Lobby group formed to champion for rights of the Digo

A movement formed by a section of Digo leaders has caused excitement in parts of Kwale and Mombasa counties as it sets its sights on the 2022 General Election.

The lobby, calling itself Utsi or loosely Digo nation, said yesterday it was formed to ensure the community had a say in the next government.
Chairman Hassan Mzinga and patron Sheikh Hamisi Banda said at the weekend that they were creating structures from to the grassroots level in both Kwale and Mombasa counties where the Digo live and would appoint a spokesman.
Speaking during the group’s first meeting in Mombasa County held at the Licodep hall, the leaders distanced themselves from Mombasa Republican Council and other past groupings.

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They claimed the movement would champion for the unity of the ‘Digo nation’ and ensure its political, social and economic prosperity.
Notable politicians at the meeting were former Likoni MP Khalef Mwavumo, former Bongwe/Gombato MCA Omar Boga, former Tiwi MCA Omar Mwakwambirizwa and former Ng’ombeni MCA Hidaya Fwada.
Others were Kwale political activists Suleiman Yeya, Khatib Mtengo and former Likoni councillors Suleiman Mwakitsanga and Sudi Mwasirima.
In Kwale where the grouping emerged a few months ago, Governor Salim Mvurya and his deputy Fatuma Achani have warned it might be used to cause disunity in the cosmopolitan region.

Addressing a meeting at Ukunda showground on Saturday, Achani denounced the grouping and asked residents to shun it.  

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“There is a tribal grouping that might be used to cause division and animosity in the county. You should be cautious of it,” she said.
During the burial of National Cohesion and Integration Commission vice chair Fatuma Tabwara last month, Mvurya also warned residents against the grouping.
Mzinga told the meeting they have the blessings of Kwale Senator Issa Juma Boy and other senior politicians and professionals from the Digo community.
Mzinga said the community does not support the Building Bridges Initiative because it only addressed reconciliation but left out truth and justice as contained in the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission report.
Mzinga said the group will ensure the Digo are in the next government. 

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