5 Easy to Make Snacks to Satiate Your Hunger

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People are struggling with obesity globally. Looking at the negative impacts, everyone is slowly but steadily starting to walk towards a much healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Do you know what is the number one cause of obesity? It is your unhealthy nutrition. Your health and weight both depend on the food you are eating.

Food needs to be treated as fuel to the body. Yes, every once in a while, you can have that dessert, cheat meal, or unhealthy snack. But most times, we must aim to eat nutritious and healthy food.

People resort to unhealthy options during the hunger pangs they have during the day. Trust me, all the cheat meals impact your diet negatively and can also lead to bad health. We don’t want that for you. So below, I’ve compiled 5 snacks that are very easy to prepare and will surely satiate you during those pangs.

1.    Fox Nuts or roasted makhanas

Who said eating right and healthy cannot be tasty and delicious? The number one item on my list is fox nuts or fondly known as makhanas or roasted makhanas in Indian households will surely prove you wrong.

There are only a few Indian kitchens that don’t store them not only because of the health benefits but also because of its delicious taste. They are filled with nutrients, satiate your cravings, keep you full, nourishes the system, and most importantly, they aren’t too dense with calories so this makes them ideal for weight loss.

2.    Poha Chivda

Easy and quick to prepare, poha chivda is a popular item for breakfast, for many Indian, and categorically, Gujrati Households. This is prepared from flattened rice so people who are allergic to gluten or avoid gluten, can also munch on this snack.

This item requires minimum oil to prepare, can be prepared by anyone, and any time of the day. It is full of healthy ingredients with great taste.  

3.    Dry fruit bars

Who called it dry fruit bars, and not Chikki? Chikki in India and dry fruit bars in the western parts of the world are probably some of the healthiest and tastiest snack bars you will have. but most snack bars consist of sugar? Right? wrong. Not this bar.

Chikki has its main ingredient as jaggery, a very healthy substitute for sugar and dry fruits. Naturally, it consists of all nutrients to nourish the body, and also has small amounts of protein, for the dry fruits.

4.    Sprout salad

Who said vegetarians cannot meet their daily protein requirements? Clearly, the one who says so, has not come across the super tasty, yet healthy snack, sprouts salad.

A lot of people prefer sprout salad for their breakfast because of its healthy nature. But you can have it anytime, during the day.

It might require some prior preparation, to soak the sprouts in water, a night or day before. But apart from that, this can be prepared in less than 10 minutes with the veggies you like.

Most people prefer their sprout salad with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, sweetcorn, and lemon juice. Mix them with the spices and salts, and you will have a tangy, desi, spicy, and tasty snack all-ready to gorge.

5.    Peanut Butter

Healthy fats and high in protein, peanut butter gives you the desired energy. Plus, the taste is liked by people worldwide. There is a reason why there are so many people who munch on peanut butter jars until they actually finish the entire jar.

Peanut butter is easily available but there are so many ways you can actually prepare your own natural peanut butter. There are so many recipes on YouTube for the same.

If ordering your peanut butter, go for an unsweetened one. People usually prefer their peanut with bread slices or rice cakes but you can pair it with whatever you want. It is extremely easy to prepare and will help you consume your macros for the day.

Eating right and healthy is way more important than you actually think it is. So, that being said, try a few of the snack recipes listed above and avoid gorging on to junk.


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