Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough | Lost Lands 9 Puzzles: Stories Of The First Brotherhood Guide (2024)

Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough | Lost Lands 9 Puzzles: Stories Of The First Brotherhood Guide (2024

Lost Land 9 is a perfect mix of adventure, exploration, and puzzles that will keep you hooked till the end of the game. However, the adventure video game has many hard levels that are a bit tough to complete. So, I have compiled all the necessary information and tips in this Lost Lands 9 walkthrough guide to help you out.

The Lost Lands series has multiple installments with each individual story and challenges. The Lost Lands 9: Stories of the First Brotherhood revolves around a guy named Folly who must find hidden treasure and complete mind-boggling puzzles to complete the saga. The video game has breathtaking landscapes and mystical artifacts. This article on Lost Lands 9 walkthrough will help you to find them easily So, keep reading.

Lost Lands 9 has several puzzles to unlock a new door or get to a new scene. So, the player must find the right tools and hidden objects to complete the given puzzles. Lost Lands 9 walkthrough article covers important details on how to unlock doors and find hidden objects. So, read to the end about the Lost Lands 9 walkthrough guide.

Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Guide: Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Lost Lands 9: Stories of the First Brotherhood is all about exploring new lands, deciphering ancient scripts, finding hidden artifacts, and upgrading the character’s features to solve the mystery. 

The game unfolds with a prologue and an introduction to the main character, Folly. The game is set in the schoolyard, and Folly wanders around. As the game progresses, you will find the following scenarios-

  1. Folly wants to go to his home rather than attend the school. So, take the stick from the Inventory and toss it to the bee hive hanging in the tree.
  2. The bees will go towards the hog and make you a clear way. Tap on the pathway to the right to reach the canyon.

Find Honeycomb Checst Pieces And Unlock It

  1. Find the pieces to the honeycomb chest on your way. Use the stick to break the cliff’s edge. Tap on the pile of rocks and uncover a chest.
  2. Go back to the Inventory and select the recovered pieces. Place them on the Chest one by one to complete it. Fill all the holes in the top using the little diamond chains.
  3. Tap on the lock to fill it with a diamond piece. When the chest unlocks, take out the Roll of rope and the Shelter Key from it.
  4. Tap on the tree, use the rope to attach the Ascender, and move to the next area.

Find The Shelter Entrance’s Keys

  1. When Folly reaches the Shelter, he finds that the keys are missing. So, the goal is to find the Shelter keys. Check out the Fallen Traveler. 
  2. Discover the keys and head to complete the Snake puzzle.

Solve The Snake Puzzle

  1. You must complete the double-headed snake puzzle to move the snakes left and right until each snake head is in its own column. Once the puzzle is completed, snake eyes will glow up.
  2. A note will appear. You will find the key’s new location. Take the screwdriver handle and add it to the Inventory.
  3. Combine the screwdriver handle and screwdriver shaft to make a functional tool. Tap on the green back arrow on the bottom right of the screen to return to the Village (schoolyard area). 

Explore The Schoolyard

  1. Head to the schoolyard to find the hidden Shelter keys. First of all, remove the Lion Mask from the school door by using the screwdriver.
  2. Head to the lion fountain and put the mask on the statue. A few pipelines will pop up. However, the school teacher will catch you. 
  3. Take the Barn Key from the teacher to fix the fountain. Enter the barn and find all the pipeline details. You will find a total of 15 pipelines.
  4. Return back to the schoolyard and go to the Lion Fountain. Tap on the Inventory to select the collected pipelines and place them in the statue to repair them. Now, proceed to solve the pipe puzzle.

Solve The Pipe Puzzle

  1. You will have to solve three pipe puzzles on the statue by sliding tiles. You must connect all the fixed pipes together using your sliding pipes.
  2. You cannot move the fixed pipes. So, slide the pieces lying around them. Keep sliding tiles until you complete the puzzle.
  3. After finishing the pipe puzzle, you will find the Shelter keys dropping off from the fountain. Use the screwdriver to open the drain and collect the keys.
  4. Go back to the Canyon and reach your shelter. 
  5. Use the bronze key and the silver key to unlock the Shelter entrance.

Enter The Shelter And Solve The Gear Transmitter Puzzle

  1. Once Folly enters the shelter, gather up all the ingredients to fix his equipment.
  2. Take the Grindstone, red elastic band, and Gemstone clamps.
  3. You will find the Gear Transmitter puzzle. You must get all the tiles with gears on them lined up with the gears on the Transmitter. Move all the tiles around and find which gear tiles fit into the slots against the main gears.
  4. Since an item is missing, go back to the Village. So, tap on the green back arrow to return to the Village.

Visit The Campsite

  1. Go to the campsite and use the Traveler’s Key to open up the locked satchel. Take out the meat and put it in the pot.
  2. Use brushwood to fire the pot. Take the meat grease with you and head back to the Canyon.
  3. Use the alcohol flask, spray alcohol on brushwood, and light up to cook meat. Use the grease to fix the equipment.
  4. Look for Gem Nuggets, tap to collect them, and use the Grindstone to turn them into Crystals. Use these crystals to open the ancient inscription.

Wrapping Up

The article on the Lost Lands 9 walkthrough ends here. This article covers the Lost Lands 9: Stories of the Brotherhood Chapter 1 in detail. Once you finish the first chapter, you can continue with the next part. If you have any questions related to the Lost Lands 9 walkthrough, drop a comment below.

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