Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene Explained: The League of Lokis

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Just when we think it cannot get any better Marvel brings another masterpiece. Loki is the first of the many series by Marvel that has made the fans scream over the ending. Just in case you are one of them too, wondering about that last scene, this article on Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene Explained, is made just for you. 

What was the actual shock, Loki is dead? Or Ohh!! Damn!! He’s alive! And Pruned. Well, that’s the punishment for stealing the Tesseract. The God of Evil and Mischief somehow managed to stun everybody. But if you didn’t understand the Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene, then you just have to continue reading further. 

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The ending of the series, Loki Episode 4 Post Credit scene left the viewers with utter shock as there were four unfamiliar characters in the scene. These characters were Classic Loki, Child Loki, Boastful Loki, and Alligator Loki. We have answered your questions like who are they and where did they come from.  

How did Loki end up there? Who are these characters and what are they gonna do with Loki? Let’s find out. 

Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene Explained

The last episode of Loki “The Nexus Event” had a blast in its ending. What happened was something no one believed would happen. But again its is Marvel we are talking about. Anything can happen. Everyone can die unless you are Loki. 

In the ending of Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene, “our” Loki is pruned from existence and he wakes up in a devastated city. When we look closely at the scene, there is the destructed Avengers Tower in the background, so it is the post-apocalyptic New York City. Chances are it is the same universe where Ultron won. 

That’s okay!! But who are those four? 
Calm Down! We are breaking it all up for you. 

Those four characters are four different variants of Loki. Here are the descriptions of each one of them. 

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Classic Loki

Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene Explained
Source: Comic Book

You see an old man in the classic green costume, that is none other than Richard E. Grant. He is referred to as ‘Classic Loki’ because in the credits this character was mentioned with this name only. 

The design of the Classic Loki’s costume in Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene is inspired by a 60s Marvel comic book. It was designed by Jack Kirby along with Stan Lee and Larry Lieber.

This Classic Loki was more of the Villian holding a deep grudge against his brother, Thor. It was because of this character’s evil plotting that he came to be known as the God of Evil. 

Child Loki

Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene Explained
Source: DeasileX

As you might already know, Loki doesn’t really stay dead when killed. Its obvious result is Child Loki. But How??

Loki died fighting alongside Thor and the other Avengers. (Rarest Moment of Loki’s Heroism). But you cannot expect the God of Mischief to be that stupid. Loki somehow managed to manipulate Hela for removing his name from the Book of Hel. It is because of this only that he is reincarnated as the Child Loki. 

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This kid lived in Paris and is named “Serrure”, which means Lock in French. He has absolutely no memories of his previous life and is actually a Hero character. The alligator it holds (that has Loki horns) is also Loki, but we will come to that later. Child Loki comes to know about what an evil real Loki was, so he keeps the spirit of real Loki as the alligator. It is to keep reminding himself not to be like the evil Loki.

Boastful Loki

Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene Explained
Source: Breaking News

You see a big black man in the Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene that has a hammer in his hand. This character is also from the MCU comics and has the same quirks about it. Boastful Loki is seen with a hammer but is it Mjolnir? No one knows about it, but this Loki is definitely very ‘boastful’ about it. 

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But the hammer looks definitely, Thor-like. So maybe this version of Loki resembles Thor in some way. Also, Loki has lifted Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, in some instances. So it is possible that ‘Boastful Loki’ would do the same. 

Alligator Loki

Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene Explained
Source: Inverse

I know it sounds totally weird, but among all these different variants of Loki, there is also an animal version. Let’s not forget that the Trickster God can shapeshift and transform into any being. Even an alligator. It is not surprising because Loki became a female horse in the real Norse mythology. He turned into an alligator, God knows why, and got stuck. 

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Note that there is no definite proof of the animal being an alligator, it can be a crocodile. But what seems from the glimpse of Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene, it looks more like an alligator.

Wrapping Up

No matter how much you hate or resent Loki, this time you cannot wait for the next episodes of the Loki Marvel Series. That was all about Loki Episode 4 Post Credit Scene. We gave all the previous references to the unknown characters. The makers made a great move by pruning the five variants of Loki into the same place. 

If you liked this article then share it with your gang. Comment below if you want to know anything more. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the 3 at the end of Loki?

1. Richard E. Grant as the Classic Loki
2. Jack Veal as the Kid Loki
3. Deobia Oparei as the Boastful Loki
4. Alligator Loki

Is Loki Dead Episode 4?

No, Loki is pruned to some other reality where four other variants of Loki are also present. Marvel is maintaining its hype by its standard storytelling.

Is Mobius really Dead Loki?

At the end of Episode 4, Mobius accepts that he wasn’t created by the Time Keepers. Ravonna shows up and prunes him in front of Loki. After watching the complete episode, we can say that for now, Mobius is really dead.

Is Sylvie Loki?

Sylvie Laufeydottir is a variant of Loki. But she is something completely new in the Loki series and has a great character.

Is Loki bisexual?

Yes, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has confirmed that Loki is bisexual. This is one of the first characters of Marvel that have been introduced as bisexual, as earlier Marvel has tried to compress this part of the character’s identity.

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