Los Angeles health authority tweets stories of COVID-19 victims every 10 minutes

Los Angeles health authority tweets stories of COVID-19 victims every 10 minutes

As California continues to struggle to keep COVID-19 cases down, the Los Angeles Public Health Department has started a Twitter campaign to remind people of the deadly consequences that can come from not following guidelines.

“#Every10Minutes someone dies of COVID-19 in LA County,” reads the first of many tweets from L.A. Public Health, beginning the morning of Dec. 31.

Throughout Thursday, the health authority tweeted every 10 minutes about the stories of people who have died of COVID-19 in the county.

“The pharmacist whose hands ached at the end of every shift,” reads one tweet.

“The guidance counselor who could tell when something was up,” reads another.

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Each story about the loss of life is followed by a reminder of public health guidelines: “Please wear a face covering when outside. Slow the spread. Save a life.”

On Dec. 31, L.A. County Public Health reported more than 15,000 new cases of COVID-19, with more than 770,600 cases reported since the beginning of the pandemic — more than all of Canada’s cases despite having less than a third of Canada’s population. That same day, L.A. County also saw 290 deaths.

Hospitals across California continue to buckle under the influx of serious cases of COVID-19, with experts warning that if the state cannot get the spread of the virus under control, health-care professionals may be forced to start rationing care.

L.A. County Public Health ended the Twitter campaign Thursday night, telling followers, “With 2021 comes hope. We can end the pandemic, but it will take collective action.”

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