proof of it. This handsome male Instagram influencer is 58 years old and is smoking hot. Nickelson Wooster is a fashion stylist by profession but we can’t just ignore his physique and arm tattoos. 

Nickelson Wooster has worked with many renowned brands like Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus since the beginning of his career in the early twenties. Since 2011 he has been posting his lifestyle pictures on Instagram and now he finally has 867k followers. 

The man is over 50 and he is inspiring whole generations after him. Nickelson has kept himself fitter than most people I know. His Instagram bio says he’s a free agent which means he still works for anyone who wishes for him. One thing is for sure, that Nickelson is a true influencer in all terms. 

9. Phil Cohen | 836k Followers

Genre: Fashion

Do you like simplistic fashion and everything around it? Got you! Phil Cohen is a fashion influencer that loves some organized and clean sense of style. Everything about Phil’s Instagram account is sorted. You can guess from the color gradient he used that what kind of fashion does he reciprocate. 

Phil Cohen is also an art director and a male Instagram influencer with 836k followers on the gram. He not only posts about various outfit ideas he also sorts them in such a way that it looks pleasing. Since he is so good at what he does, he got nominated for a Shorty Award in fashion in 2017. 

Phil Cohen has collaborated with Mango, Life After Denim, and Todd Snyder. Along with his Instagram reels, he also posts various behind scenes of his shoots and they are super entertaining, to say the least. 

10. Wayne Goss | 702k Followers

Genre: Beauty

Men in Beauty? Hell yes! Wayne Goss started his journey from a YouTube channel, where he now has 3.5 million subscribers. After being a successful YouTuber, Wayne decided to be a successful male Instagram influencer. He has 702k followers on the most popular social media app

Besides being a phenomenal makeup artist, Wayne Goss has an experience of more than 15 years in the beauty industry. He basically has seen the whole beauty world change. His honest reviews and amazing tutorials are widely appreciated among his followers. 

Wayne Goss has his own brand of makeup brushes, Beautylish. His brand has hydrating lipsticks, fun palettes, gender-neutral fragrances, and whatnot. I am sure he is going to broaden his business line and reach the top with utter grace. 

11. Gaz Oakley | 613k Followers

Genre: Food Blogging

Trust me when I tell you that he’s one of the best food influencers in the world. Ideally from Wales, @adventgardenvegan aka Gaz Oakley is an amazing male Instagram influencer. He not just promotes a healthy lifestyle, but also promotes veganism. His love for nature and plants is never-ending and we can see all of it in his IG posts. 

For those who think that Vegan food isn’t tasty, I dare you to follow Gaz Oakley. You will be stunned to look at the yummiest food he makes. All his food is entirely vegan and in most of his dishes, he gives his little twist to make it stand out. 

11 Confident Male Instagram Influencers You Need To Follow Now!

Gaz Oakley has 613k followers on Instagram but he deserves so much more. You’ll see kitchen gardening, delicious vegan food, and everything about nature in his posts and stories. So, don’t forget to follow him ASAP.

Wrapping Up

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading this article on “Male Instagram Influencers”. Out of all these beautiful men, I liked Eugene Lee Yang’s profile the most. Not only he is gay, but he is also thriving in the best way possible and for me, that’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. What about you? Do you feel the same?

Tell us in the comment section what do you think about these amazing male Instagram influencers. We would love to hear from you. Our suggestion is, you may check out private Instagram viewer tools to follow private accounts

You can also share this article with your friends and family. Have a great day ahead! 



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